Chiefs take No. 21 spot in PFT’s Preseason Power Rankings


What are proper expectations for the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs?

Let’s suppose they win eight games. That’s six more wins than last season — a big-time leap.


Given where we’ve placed the Chiefs in our preseason power rankings — 21st among NFL clubs and ninth in the AFC — a .500 record could be viewed as a success. The ranking suggests there’s still plenty of work for new coach Andy Reid and GM John Dorsey to do.

That said, the Chiefs do not lack for intrigue. We’ve placed them second among the teams of the AFC West, one spot ahead of San Diego and 11 in front of Oakland. Well, one-fourth of Kansas City’s games are against these foes, and there are other favorable matchups in the AFC, too, as detailed in our Chiefs’ preseason preview.

The Chiefs ended 2012 as the worst team in the league. That no longer appears to be the case by any stretch. So tell us: have we correctly placed the Chiefs in our rankings? Let us know in the poll and in the comments.

20 responses to “Chiefs take No. 21 spot in PFT’s Preseason Power Rankings

  1. You may rank them at 21 right now, but remember in December that I called this a top 10 team.

    Andy Reid is assembling a dynasty team and will reclaim the AFC West this year. Worst to First.
    The road to multiple future Super Bowls will go One Arrowhead Drive and pass the Chiefs Nation.

    Alex Smith will thrive in Andy’s system. Jamaal Charles will challenge Dickersons record. Bowe will catch double gigit TD’s. The defense is underrated but will be a top 8 unit.

    Remember come January when the fans of all other teams are glued to their flat screens, watching with amazement at Arrowhead Stadium Rockin and Tomahawk Choppin as the Sea Of Red Chiefs Nation carries this team to a playoff victory.

  2. The Chiefs are headed in the right direction. Alex Smith is the question mark…KC does not have the o-line that San Fran has. Let’s face it..Mark Sanchez can play QB in San Fran. KC has the weapons to be a talented team, how fast we can put it all together hopefully will be fun to watch..
    KC deserves to be at 21 for this year, anything less than top 15 by year end should be considered a failure..
    The team now has a captain whom seems to be set on righting this ship..

  3. Overrated, just like last year when they were ranked #17. Yes the Chiefs have made some significant changes, but they were 2-14 last year, and expecting them win more than 4 -5 additional games is folly. Reid is overrated, coming off a failed season with more talent than the Chiefs. Smith never did anything prior to last year or so, yet he was replaced. Even if they were both the answer, it usually takes at leas one season for a new coach and QB to implement a new system. They are basically in the same situation the Dolphins were in last year organizationally.

  4. I’m a life long Chiefs fan I have never been a fan of any other team. 6-10 is a reasonable expectation if Reid is still a good coach and Smith can play better than he ever has in his career.

    I think Reid is still a good coach and a huge upgrade over everyone since Dick Vermeil.

    Alex Smith and Matt Cassell have almost exactly the same career stats. The annals of the NFL are littered with QB’s who had a couple of really good seasons and the rest of their seasons were really forgettable.

  5. How the heck do you have the chiefs at 21 but the Browns at 31? This is completely insane. Alex Smith is not going to be the thing that win’s KC 6 more games this season you need way more than that.

  6. the thing to look for with an andy reid team is how they play the good teams. a lot of andy’s good records were amassed against a weak redskins and cowboys team during the early 2000s. but when they played good teams, andy’s teams hit the skids quite often. many many times (think tampa and carolina at home) against teams with less talent.

  7. I have been a Chiefs fan since the 60’s and I for one and tired of us trying to build a team off of castoff quarterbacks. We are not going to build a seasonal winner until we build a quarterback from the ground up.

  8. Is Alex Smith worth 8 wins more than Matt Cassel, bc that is what it will take for the playoffs and for a successful season. He probably is, but the Chiefs will lose in some crazy way at least 2x a season so I see 8-8.

  9. How are the chiefs 21?
    They won 2 games!

    They took a couple cast offs from other teams and then all of a sudden they can win 6+ more games?

    They have 2 left tackles for goodness sake…

    what a joke

  10. joetoronto says: Jul 15, 2013 5:02 AM

    Say it loud and say it proud, Chiefs fans……..

    “We’re number 32!”

    Ahhh sorry Joe I usually don’t correct people but you have it wrong.. Your Faider’s are ranked #32…

  11. I understand the excitement among Chief fans. For the first time since Dick Vermeil it appears that they have a decent coach.

    But don’t forget that most of Andy’s success came roughly ten or more years ago, and as he began to amass more power over personnel decisions, and the team became more of a reflection of his vision, the team got worse. In the 8 seasons since appearing in the Super Bowl in ’04, he only went to the playoffs four times and turned in four seasons at or under .500.

    Meanwhile, he never learned the fine art of clock management, or making half time adjustments.

    So Chiefs fans, temper your enthusiasm (which has often bordered on smugness this off season; I’m looking at YOU, iknoweverything).

  12. Jrcoop. You think the Eagles have more talant??? Eagles sent zero to the pro bowl last year. Chiefs sent 6 and they added Alex Smith. Who is the starter on the Eagles again???
    And for everyone who is says the chiefs are gonna be 6-10. You do realize that’s a vast improvement. Every Chiefs fan would gladly take a 4 more wins. I think they go 8-8 possible 9-7.

  13. Look, I’m a Chiefs’ fan and I’m not upset at being slotted 21 going into the season. You can’t expect a team with 2 wins to be ranked in the top 10, even though KC’s off-season moves could make an argument for doing so.

    First off, why are all these people bashing Andy Reid? He had 2, yes, 2 bad seasons in Philly. Everything goes stale at some point. Coaches like Mike Shanahan, John Fox, Marty Schottenheimer and Tom Coughlin all burned out in their previous spots. If Anything, history supports that when coaches like Reid move to another team they’re success gets even better. It happened with Shanahan, Schottenheimer in SD and even Coughlin with the Giants.

    Second, Chiefs’ QB’s were responsible for at least 30 turnovers last year. Alex Smith has had 15 turnovers the past 2 years. If Alex Smith can play the exact same way for KC as he did for KC, the Chiefs will win more than 8 games.

    Third, the Chiefs defense has the potential to be scary. They got torched last year but riddle me this, if you paired the 1985 Bears defense with Matt Cassel/Brady Quinn and Romeo Crennel, how many games you really going to win commiting over 30 turnovers???

  14. any additional wins this team has over 2 can be solely credited to the removal of Cassel and Romeo. KC has a talented roster, it just needed some competency at QB and head coach

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