Cecil Collins could be out of prison soon

Getty Images

His football career long since squandered, former Dolphins running back Cecil Collins may be regaining his freedom in the coming days.

According to Scott Branson of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the former LSU star could be released this week.

Branson takes a comprehensive look at Collins’ college and pro career, which was long on potential and short on actual production and ultimately ended after he broke into the home of a woman he knew, because as Collins explained it he wanted to watch her sleep.

Last November, Collins reflected on his younger years in a refreshingly candid way.

I have no regrets, no grudges, none of that,” Collins said.  “What happened to me in that time saved my life.  I believe if I was left out there with that same mindset, I’d be dead or my life would be totally in shambles.  It made me grow so much and showed me how to be a man and to live and walk in life.  These 15 years they gave me, it seemed bad at first.  But I met the most beautiful woman in the world in prison.  I found God in prison.  I’ve come out of it much better than when I came in.”

Here’s hoping Collins’ example will help others who may walk the same path learn those same lessons while avoiding 15 years behind bars.  To make that happen, Collins should tell his story to anyone who will listen, and the media should help broadcast the message in the hopes that those who would benefit from it will hear it, and heed it.