Giants, Falcons defer to Cruz, White apologies

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This morning, we asked the Giants, Falcons, and Bengals if they had any comment regarding the remarks made, respectively, by receiver Victor Cruz, receiver Roddy White, and linebacker James Harrison in the aftermath of Saturday’s jury verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

At some point after that, White and Cruz issued separate apologies on Twitter.

At some point after that, the Falcons and Giants informed PFT that each team would defer to the apologies made by White and Cruz, respectively, and not have any comment on the situation.

The Bengals haven’t responded, and Harrison has yet to apologize or otherwise revisit his comment that he’ll “go pick a fight and get my ass kicked then pull my gun and kill somebody and see if I can get away with it!”

As mentioned earlier, the NFL will have no comment regarding the situation generally.

And that’s likely our last comment on it.  Unless the Bengals issue a comment.

25 responses to “Giants, Falcons defer to Cruz, White apologies

  1. Remember the Amish school shooting how quick the victims families were to forgive the shooter? A book was actually written about it called Amish Grace.

  2. Well in Harrison’s defense, when you have the President of your country going out of his way to smear the Defendant with illogical banter and garbage and biased support of a criminal who is marketed as a victim of the Defendant, then it’s no surprise to see this kind of ugly thinking. We have weak moral leadership in this country and insufficient laws that find adequate justice an extremely low percentage of the time.

    Our entire system of Law and Order in this country needs to find a leader that can promote change for the better of all people. Trayvon Martin WAS a victim, but he was not a victim of the man he assaulted. He was a victim of society’s general failures at providing a fair and strong opportunity to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Remember those things? They are mentioned online somewhere, look it up. Search “Declaration of Independence”. Google will find it for you.

  3. Perhaps they should apologize after looking at the lack of evidence against Zimmerman – not his race.

  4. Someone should just shut these fools up. These are the worst scum gangbangers in the country. It should be illegal for these idiots to speak to people. They only make the average human dumber.

  5. Oh, and that moron Obama, should also shut his trap. He sucks. He should be more concerned about that spy about to unveil our secrets to foreign governments. But he cares more about the kid who was shot only because a white guy shot him. I don’t hear his mouth chirping when kids get shot and killed everyday with illegal guns that he pretends don’t exist.

  6. I met Jimmy the Greek once at Saratoga Race Course. For the young ones, Greek picked the games and their scores on CBS’ very popular Sunday “NFL Today.” Liked or disliked, he was an important element of the show.

    The Greek I met was a surprisingly mild-mannered man who had suffered a lot of hardship in life, including the sudden death of two of his children.

    In January, 1988, while in Washington for the NFC title game, a black reporter questioned him about blacks in sports. They were in a restaurant and Greek had been drinking. He told the reporter that blacks were naturally superior to whites in sports and went on to theorize that this was because white slave owners had produced strong blacks by mating the strongest and largest men to the strongest women.

    That was immediately the end of Jimmy the Greek. CBS fired him immediately and the media tossed grenades. He never worked again in broadcasting and he died broke eight years later.

    I think that the CBS execs were observant enough to see that blacks were in fact superior to whites in all sports requiring athleticism. And Greek’s theory was not entirely absurd.

    I relate this story because of the reaction of two prominent blacks to Jimmy the Greek’s fate.

    “On the eve of celebrating Martin Luther King Day,” said Bill Cosby, “we should be more forgiving. These hangings that are going on don’t make us better human beings.” Presidential candidate Jesse Jackson agreed. “The man apologized,” he said. “That’s all a human being can do.”

  7. Boy I bet the Steelers sure miss Harrison and his stupid comments. Probably about as much as the Pats miss Hernandez. Tell us once again Woodley what a nice guy Harrison is.

  8. Players and people in general have to be more responsible with the words that come out of their mouths (or out of their keystrokes). Regardless of what you think about the Zimmerman case, it’s absolutely wrong to encourage, directly or indirectly, harm to come to other people. We are not a society of vigilantes.

    The man was tried and was acquitted by a jury. The jury, though I disagree with their end verdict, sacrificed a huge part of their lives in order to be part of the process and did not ask to be put in that position.

    If you’re angry about the verdict, turn the anger into something that makes the world better. Go mentor some kids. Sponsor some community events that bring together police and the public in a social setting so that we can get rid of the mutual distrust that serves to nobody’s advantage. Use your celebrity to get people of different backgrounds talking TO each other instead of just retreating into our separate corners and complaining about each other. We have to use the tragedy to move forward and bring people together, not cause more destruction and division.

  9. 1. James Harrison is trash and easily the biggest scumbag in the NFL. In his defense, he wasn’t even aware of the trial, he just tweeted that he was hoping to kill someone last night. That’s just a Saturday night for him. It’s his pleasure. 2. I have to laugh at some of the posters who deride the president as “stupid”. Say what you want about the man’s policies, but most of you aren’t exactly beating him at a game of Scrabble if you know what I mean……

  10. I’ve said it b4 and I’ll say it again, if you give a twitter account to a pro athlete who was handed a college degree because he’s an athlete, it’s like giving a 3-year old a box of matches.

    They’re GONNA start a fire somewhere, and you’re going to have to put it out.

  11. Harrison was born to be a Bungle. What a idiot! Enjoy your pre-season attention Bungles and then repeat your one and done season. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride. What a crappy franchise.

  12. Both Cruz and White are another Hernandez waiting to kill someone because they felt like it. I hope Campbell Soups kills off anymore commercials with Cruz and his mother. I also hope White learns first hand himself everything he wishes on Zimmerman.

  13. I wonder if they felt the same way after the OJ verdict?

    Race wasn’t the problem. Sure it was a mitigating factor, but the problem was Zimmerman had a gun, and he wanted to use it. You take the gun out of that scenario, and Zimmerman isn’t foolish enough to follow a much bigger Treyvon…..IMO.

  14. First of all Zimmerman describes himself as Hispanic not White. Don’t be angry at anyone except the prosecuting attorney. OJ got away with murder because Johnnie Cochran was a brilliant attorney. It’s not racial it’s all about the quality of the job the attorney does. So, be mad at them!

  15. @ thestrategyexpert says:Jul 14, 2013 6:52 PM

    Our entire system of Law and Order in this country needs to find a leader that can promote change for the better of all people. Trayvon Martin WAS a victim, but he was not a victim of the man he assaulted.
    Just whoa! When is it you are able to follow someone, accuse and accost them, and then shoot them during an altercation when they don’t have a weapon of any kind?

    This isn’t a Black or White thing because a young White kid in a hoodie would have gotten the same treatment. There is only so much your life can be in danger when the person you face has only an iced tea and a bag of skittles in their pocket and no weapon. A person as skittish as Barney Fife should not be able to have a weapon in public.

    He should have gone to jail. Not because he was White & the kid was Black, but because he was armed and the kid was not. Something is wrong with a legal system when a woman who fired a warning shot that hurt no one to stop an abusive husband from attacking her can go to jail for 20 years and Zimmerman faces no time for his act. And your comment toward the president is way off base.

  16. Hey Cruz! And the rest of those fake punks!

    In didn’t hear a single peep about the death of Odin Lloyd. Why is that? Oh right, I forgot, he wasn’t killed by a white guy.

    No matter how well they play. No matter how much they make. These guys, especially Cruz, will be first class losers. I hope he tears both his ACLs to pieces. He abused his fame by advocating death.

  17. I am highly disgusted and have lost all respect for Roddy White after his outrageous comments on twitter. I have been a huge fan since he signed with the Falcons but he has lost ANY and ALL respect that I had. What a disgusting thing to say. Quite frankly he should stick to what he does best, playing football………because clearly his speaking and political correctness leave little to be desired and shows how ignorant he apparently is. I have never been so ashamed to be an Atlanta Falcons fan and that is said after NEVER having won a super bowl. Grow up Roddy. You are able to live in a country where you can even say stupid crap like that where our judicial system works and men and women fight for your right to spout off ridiculous crap.

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