Johnny Manziel “recuperating from dehydration,” dad says

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Johnny Manziel, the Heisman Trophy-winning Texas A&M quarterback who will be one of the most intriguing prospects in next year’s NFL draft, left this weekend’s Manning Passing Academy amid reports that he was partying, reports that were denied by the Manning camp. Now Manziel’s dad is saying it was simply a matter of dehydration.

Paul Manziel told Kate Hairopoulos of the Dallas Morning News that Johnny Manziel is “resting and recuperating from dehydration.”

Johnny Manziel has a reputation for enjoying the college night life — just like most guys his age do. But if enjoyment of the college night life is preventing him from taking part in all of his football responsibilities, that’s the kind of thing that would become a major red flag for NFL teams. So it’s no surprise that Manziel’s family wants to nip talk of partying in the bud.

Still, those questions are going to be asked frequently, and with Texas A&M confirming today that Manziel will attend the SEC media day on Wednesday, he can expect a whole new round of questions about his off-field activities. And Manziel can expect those questions to continue right up until the NFL draft.

66 responses to “Johnny Manziel “recuperating from dehydration,” dad says

  1. Dehydrated from drinking a little too much? Yeah, he def got booted for showing up hungover and the Mannings just didn’t want to start another controversy around him.

  2. I used to get “dehydrated” on a regular basis myself. Hair of the dog, dude, hair of the dog.

  3. I’m no medical person, but I know that one can become dehydrated from consuming too much alcohol.

  4. In the pictures on the internet he looks very dehydrated but good thing he has those “water girls” at the bars where the pictures have been taken including one with the Manning’s.

    Usually the next morning, you can be a little “dehydrated”

  5. Plays the game like a young Brett Favre & parties like a young
    Brett Micheals

  6. Epic fail on the excuse.

    Cases of legit dehydration so severe that it demands rest, recuperation and recovery periods – involve extreme deprivation of fluids for a protracted period of time (e.g., WW II Bomber crashes in North Africa but goes undetected by the Allies).

    It is not something that happens to people who can get water/fluids at the snap of their fingers. The fact this clearly phonied up dehydration includes withdrawal from an expensive, high profile and elite passing academy only underscores what a crock of poo we’re being fed.

    Why is Peyton depriving his high-paying, high profile clients of water? What kind of modern day Spartan death gulag is Peyton running – so grueling that it forced exactly ONE, and only ONE guy to quit (the same guy known for problems with partying and priorities)?

  7. The red flag isn’t his lifestyle habits, its his lack of NFL-caliber talent. Manziel is a product of the college hype machine, nothing more.

  8. He is ready for the NFL if is really a partier. Dude is going to love the NFL and all the hot chicks and all the meth and HGH and cocaine and Budweiser.

  9. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING you read about this kid tells me he is a complete idiot, and not worth taking a chance on in the NFL.

  10. I don’t care if he’s partying in college and gets it out of his system. We can’t expect young guys to be choir boys as long as they’re not violating the law like shooting people, assaulting women, DUIs, essentially typical SEC behavior. However, his dad/enabler needs to learn new PR excuses for his hungover kid. No one bought the dehydration excuses for celebs 5 years ago and no one’s buying them now.

  11. Too hungover to show up and play. Gotta be honest, that so would have been me at that age…

  12. If Johnny has tendencies to go overboard with alcohol AND be unable to show up for work, there is no time like the present to demonstrate to him that that behavior won’t fly in the big leagues.

    JM needs to start working on acting responsibly right now. I think Archie Manning sending him home early was an act of mercy.

  13. how terrible a young college kid is not dedicated 24/7 to football during the off season on HIS time! did I miss the part where he is getting paid to play and make millions for his school where they can tell him he can’t do anything other than play football? he is doing nothing any other college kid doesn’t or would not do if he had the chance. let me know when he does this during the season then you can whine about it.

  14. If you can’t keep from drinking in the middle of a fairly high profile professional commitment, you may have a bit of a problem.
    I’ve never once wished I’d spent more time drinking… But I sure have wished I hadn’t drunk so much…

  15. The constant pattern with this “media darling” is starting to shine a bit negatively.

    Can we say “just another rich college kid who thinks nothing applies to him”?

    Just like the beautiful girl at school, no one can even come close to her, but unfortunately, she KNOWS she’s beautiful, and as a result, she isn’t worth a hill of beans.

    This spoiled brat will NOT be a successful NFL QB.

  16. When I attended the manning camp in the past, we were not allowed to have more than 3 alcoholic beverages in one night.

  17. Every Dad, and every Mom of an athlete should just shut up.

    Serious. Shut up! Keep your mouth shut. Just watch… Just watch at the High school level, and especially at the NCAA level.

    Parents… Stop chasing your own failed athletic dream through your kid.

    That is all.. Thank you.

  18. Perfect fit with the New York Jets. Either he will be the next Joe Namath or become the next Sanchize.

  19. Ha ha! Yeah. I’m going to “Recover from dehydration” tomorrow. Whatever it takes to furfill the lie, dad. Let it be known, when your kid flames out….It’s YOU that are the problem.

  20. I would hope that I am wrong by saying this. Most of the stuff these athletes do (partying, girls, etc.) very rarely goes public. Manziel’s had a number of things go public about him in the past year, which leads me to believe this guy is really living it up. I’m sure if you went down to College Station, you would hear a lot of stories about his antics.

  21. And this has what to do with PRO Football talk? I could care less about this kid until he throws a pass in the NFL. He’s a college kid, of course he’s gonna party. Let the kid be a kid. If it follows him to the NFL then let it be a story for the pros. Until then, who cares about this kid? Didn’t deserve the Heisman any way.

  22. I think it’s funny when parents act like their kids went to college for something other than partying, that’s the only reason anybody goes to college for anymore – if you think it’s about education you are a moron.

  23. I spent a morning in the emergency room a few years ago after a night of hard liquor. Diagnosis: dehydration. It really set me back, I wasn’t back to normal for several days.
    But Johnny here’s some fatherly advice: you ain’t God, dude, and alcohol got you the Heisman, but it won’t necessarily get you into the NFL. If a shot of booze is worth more than your future, then you deserve what you get.

  24. The college game has become almost as big a hype machine as the NFL. The difference is these are kids, who are at the age where they make dumb mistakes. And when you have everyone in the world making your name a household one, and pump that ego way up, you have a recipe for disaster. These kids are celebrities before they even earn a dollar. When you have a kid who makes bad decisions, he may end up learning something. But if you take that same kid, and make him out to be a God on the gridiron, it only amplifies that feeling that they are untouchable. This kid is a classic case. He won’t figure it out until it is too late it seems.

  25. Manziel will be a very good if not great NFL QB. The kid is 20 years old, he’ll be fine.

    To all you angels and saints out there…get a life.

  26. Too much, too soon, too big a head because of it.

    He’s going to have a real wake up call when he figures out that nobody in the NFL cares his name is Johnny Manziel. And I suspect he’ll get a taste of that this year in some of the SEC games. A whole year to prep for him will make a big difference.

  27. metalhead65 says:
    Jul 14, 2013 8:37 PM
    how terrible a young college kid is not dedicated 24/7 to football during the off season on HIS time! did I miss the part where he is getting paid to play and make millions for his school where they can tell him he can’t do anything other than play football? he is doing nothing any other college kid doesn’t or would not do if he had the chance. let me know when he does this during the season then you can whine about it.
    No one is mad at him for partying like a 20-year-old college kid. The issue is that he is partying like a 20-year-old college kid while not fulfilling committments. He was at the Manning football camp, and I’m quite sure he was given an agenda at the start of the camp with activity descriptions, times and locations. Do your thing at the camp, go to all the required functions, and then go tear Bourbon Street up when the camp is finished.

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