Pro Football Hall of Fame removes Aaron Hernandez photo

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame runs an annual photography contest, and this picture of Aaron Hernandez scoring a touchdown for the Patriots against the Packers in 2010 was a winner. But it’s not on display at the Hall of Fame anymore.

The Hall of Fame confirmed to the Cleveland Plain Dealer that several visitors complained about the picture being on display after Hernandez was charged with murder, and so the photo is no longer up.

In the spirit of good taste we thought we’d take it down,” said Joe Horrigan, the Hall of Fame’s vice president of communication and exhibits.

If a panel of photography experts judged the picture of Hernandez the best NFL photograph of 2010, there’s something to be said for keeping it on display as a historical document in a football museum. It’s also worth noting that the Hall of Fame hasn’t taken down other items that may generate controversy, such as O.J. Simpson’s bust.

But the Patriots and the NFL have tried hard to distance themselves from Hernandez, so it’s no surprise that the Hall of Fame would try to make him disappear.

22 responses to “Pro Football Hall of Fame removes Aaron Hernandez photo

  1. That really is going too far. Will NFL Films burn all game footage he appears in next?

  2. This is the group that has “Johnny Unitas-Indianapolis Colts” on their hof info speaking about “in the spirit of good taste”. Lol.

  3. I guess he has been found guilty in the court of law already, must of missed the trial

  4. He hasn’t been found guilty yet. He is not the only football player to commit a crime. Anything he does off the field doesn’t change what he did on it. This is getting ridiculous. I’m not even a fan of his.

  5. The hall is making a good decision. You can’t appear to be promoting a player who is a suspect in 3 different murder investigations!

  6. This is beyond ridiculous. Just because he’s persona non grata now doesn’t mean his historical achievements should be scrubbed. Same with the NFL removing his stats from the website.

    No need to promote him going forward but pretending he never existed is ridiculous.

  7. Just curious, was OJ’s picture also taken down?

    These guys were sports entertainers. You can’t take their accomplishments away from them. Just add an asterisk stating why Hernandez’s career was cut short.

  8. If guilty, Hernandez should go away forever. It seems like that’s the case and that he’s a total dirtbag, but I feel bad for the woman who took the photo and won the contest, because it’s a pretty cool picture.

  9. He hasn’t been found guilty. He’s not the only player to commit a crime. What he did off the field doesn’t change what he did on the field.

  10. I think it’s wrong unless they want to remove all the Lawrence Taylor stuff, OJ stuff etc too. The HOF is for achievements on the field. It has nothing to do with character (in my book). On top of it, they removed a picture that was voted by people as the best photo. So…what of the negativity it puts on the innocent photographer’s skill that his award winning photo is not displayed anymore?

  11. Unless you have a crush on Aaron Hernandez, how could that possibly be the best picture in the entire league that year. some idiot skipping over the goal line was voted the best picture of the year? Really? With the millions of pictures that are taken at NFL games every year, that is the best?

    I can go through pictures from my last tailgate and find better stuff than that

  12. This is not about guilt or innocence, it is about character. Hernandez is not a member of the hall of fame so it is not like they are kicking him out. They are simply removing a photo of him scoring a TD. His character is not indicative of what the NFL represents right now. I have no issue with this decision at all!

  13. This is getting a little nuts, Hernandez without a doubt deserves to go to jail for the rest of his life, but he played football and they are acting like he never existed. Whats next, erasing all Brady’s stats in which he was involved?

  14. Okay. Clearly time to set up a new account. The moderators have lost all sense of moderation and are scrubbing my postings as if I’m another Aaron Hernandez. Crazy!

  15. If this guy is found guilty, any history of him in the NFL should be wiped clean. Anything less sends the wrong message.

  16. Punishing the photographer for taking a picture. Huh. So what if all the gruesome war photos over the years? How about the one where the poor starving kid is about to be eaten by the bird nearby? In that case I say punish the photographer, but in this case, no way.

  17. omg, I think every Patriot fan should receive Electric Shock Treatment, this will remove all
    memory of A.H.

  18. A bit premature to go that far. We don’t want to give youths the impression that we have decided A.H. killed someone without a jury saying so. Removing him from the team was rightful, but going to lengths to make him disappear, as if he never existed, at this point that’s going too far.

    We must assume at this point he is innocent – its unlawful to assume anything else.

    Most likely he will be convicted – and that might be an understatement. As of yet, however, that is not the case and we should be telling young people no-one is guilty until proven so. These actions are in assumption he is guilty and that is not a message we should send.

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