Ortiz is viewed as a “rat” in his neighborhood


Browns running back Dion Lewis isn’t the only one who thinks Carlos Ortiz is a snitch.

Kevin Manahan of USA Today takes at close look at Ortiz’s neighborhood in Bristol, Connecticut, and the man known locally as “Charlie” or “Charlie Boy” may not want to go back, if/when he ever gets out of jail.

Everybody knows that Charlie told,” Ortiz’s cousin, Jose “Ito” Torres said. “He’s been labeled a rat.  He’s done.  He’s done.  You’re going to have another breaking news [story] on TV.”

The thinking in the neighborhood is that Ortiz should not have cooperated with police.

“That’s Aaron Hernandez,” local resident Amber Schryer said. “You tell the police you don’t know anything.”

“That’s my cousin and I love him,” Torres said.  “But he got caught up with the wrong people and they used him.  If he thinks you’re his friend, he’s going to go all out for you.  He has a good heart, but he’s not very smart.”

Ortiz isn’t smart, for many reasons.  And now he has a major problem.  He has told police the whole story regarding the murder of Odin Lloyd.  If Ortiz refuses to cooperate moving forward, he’s probably already said enough to allow prosecutors to secure a conviction that will put him away for the rest of his life.

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  1. No mention of how sick it is that his neighborhood thinks this guy should help a murderer????

  2. This dude manned-up and did his part in helping to provide justice to Odin Lloyd and his family.

    Cowards keep quiet.

  3. Well this fits with my theory that he had an established profile that fits with why he ultimately became the chosen one to be the wrench in the process. This could be a case where the police have one theory, Ortiz tells them a different theory, but Ortiz knows and doesn’t disclose the 3rd and real story.

    That allows him to get leverage on his deal while also protecting potentially many other parties that are counting on him to accomplish each of their own agendas within his same one manufactured story.

  4. That “stop snitching” attitude is one of the dumbest things in society today. The law of Omerta (silence and don’t talk to cops) only serves to keep dangerous people from getting caught so that they can keep committing crime.

    Ortiz should cooperate with the authorities and stop disassociating with people who think it’s bad to do so, family or not.

  5. I’ve never understood criminal behavior. When did telling the truth become wrong? He’s only a “rat” to the criminal element. For the rest of law abiding society and those with a conscience, he did the right thing.

  6. Of course the story has to come with somebody who has a reputation as a rat and was sleeping at the time. It sounds like a classic case of forget about making this deal even if Ortiz’s story is the truth because it so fishy and non-credible that Ortiz has to do better than that or there is no deal.

    This is new public circus case can be titled:

    “The Interrogation Process Isn’t Done Yet, So Get Back To It or Step Aside and Let Somebody Else Ask the Questions Case”. Yeah I know it’s wordy, but at least it’s meaningful. Law is supposed to be convoluted, haven’t you learned anything.

  7. dannythebisforbeast says:
    Jul 14, 2013 11:13 PM
    Why isn’t Trayvons friend who was on phone and testified? Someone please explain this culture too me. I don’t follow the logic

    You don’t snitch on gang activity. Because the gang member you snitch on has friends on the outside who can get revenge.

  8. Where’s the personal responsibility in the media?

    Who announced to the whole world who the snitch was? Seriously.

  9. Wow! How very sad that 1 to 3 people were probably murdered by Hernandez and this is the Mentality that is prevalent in that area and in Hernandez’s life.

    Ortiz is a hero for opening his mouth and telling everything he knows.

    Of course we can keep blaming Urban Meyer for this instead of the environment he was raised??

    The funny thing is, if Meyer had kicked him off the team, he literally might be dead now. Seriously, drive by.

  10. Maybe I’m just a stupid white boy, but how do these pathetic lowlifes place more value in not talking to the police…as opposed to helping Odin Lloyd’s devastated family see that justice is carried out against their son’s killer? This mindset displayed by every hoodrat in America is such a disgrace, it makes me sick to think that such a despicable lack of value can be placed on a human life like that. If these brainless idiots had one of THEIR family members gunned down, I wonder if they would still be willing to call someone a snitch for helping to bring the murderer of THEIR loved one to justice…

  11. “That’s Aaron Hernandez,” local resident Amber Schryer said. “You tell the police you don’t know anything.”

    Sounds like she is the pillar of the community.

  12. They are probably the same people that want to kill George Zimmerman. Highly educated people they are!

  13. dolphindubs July 14, 2013, 11:27 PM EDT

    This dude manned-up and did his part in helping to provide justice to Odin Lloyd and his family.

    Cowards keep quiet.
    Let’s get real. This dude isn’t a hero or someone who ‘stepped up’ to help anyone, especially Odin Lloyd or his fam. He saw his ass on the line and rolled to cover it up.

    Not saying that’s a bad thing, but don’t turn dude into a hero.

  14. Have you guys heard this one?

    Two guys walk into a bar, one a disgruntled ex-NFL owner with a dirt Brown legacy, and the other a lifetime professional snitch. After one drink a business proposal is exchanged. The “Ratman” suggests a new partnership for a product titled the “Pilot Flying RatTrap”, and begins to pitch the premise before his soon to be partner stops him to complete his words…

    “I’m way ahead of you, it’s the best god-darn mousetrap unequipped with a spring that money can buy. Genius. Pure genius. All the sales and all the profit, plus the juice for the savings on the springs that surely will never come back to haunt us. Another round barkeep!”

  15. That’s the way of life in the hood and it’s been like that for centuries. That mentality will never change. No matter what.

  16. People criticizing the people who are condemning him for being a snitch are either dumb or just ignorant. I won’t pass judgement. He was involved in murdering Lloyd or maybe you really do beleive he went back to sleep while the other two got out of the car and did him? If you believe that, I am glad none of you are in law enforcement.

    Fact is that he is knee deep in this and rolling on other people to make himself look better is as bad as what they did to that man. He needs to accept responsibility for killing him just like Hernandez and Wallace do. He’s no hero; he’s a rat trying to save himself from what he did.

    No different from the mob culture a lot of you glorify and think is so cool; if you do the crime, do your time with the other people you did it with, don’t roll on them just to save yourself.

  17. And that’s why all your brothers, sisters, kids and other family members keep getting murked! Stop the snitching, is like saying “yeah I know who killed him, but I don’t care until my homie gets killed, then it’s, wheres the justice for my homie, the cops don’t care about blacks”!… The ghetto is full of idiots…

  18. these are the same type of people that are out right now vandalizing and tearing up their own neighborhood because of the Trayvon Martin trial. It confuses me…

  19. If you willingly participate in an act then flip because you got caught, then yes..you’re a snitch. It’s a simple concept and a proper one.

  20. reality: That’s Aaron Hernandez,” local resident Amber Schryer said. “You tell the police you don’t know anything.”

    logical: You’re Aaron Hernandez, what the F are you doing…

  21. “Sounds like he be safer in jail” lol. You obviously know nothing . Snitches in jail die faster on the inside then when out. If you don’t think guards take payments then you might just need to rethink your thinking . This dude is good a dead wherever he goes … But yet, this is also how the CIA picks apart the hood. If you can’t beat them, join em.

  22. This crew should try to get a change of venue to Fla. Murderers get away with it there due to unintelligent juries. Zimmerman, Anthony etc.

  23. shouldn’t Reverend AL,JESSE and the NAACP be there to protect his civil rights???

  24. People may have a different view on people giving up murderers if they lose a loved one to a murderer who could have been put behind bars had someone spoke up. Personally I applaud anyone who gives up a murderer.

  25. I can assure you that TOOL deion jordan and those other clowns would be singing another tune had their FAMILY member been the one MURDERED.I can assure you Ortiz singing is purely out of self interest , homie wants a taste at freedom down the road.Doing a big number much less life behind bars is no joke.

  26. Ortiz is a “snitch”?

    If that is what they think there, then that’s no “neighborhood”…it’s a cesspool.

  27. no wonder AH is such scum look at his old neighborhood defending a monster while persecuting the main who did the right thing in the end, you can take the kid out of scum town but you cant take the scum out of the kid…

  28. I’m actually surprised that we are publishing posts that do not point out the ridiculousness of this mindset. I hope Mr. Lloyds family is able to find some peace.

  29. great job ortiz. you should get federal protection. you have guts. use another word but i be censored.

  30. Can someone explain to me why the media isn’t accusing AH of a hate crime? After all, his Dad is PR and his Mom Italian. White/Hispanic just like Zimmerman and he also is accused of killing a black man.

  31. Yes because protecting your friends from prison always trumps protecting your corn hole when they decide to charge you with the murder instead…

    Take the deal. Tell the truth. Take a murderer off the streets. The small part of society that are scumbags may not like you but the vast majority of regular, normal, righteous people will be grateful for it.

  32. A gang of creampuffs, in Mexico they kill the rats family, girlfriend /wife, and friends. It,s very quiet down there. except for the occasional bang bang bang

  33. Why is everyone so shocked? These are neighborhoods that praise gangster lifestyles. The Mob/Mafia, Gotti style code of ethics. The movies like Johnny Brasco, Casino, Goodfellas……this no snitch thing didn’t start in their neighborhood.

  34. Johnny Manziel has a reputation for enjoying the college night life — just like most guys his age do. >>>> Like most college kids do, huh? Seems like that ‘phrase’ only applies to a select few athletes. You know the ones with less melanin (wink, wink)

  35. Bottom line – Ortiz was there to be the fall guy. I highly doubt guys who often use PCP make for great conversation. Hernandez will get off, as much as it disgusts me.

  36. its a great thing when a community can rally around a potential murderer and villinize the only guy who did the right thing. Way to go Boston…you should be proud of yourselves. Wicked pathetic

  37. nutsacker says:
    Jul 14, 2013 11:23 PM
    All these Connecticut folks are so rough and tumble. I’m really scared. FOH

    I realize it’s not compton but gang violence in any city/state is real and should be treated as such. I’ve had 2 cousins stabbed in that area and they have also lost a few friends to gang violence. Luckily they’ve since gotten out but….it’s legit even if it’s not a huge scale thing.

    And to the person who brought up the “law of omerta”…spot on my friend.

  38. kingjoe1

    Charlie Boy shouldn’t have been involved in the first place, if he can’t handle the pressure… Stopping the crime before it happens should have been the priority.. Not trying to tell the story with leaving yourself out of the picture like everyone’s as dumb as him to believe it

  39. Okay if he is rat what part of the food chain is Hernandez or for that matter the genius Pouncey brothers?
    Maggots maybe!

  40. He won’t be invited to the summer-ending fire and ice ball, THAT’S for sure.


  42. IGNORANCE!!!
    nobody in these neighborhoods want another person to snitch…until something happens to one of their family members or friends. as a 35 y/o black man i’ve heard this rhetoric far too often. WAKE UP, wrong is wrong and if you can help solve a crime it’s your duty to come forward.

  43. Too bad for the space program now that all these future rocket scientists are going to be in prison for life!

  44. I just love the “new society-culture”. A guy tells the truth of what happened, the victim’s family now knows the truth, scumbag Hernandez will be put away.

    For this, for telling the truth, he is labeled a “rat”. Should be called a hero, whether he traded years behind bars or not. Hernandez is a worthless, scumbag, killer.

  45. If I were a murderous individual I would surely be interested in moving to the Bristol area.

  46. The “snitches get stitches” crowd are some of the dumbest people on the planet. There are situations where the line between right and wrong gets a little fuzzy but this is not one of them. Would they still want silence if it was one of their family members that was killed? These are the same type of people that could witness a rape or the abuse of a child and turn their backs and walk away because they can’t be bothered to help or get involved. These people are as despicable as some of the criminals. Like someone said above–cowards keep quiet.

  47. Dear Dion Lewis and people who think like him,

    If Trayvon Martin or Odin Lloyd was your son, little brother or you were related to one of the women held hostage in Ohio and missing for years you would be on tv or in the public asking someone to come forward to help solve the crime.

    Grow up and man up and realize that to have a good and better community and society it takes decent and good people to do decent and good things, like not put up with injustice and criminal behavior.

    Peace to all who want justice for all.

  48. “That’s Aaron Hernandez,” local resident Amber Schryer said. “You tell the police you don’t know anything.”

    Yes…because the neighborhood is safer with some idiot punk with a gun running around. Until of course something happens to someone you love, then it’s all “where were the Cops?!” People like this make me sick.

  49. If the government allowed known gangbangers to be shot on sight, with no questions asked, I bet the gang population would go down quite a bit.

    Nahhhhh lets continue to throw the scum of the earth in prison where it costs 49,000 a year to support them. I have hard working family members who don’t make 49000 a year.

    Carlos Ortiz and all his buddies remind me of the stuff I scraped off my shoe this morning.

  50. “That’s Aaron Hernandez,” local resident Amber Schryer said. “You tell the police you don’t know anything.”

    Would Amber Schryer feel the same way if someone murdered her child or parents? What an idiot! Amber needs to shut up and crawl back under the rock from which she came from.

  51. The whole snitches get stitches things is so weird to me, but I don’t live in the hood so I don’t understand that mentality. Totally different culture there. Not my business, just sayin.

  52. ‘Bo Fish’ counters Ortiz’s story. Ortiz says he was coerced and/or on drugs when he gave it. Hernandez walks.

    Don’t worry folks, thumbs down me like always. I’ll take it all the way up until the verdict comes down and you all realize I’m right. This case has more problems than Jay-Z gives other agents, according to himself.

  53. This is hilarious. Everybody is a tough guy until they get caught. I see it almost every day in my job. The first person that talks gets the best deal. And when they get caught they all come running to be first in line. Even mobsters and gang bangers.

  54. My personal feelings on snitching is that you only snitch if your hands are clean and the crime committed is being pinned on you and you are facing time for something you didn’t do. In that case, snitch.

    I am not doing time for anybody, not and I am completely innocent.

    But if your hands are dirty – we pulled a lick together and you were dumb enough to get caught and everybody else got away then keep your mouth shut. That’s the trick that people pull to get lesser sentences for telling on the ones that didn’t get caught. Nah, do your time.

    Not sure what place Carlos Ortiz stands in, but it seems to be the later. Claiming he was sleep and saw no evil or heard no evil sounds like a crock of manure. He is going to have a tough time surviving both in jail and at home it seems because it seems folks all over aren’t too happy that he ran his mouth.

  55. This guy also was part of the murder… It’s not like he’s innocent. I hope he is still in jail for a long time despite the info he provided.

    It’s always interesting to me that guys in these situations are expected not to rat, but they are murderers themselves. How could they be trusted?

  56. If my friend were stepping out on his lady, I might pull him aside and say why that’s not a great idea, but I wouldn’t rat him out.

    If my friend is growing his own stash in his closet, I might tell him that it’s a felony in most places, and he needs to be very careful, but I wouldn’t rat him out.

    If my friend murders another human being, and then expects me to lie in an attempt to cover for him, then he isn’t my friend anymore. Friends don’t ask other friends to commit felonies (accessory to murder) in order to save their sorry ass.

  57. Wow. Tell the police you don’t know anything because its AH. If he had killed member if your family and new you’d be singing a different song.

  58. ““That’s Aaron Hernandez,” local resident Amber Schryer said. “You tell the police you don’t know anything.””

    Who cares who it is, he “allegedly” killed someone. I don’t understand why people feel the obligation to protect a celebrity.

  59. Let’s see. Be a “rat” or live with nothing but a bunch of horny dudes for the rest of your life. Tough choice.

  60. not just a “hood” concept ask anybody in the construction or garbage industry in NE region of the country about this mindset, and see how quiet they are

  61. What I did not specify in my previous post about only snitching when you are innocent and not when your hands are dirty in any way, was that I am not talking about with murder. I am always for a murderer, especially the cold-blooded kind, to be locked up. People don’t seem to care enough about human life nowadays and find the smallest reasons to dispose of a person and that shouldn’t be.

    My statement was for nonviolent crimes.

  62. Let the police do the’re job. telling them anything only puts you in a jack pot. its Lose.. Lose for you. they still gone lock you up. and everybody in jail gone know you tricked so the other inmates dont like you neither. If dont nobody tells the police NOTHING they wont know NOTHING and by the’re own rules and laws nobody go’s to jail.

  63. So, those of you who think that Ortiz is stupid, tell me what you would do. A friend that you are proud to know partly because he is a celebrity and partly because he has a lot of money, asks you to come to his house because he needs help with something.

    That something turns out to be a murder — a particularly stupidly planned murder — but you do not realize it until the gunshots. What would you do?

    Would you go to jail for life without the possibility of parole as part of a common enterprise first-degree murder? Or would you talk and try to save some of the rest of your life?

    The prosecution does not need Ortiz’s testimony. They have more than enough without that to convict all three of them. It does not matter which one fired the shots.

    The prosecution has text messages assembling the group and from the victim. They have videotape of the car going into the deserted area, a report that shots were heard at that time, and the car coming out again. They have videotape of the three men getting out of the car and going into Hernandez’s home, some of them with guns. They have the keys to a car that Hernandes rented in the victim’s pocket. A shell casing that matches the ones at the scene was found by the rental car agent after the car was returned.

    What would you do if you were Ortiz?

  64. The no-snitching mentality was learned from LAW ENFORCEMENT and is now on the streets…Both cultures continue to TRY to emulate this behavior today……

  65. The hood is a hood because of some of the people who live in it. They choose to make it the hood. Stop selling crack and get a job. If you have rage issues or tough guy syndrome join the army or marines and put it too good use.

  66. “Let the police do the’re job. telling them anything only puts you in a jack pot. its Lose.. Lose for you. they still gone lock you up. and everybody in jail gone know you tricked so the other inmates dont like you neither. If dont nobody tells the police NOTHING they wont know NOTHING and by the’re own rules and laws nobody go’s to jail.”

    What language is this? This is a prime example of the stupidity that we allow to run rampant and glamorize in this country. Go back to school, learn to speak proper English, and stop being a stereotype. It will be better for you in the long run.

  67. @spunjmunke
    You dont like what Im saying because You are a Trick. dont pretend like your having a problem understanding the words because you dont agree. Your a coward and you would Trick because your afraid to go to jail.

  68. Hernandez, you’re a punk! At 23 and you’re cooked for the rest of your life! Once a loser, always a loser. Finally, the old cliche, you can take the punk out of the “barrio”, but you can’t take the “barrio” out of the punk!! Rot in prison, loser!!!

  69. Some may not know this but the whole not snitching works the same for police, maybe you’ve heard of the “big blue wall”. Police regularly engage in the same tactics that take place in the streets. And also some mentioned he might be safer in jail, ha. You can get killed just as easily on the inside maybe faster. If AH is in fact gang affiliated there would be no place for Ortiz to hide if he goes back to his old hood.

  70. Ortiz is a snitch because he told in order to keep himself out of jail as long as everyone else. This is why he’s hated. He was part of the crime and now he wants an easy out. On the other hand if he knew about the crime and volunteered what he knew to the police because it is the right thing to do then he’s a good guy. Wasn’t so hard was?

  71. If you’re unfamiliar with the origin of this part of culture, let me explain. Its never started out about a witness to a crime cooperating with authorities. It was about ppl who were already doing something illegal then “snitching” on someone to reduce their own penalties. The code is: you got caught, shut your mouth & do the time like a man. It came from an era where areas of society had to protect their community with vigilante justice cause cops weren’t. Ppl who aren’t really from that life took it & bastardized it. Not condoning. Just explaining why it’s a part of lexicon still.

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