Cruz apologizes for Zimmerman verdict tweet, too

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Though the words from Falcons receiver Roddy White regarding the jurors who acquitted George Zimmerman on Saturday night were extreme, White has a history of speaking his mind bluntly and candidly and, sometimes, extremely.  He nevertheless has apologized.

For Giants receiver Victor Cruz, his comments predicting the demise of Zimmerman within a year were far out of character.  Now, Cruz has apologized, too, via a series of Twitter postings.

“My tweet last night was my initial interpretation of the reaction I was reading on twitter,” Cruz wrote.  “I immediately realized my tweet was a mistake and I apologize, that’s why I deleted it.  I believe conversation not confrontation leads to change and progress.  I never have and never will advocate violence under any circumstances and I pray that we all encourage and educate each other.  The death of Trayvon Martin is an unthinkable tragedy that is any parent’s worst nightmare.  As a father, I want my daughter to grow up in a country that uses this tragedy to heal and grow and progress.  My prayers continue to go out to Trayvon Martin’s family.”

That explanation reflects Cruz’s character more closely.  Though some would suggest his real character came out in the moment that he tweeted something far more harsh and troubling and then deleted it, plenty of people have thoughts that they don’t really believe, and that end up being articulated before they can go away on their own.

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  1. I guess NFL players aren’t mature enough to realize when to keep their mouth shut.

    Seriously, you’d think they would learn. It’s only the NFL as a professional sports league too where the players continually shed bad publicity. When will they learn to act their age..

  2. The problem with social media is that PR reps aren’t there to tell these guys not to write career damaging statements in the heat of the moment.

    Some of these guys really need to put the phone down when it comes to situations like this, especially with the league so vigilant with maintaining a completely flawless league image.

  3. If you don’t think someone else prompted and wrote that apology, you probably are out hunting Bigfoot right now.

  4. Full protect mode here… What he said was stupid, he meant it, it knows he meant it & his true character showed in that moment. An apology means nothing at this point, he condone violence on another human being & he should have to face it like a man instead of getting off of what he said over some hollow apology.

  5. If I were an owner/GM/head coach in any pro sports league I would strongly recommend that my players stay off twitter.

    Seriously, Victor Cruz made some questionable comments about the Zimmerman case but what Roddy White tweeted was just flat out disgusting.

    And Victor Cruz’s apology sounds like it came straight from the keyboard of some PR person.

  6. I would rather they man up and admit to what they said. Instead of coming back a day or so later and apologizing for it.

    You said, you ment every word of it, NOW OWN IT.

    Lost more respect for them by going back and apologizing.

  7. Cruz should just stick to catching passes and selling soup. The rest of the world doesn’t want to know that beyond football you are a dope.

  8. I think Twitter is awesome. I exposes idiots of all kinds. I love that they hit “send” without thinking. It helps us as a society differentiate the logical, level headed humans from the morons that walk among us. Otherwise, how would we know?

    Thank you, creator of Twitter.

  9. I know these guys were tweeting out of raw emotion but we truly need to calm down as a country and make it clear that there is no place for further violence. I disagree with the verdict but don’t want anybody to hurt Zimmerman or anyone else.

    About the case itself, though, one question keeps coming to my mind as I hear people accept Zimmerman’s self-defense account as fact. Suppose that Trayvon Martin had been a white kid – let’s for argument’s sake call him “Travis Martin.” What if Travis had been unarmed and shot dead by Zimmerman who claimed that Travis attacked him and was beating him to death. If it were Travis instead of Trayvon who was killed, would people be as willing to believe Zimmerman’s story? In other words, it easier to believe that an unarmed black kid was a mortal threat than it would be if the unarmed kid were white?

  10. I wonder if these players own a gun? Perhaps they should be investigated and probed endlessly by the watchdog/lapdog media.

    I think the image of the NFL is irreparably damaged by players who make millions and continue to divide this country with their hyperbole and threats.

    Maybe these players should show more concern for all the killing that is taking place in Chicago and the families that are facing loss on a daily basis?

    What about mentoring and helping troubled youth in this country instead of bitching and whining on social media which only inflames others and does nothing constructive or helpful.

    Do constructive your wealth players instead of being selfish, piggish, and ignorant!

  11. Why is it wrong for a professional athlete to speak his mind and take a stand? What i find mote cowardly is the backtrack they do and apologize for some statements that thry are right for. Tbe world and white america lost their collective minds when oj was axquitted of killing his ex wife witb far less convincing evidence. But the out and out murder of a black boy is ok. Gone are the days and men if the 60’s who had ethics and took stands. Any athlete that expressed his outrage at this ill gotten verdict and then apologizes for money or pressure is a coward. Micheal Jordan never took a stabd for black people. But atleast he was consistent in his busibess first and only mentality. And i can respect that. But to express your true feelings and then backtrack, that is gutless. I doubt James harrison will apologize. Like him or not, atleast hes man enough to stand by his words. Cruz and his ilk are cowards and noone worth looking up to.

  12. Chilling comments from some of these NFL players. Makes you wonder how many more “Aaron Hernandez” mentalities are out there.

  13. if you thought the OJ verdict was correct when he killed for his ex-wife then how can you complain about Zimmerman’s verdict. If you celebrated OJs innocence then you should celebrate Zi,merman’s innocence.

  14. Boy those two tweets couldn’t be more diametrically opposed.

    I wonder if the first tweet would have even gone out if Cruz was still waiting to ink a fat extension.

    At this point I’d still like to think that the second tweet is a more accurate reflection of who he is than the first one.

    I don’t expect something like this to happen again with him. I mean he’s the new Chunky Soup guy for crying out loud…

  15. He’s a face of Time Warner Cable. Perhaps they will drop Cruz for this, maybe not. He’ll bounce back, though, because he can do the Bunny Hop.

  16. If you immediately realize it was a mistake then why can’t you do that before hitting the send button (or whatever it is called)? More likely somebody with at least half a clue told him how dumb that was and then he deleted it. There is a reason people (including me) refer to twitter users as “twits”

  17. First thing I thought about was where were these special interest groups when Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered?

  18. The smartest thing the NFL can do at this point is to ban players from having accounts. Everyone wins, because the pattern of genuinely stupid statements being put out there on that thing supports the ban.

    Yes, its harsh, but they’d be doing the players a huge favor in the long run.

  19. This is exactly the kind of moronic actions that Goodell should be punishing players for. This stuff is far more damaging to the league than wearing the wrong color shoes or a little rough play on the field.

  20. Zimmerman ” you going to jail now
    Federal inditment last night from the President. You going to jail now! the rules are different in Fed court.

  21. These athletes don’t have publicists to keep them from putting a foot in their mouth? Don’t they get that they should be maximizing their earnings during their playing years? They should be marketing themselves to the masses rather these guys are commenting on politics, religion, and other controversial subjects.

    If I’m trying to sell jerseys or land endorsement deals the last thing I’ll do is limit my market size

  22. He’s always said and done the right thing. He deserves the benefit of the doubt in this situation.

  23. There are, on average, between 8,000 and 9,000 murders of black people in the U.S. each year.

    93% are committed by another black person.

    Although black Americans comprise about 13% of our population, close to 50% of all murder victims are black.

    These figures are compiled by our own Justice Department.

    In their efforts to divide us Americans into racial groups and foster the false premise that this is an overwhelmingly racist country, race baiters and pimps concentrate on ONE killing at a time, ignoring thousands of others.

    Please ask yourself why this is. Why do the media, politicians and professional race-baiters like Al Sharpton get to paint these false narratives that lead people like Cruz and White astray.

    We need to be able to discuss these matters rationally and begin to find the real solutions that unite us as Americans rather than to Balkanize us into separate, competing factions.

    Eric Holder cries crocodile tears about our unwillingness as a nation to address racial matters while fanning the flames.

    He sent a DOJ team to Sanford to organize and bus in protestors to assure the arrest of Zimmerman when law enforcement officials had no evidence to suspect other than the self-defense case 6 dedicated jurors determined it was.

  24. This is the equivalent of saying the most crass comment possible and following it up with “just saying “.

  25. Cruz says “I never have and never will advocate violence under any circumstances”

    The “I never have” part confuses me.

    Isn’t he apologizing for a tweet advocating violence in the first place?

  26. White and Cruz are a little soft in the head. They tend not too think before typing it. Dummies. !

  27. Stupid just plain stupid, when are these players ever going to pull their heads out of their a**es. Now there are two problems I have with this. One it shows what kind of a human being Cruz really is who cares about football.

    The second is and let’s not lie to ourselves let’s reverse the roles here if that is one of us cops would be at our doorsteps and our accounts would be canceled. And if Martin was white and Zimmerman white we never would have heard of this story. Nor would we have heard from the great Al Sharpton, Victor Cruz, White or our great president.

    Something truly wrong with that and can Al Sharpton please get lost somewhere, and most importantly why is that man not in jail already anyone remember the Duke case?

  28. Chi01town….you about as dumb as a box of rocks. he president did not issue an indictment. you are a moron.

    Where were all the black people when OJ got off? He was as guilty as the day is long.

    I heard one black leader made a comment that there was no black people on the jury. No there were Americans on the jury 6 women that the prosecution agreed with, who listened to,the evidence and came up with the verdict. Travon was no angel….hy was he on top of Zimmerman? Roddy….did you listen to,the evidence or are you assuming he was guilty period..glad you weren’t on the jury.

  29. Wow, it appears that most of you clowns on here think George Zimmerman did no wrong and was justified in the killing a 17yr old; is that right?! Hell, I understand that the athletes emotions got the better of them but one thing is for sure, you clowns will be watching them come Sunday, period. Everyone’s emotions get the better of them, it’s actually human and they should’ve thought about it before printing it, but I definitely understood how they felt. And one thing is for sure, I hope one of these jurors kids or loved ones are involved in a case of “Stand your ground”, so they can experience this pain and injustice first hand. Bottom line, when you allow someone like George Z to walk around with a concealed weapon, this is going to happen more often than not.

  30. Stop & think before you speak next time Victor or those CRUUUUZ’s will be BOOOOO’s. I’m one of them.

  31. Look the bottom line is we all say extreme things in our lives, the problem isn’t making an inflammatory statement, we all do it at one time or another the problem is the forum and the pedestal from which its made. If Roddy and I were boys and he said that to me in a conversation it’s no big deal, the problem is he said what he did in the presence of over a billion people. What he said in that tweet will follow him for the wrest of his life, when someone googles “Roddy White” undoubtedly this will be one of the stories that comes up. One stupid statement shouldn’t define the man, but unfortunately in this day and age it will define Roddy for a lifetime in the minds of people that don’t follow his career and the NFL in general. Everyone has become so sensitive, Asians, Blacks, Hispanics & Whites. Someone made the comment what if Zimmerman had shot a white kid, well my guess is then people would say “Zimmerman a hispanic man shot a white kid”, the story would change Zimmerman would now be looked at as a Hispanic man instead of a White man. You can say that I am wrong but the media in our country tends to do what it can to get as much run as possible. This case is unfortunate and sad all around the bottom line is you had a grown man and a teenager neither smart enough to shut their mouth and walk away, and in this case Zimmerman being the grown man should have walked away. Is he a cold blooded killer probably not, but should he suffer some sort of punishment, without question what that punishment is I dont know there is nothing that will bring back Mr. Martin… so you tell me.

  32. About the case itself, though, one question keeps coming to my mind as I hear people accept Zimmerman’s self-defense account as fact. Suppose that Trayvon Martin had been a white kid – let’s for argument’s sake call him “Travis Martin.” What if Travis had been unarmed and shot dead by Zimmerman who claimed that Travis attacked him and was beating him to death. If it were Travis instead of Trayvon who was killed, would people be as willing to believe Zimmerman’s story? In other words, it easier to believe that an unarmed black kid was a mortal threat than it would be if the unarmed kid were white?


    Hypothetically if this was the case you would have never heard about it.

  33. This comment is for the majority of you people who have posted hatred comments towards Cruz. I just hope that NONE of you losers OR your immediate family member every have to face a Gun Barrel in your face, and when you do…think of Trayvon Martin you A$$Holes! Everyone is entitled to their First Amendment, whether you jerks like it OR not!

  34. As the saying goes, I’ve done some of my best editing after pressing submit/send.

  35. Who thinks this is career endangering?
    Who out there seriously is sitting back saying, oo I don’t like that guy anymore because he was against Zimmerman on this trial? Fans talking on here are the real morons.

  36. Just because you can afford it now Cruz doesn’t mean we wanna hear your two cents, keep your mouth shut and catch passes.

  37. I tell you one thing. Its times like these where I find out which “celeb” and “pro” athlete I will make sure never gets another dime from me. Most of the comments from hollywood and black athletes were as ignorant and vile as you can get. Its as if they paid ZERO attention to the trial.
    And all the death threats and other vile crap that came out last night on Twitter, just makes me sad about our society. Especially because the media helps push that garbage.

  38. Cruz: You and your friend White’s comments once again show how undisciplined you athletes you are! You spoke without thinking but what more can you expect from jocks? Making millions for what–chasing a ball? You both should received further disciplined for your comments–saying your sorry is not enough. Your comments advocated violence–you have no room to talk about another–namely George Zimmerman.

  39. I live in Ny and I hope the media rips this jackarse…I doubt it will happen. Cruz apology is one that anyone with half a brain could see through. Lets see I show my true feelings and then after I see I may have offended people and my reputation tarnished I change my tune..well victor if you weren’t an athlete and still in the hood this would be your true feelings. You just got caught and then you realized you better change your turn or the heat would be on. We all hats phonies and you are one of the biggest one of them go start your phoney apology tour..

  40. guilbau says: Jul 14, 2013 6:31 PM

    This comment is for the majority of you people who have posted hatred comments towards Cruz. I just hope that NONE of you losers OR your immediate family member every have to face a Gun Barrel in your face, and when you do…think of Trayvon Martin you A$$Holes! Everyone is entitled to their First Amendment, whether you jerks like it OR not!

    Telling other people they should kill someone is not covered under free speech, the same way I can’t go into a crowded building, yell “FIRE” and claim free speech after 3 people are trampled trying to get out of the building.

    If you don’t know anything about the law, shut up

  41. Cruz is a stupid typical hood rat. If doesn’t score some TDs right away, he’s gonna get booed in seven languages in Giants Stadium. I hate when stupid people use their fame for bad.

    I used to like that punk. Now in hate him and wish his ACL shreds and loses his whole contract.

  42. They are all the same.. 1$ or 1 million dollars there mentality is all the same. You see it time and time again all they are all so called model citizens until that first real payday and the true colors come out.. There’s real race issues in this world even with athletes making million’s of dollars and are role models to my children..

  43. There is no way anyone can defend Cruz’s tweet. And how can anyone try to suggest his character is anything different that what was displayed in that tweet?

  44. Cruz, like White is another NFL “fool” who shows his true self buy shooting off his mouth based purely on emotion with no brain power behind it, then retracts the comment after his public relations “handlers” talk him back off the cliff. He is who he is, a victim of himself and a fool who needs to think before he speaks, if that’s possible for him.

  45. I respect men who own up to things when they are wrong, but there is a difference between misspeaking in the heat of the moment and being wrong about a feeling. I completely think Zimmerman was not guilty of the charges (he should have been charged with manslaughter, plea down and receive a five year sentence). However if you feel that he is guilty of second degree murder then own it. Say something dumb in the heat, you have to forgive that, besides that if people have different opinions then have a debate….air it out….its usually healthy.

  46. Shut up and keep your endorsements because nobody is buying anything from someone who advocates revenge. It has nothing to do with Cruz or White or Trayvon Martin or anyone else, it has to do with the money they risk by speaking their minds.

  47. I don’t believe Zimmerman was a racist and don’t think that the case had anything to do with race. But I do think how many of us are reacting to the case does.

    On the one hand, as many have pointed out, if Zimmerman had also been black, we wouldn’t have ever known either of their names. It wouldn’t have been a national news story and we certainly wouldn’t have seen Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton anywhere nearby. Very fair point and this needs to change. We need to care when someone is killed regardless of the skin color of either the killer or the victim.

    On the other hand, if Martin had been a white kid, I think that for some of us, it would have been a lot harder to imagine the white kid in a hoodie being a grave threat to Zimmerman’s life. I think some of us would have had a tougher time taking Zimmerman’s story at face value

  48. So Cruz thinks the hood will off Zimmerman eh? Does that mean Cruz deep down believes those hood stereotypes to be true; that those who live in the hood are pathologically violent?

  49. Mike usually you are on but on this one you are off. He has a marketing team that filters his image now. That’s all there is.

  50. I never have liked cruz, he’s an overrated ass – and the only reason his agent told him to apologize was because – as you can see by the comments – the majority knows he was wrong. It’ll be interesting to see if Campbell’s will show his stupid commercials this year after his true self came out.

  51. I’m with Cruz. The hooded guy down the street will impose a much greater sense of justice upon George Zimmerman, than the legal system ever could do.

    George should walk around with a tube o’ lube and a a packet of instant coagulant at the ready.

  52. I hate Victor Cruz now….him and Roddy White. I wonder who wrote those statements for them to try to save face because I know he didn’t really mean his apology.

  53. It cracks me up that people that weren’t on the jury and didn’t hear the whole trial can decide that the jury hit it wrong.

    I only watched a few moments of the Zimmerman trial, which is stillmore more than some that that know the jury hit it wrong. The jury deliberated for a LONG time, so that probably means there were some that thought he was guilty. However, in this country you have to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    I didn’t watch enough of the OJ trial to say weather he was guilty or not, but I certainly watched enough to know that the police most likely planted evidenced and once there was reason to believe that the defense had their reasonable doubt. I would have been shocked if that jury had come back with any verdict other than not guilty.

    People forget that a not guilty verdict is really misleading! It really should be called “not proven guilty”.

    But hey some people had tried and convicted Zimmerman before he ever stepped foot in a court room.

  54. George Zimmerman has been accused of domestic violence, tussling with a police officer and for over-speeding.

    In 2005, Zimmerman was arrested and charged with “resisting officer with violence” and “battery of law enforcement officer.” Both these felonies are considered third-degree. Due to his desperate attempts, the charges were reduced to “resisting officer without violence” and then the only remaining charge was also completely waived off when he entered an alcohol education program.

    In the same year (2005), Zimmerman’s ex-fiance, Veronica Zuazo, filed a civil motion for a restraining order, alleging domestic violence. In retaliation, Zimmerman filed for a retraining order against Zuazo and both these claims were resolved with both restraining orders granted.

    The next year, in 2006, Zimmerman was charged with speeding. However, that case was dismissed because the officer who charged him failed to show up at the court.

  55. They only apologize for saying stupid things when they get that call from their teams management ordering them to because it reflects badly on the team.I would bet that they believe the jury on the OJ case were heros for freeing him even though there was far more evidence against OJ then Zimmerman.

  56. F you Victor. OJ gets acquitted and blacks riot in celebration. Zimmerman gets acquitted and violence erupts while s h it heads like you that think because they have money that they can threaten and talk like their voice has power. Blow it dude. Come to MY neighbor hood and I’ll slap your head down, throw on a pair of water wings, and kick your bu t t back into the Rio. POS!

  57. Twitter: Awaring the public just how stupid these professional athletes really are.

    I understand that these athletes are pissed at the ruling, a teenage boy was killed. But, unless you were there, you don’t know what happened.

    Instead of wishing harm unto George Zimmerman, you should have tweeted that your prayers are with Trayvon Martin and his family.

    It takes a long time to build a good reputation, it only takes one simple click to ruin it.

  58. An apology can’t undo all the damage done to his reputation after issuing such stupid tweet on twitter.

    To be against the 2nd amendment and a victim’s right to self defense when attacked is shameful.

  59. That was an nfl and NYG apology. VC has the right to say whatever he wants. It’s America and its his right. Just disappointing bc he has always shown such a peaceful caring side….but he is human.

  60. First of all Zimmerman describes himself as Hispanic not White. Don’t be angry at anyone except the prosecuting attorney. OJ got away with murder because Johnnie Cochran was a brilliant attorney. It’s not racial it’s all about the quality of the job the attorney does. So, be mad at them!

  61. commonsensedude says:
    Jul 14, 2013 2:59 PM
    I know these guys were tweeting out of raw emotion but we truly need to calm down as a country and make it clear that there is no place for further violence. I disagree with the verdict but don’t want anybody to hurt Zimmerman or anyone else.

    About the case itself, though, one question keeps coming to my mind as I hear people accept Zimmerman’s self-defense account as fact. Suppose that Trayvon Martin had been a white kid – let’s for argument’s sake call him “Travis Martin.” What if Travis had been unarmed and shot dead by Zimmerman who claimed that Travis attacked him and was beating him to death. If it were Travis instead of Trayvon who was killed, would people be as willing to believe Zimmerman’s story? In other words, it easier to believe that an unarmed black kid was a mortal threat than it would be if the unarmed kid were white?


    And hypothetically, if Hernandez was black, you never would have heard about this…. the Feds pushed the DA to pursue this.

  62. Everyday, a young person, black, white, red, brown or yellow, has to struggle to maintain their identity. An identity that might have even developed yet. Young people, now more so than ever, are battling negative peer pressure. Many are successful and too many are not. When an adult confronts a young person in an aggressive manner, the young person might be facing a range of emotions. In particular, a person of color has to deal with being attacked for not representing a certain group or inadvertently representing a certain group. An adult white male approached this kid, already feeling a certain way about him. This monster already assumed that this youngster was “dangerous.” He was ready, obviously with his gun and training, to do what he felt he should do. The kid was buying candy on a rainy day with his hood on his head. What am I supposed to tell my son when he walks to the store now? Not only do I tell him not to wear certain colors but to not wear his hood as well. Would it have mattered if Trayvon had an umbrella? Would it have mattered if it wasn’t raining. Would it have mattered if his dad drove him and waited in the car? We’ll never know because these options to did not happen on this day. He was a 17 child that represents many of the kids in America. A child that makes mistakes as many of us have and were able to learn from. Only now his mistakes seem to make some see his murder as justifiable. Why? He did not deserve to die on this day. Can we ask ourselves why our children are so lost and confused. My answer is because of adults. Some of us even say he deserved this so soft yet loud. Kids are listening and reading possibly becoming more lost and confused. Does anyone care that our children, all of them, are in fear already?

  63. I’d have more respect if he stood by his stupid comment. NFL players are full time idiots. Changing a stupid statement is a temporary change to what the underlying problem is…stupidity.

  64. @reasonlogic,
    Why do you ignore the rest of the story? The circumstances were not what you described. You eliminated every bit of the situation that doesn’t support your narrow viewpoint. Zimmerman is no monster. He is a citizen who routinely gave back to the community by trying to make it safer. Sure, he could have just stayed in the car and let a potential criminal get away again and deal with his conscience if something bad happened later on. I’m not saying Trayvon was a criminal–just that Zimmerman thought he might be because he was acting suspiciously and matched the description of suspects who had committed several crimes in the neighborhood around the time of the incident. Zimmerman NEVER approached Martin. He called the police and reported him and then tried to maintain visual contact from a distance. Martin circled around and verbally and physically confronted Zimmerman. (That was via testimony from Martin’s girlfriend and Zimmerman). Even though he may not have been doing anything wrong (debatable because he was wandering between houses rather than going straight home like many claim) but he was not the innocent 12 year old from the pictures. He had a history of drug use, disciplinary issues and a propensity for fighting and violence. He confronted Zimmerman and attacked him. The fight ensued and he got shot. The situation could have been avoided by Zimmerman but Martin played a major role in his death. An innocent kid just walking home would have actually made it home. A young man filled with attitude and feelings of disrespect decided to fight and as a result was shot dead. It was in no way murder. It was a textbook case of self-defense. If you watched any witness during the trial you should be able to see that. It is a tragedy that a young man lost his life. It is also a tragedy that many people ignore the facts and conjure up a fictitious scenario to push a political agenda. The lesson kids should learn from this is simple…do not attack a stranger for some frivolous reason like “disrespect”. If you are attacked (physically) then defend yourself, otherwise remove yourself from potentially bad situations.

  65. We as in the black race fight to end bigotry towards our kind to spew it at other races it just makes us look stupid. And the hard working black class suffers from the likes of these racist idiots.

  66. Excellent comment finfan you could not be more right.

    Tired of hearing the murder angle ask yourself these questions

    1) If your going to murder someone why call the cops? It puts you at the scene of the crime.

    2) If your going to murder someone why wait till he is on top of you bashing your head into the concrete?

    In this situation Zimmerman had the mind to call the cops. If Martin felt he was in any kind of danger he had a cell phone he should have called the cops, his mother/father. For what I know Martin committed assault, and would have ended up in jail anyway. Let’s not forget he was on the phone with his gf and told her so why not call mom or dad or the cops.

    Maybe Martin was hiding something he shouldn’t have been doing.

  67. Reasonlogic

    Love the name but you use none, yup candy, cough medicine and a drink that is used to make what? This monster you proclaim served his community to protect not to harm. This monster you proclaim was attacked not the opposite. Yup gun at ready so he could’ve pulled the trigger before he called the cops or before Martin assaulted him.

    My child is black and all of his friends are as well and would not have acted in the manner that Martin did. Martin had fists and was ready to use them. What if he wasn’t shot is Zimmerman alive today?

  68. Now to get back on track, due to this statement Cruz should be banned from football. Is this what we want our kids to learn. I have a twitter account I had an initial reaction once I heard the verdict. And it didn’t end up on twitter.

    This threat was meant to be seen by millions of others. It takes thought to write something the hit the send button. It was not sent out of anger there was time for him to think about what he wrote. If he isn’t banned from football or if he isn’t cut by the Giants my season tickets are being burnt and i’ll be banning the Giants.

  69. Our country has changed, yes there is racism, only now it’s reversed. OJ Simpson got away with killing two white people, and African Americans were out in the streets celebrating. Everyday hundreds of black teens are murdered by other black teens, where is the outrage??? It’s OK if the trigger is pulled by someone of the same race, but it’s only a tragedy when a non black is the killer, even in self defense. Sickening…

  70. Clown.
    And don’t apologize OK.
    Not one…as in zero…persons actually believe you feel any kind of remorse for tweeting that.

  71. Too late. Little giants should cut this punk for advocating murder. Such a piece of garbage. Funny how pre nice shiny contract he was a choir boy…now he says the “boys” in the hood should take care of GZ…an eye for an eye…a life for a life. GZ was acting in self defense against a MAN (not boy — he was just shy of 18 at 6’2″ 190 lbs) who was POUNDING GZ’s head against pavement. As a black man I must say 2 things — #1, instead of screaming for “justice” (which is completely absurd), maybe these ppl should be showing their children it’s not ok to be a drug slinging man — while finding trouble & #2, maybe the black community should discuss the 13 month old white child who was shot in the face by a black man — that’s a man (black), killing a child (white)…facts are facts, we in the black community need to be fair and teach our young to AVOID trouble, not find it. As for Cruz, he is exactly what’s wrong with minorities in our country…SMH. (Even though this is a comment box to speak our minds, my comment will quickly be deleted bc it is negative about a little giants player — what’s right is right, Cruz was/IS WRONG!!!

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