Report: Redskins haven’t set date to determine RGIII’s status for camp


The Redskins start camp on July 25 in Richmond, but it’s still unclear whether or not quarterback Robert Griffin III will join his teammates for the first practice of the summer or if he’ll make his camp debut at a later date.

The answer to that question won’t come until the Redskins medical staff evaluates Griffin’s knee and determines if he gets the green light. Chris Russell of ESPN 980 reports that “somebody very involved on the medical side” told him that the team has yet to set a date or location to make that evaluation.

Given the dwindling time between now and July 25, you’d expect that such an examination would be conducted in the not too distant future. And, based on what Russell’s source had to say, that examination has a good chance of leaving the Redskins with smiles on their faces. Word is that Griffin “smashes” every test that the Redskins put in front of him and that the team is “astonished” so far by the quarterback’s recovery.

Reports about Griffin’s health have been consistently glowing so there’s no surprise to hear another round of the same song. Since we’re actually within spitting distance of camp at this point, the reports carry a bit more weight and the chances that Griffin will miss any significant amount of time will continue to drop as long as signs of struggles with health remain impossible to find.


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  1. Even with a full recovery somewhere down the road, odds are Griffin will not be the same player he was. The sooner he comes back, the sooner that will be seen — and higher the risk of getting reinjured. Shanahan and Skins can’t say it publicly, but they know it full well — and that Morris and Cousins will have to be offensive playmakers.

  2. He may be ready to go by training camp, but I have a bad feeling he will never be as explosive and will play timid. Hope they have a good backup plan, as he may not last more than 5 games any season.

  3. Everyone knows that RG3 is the best player in history due to his unique combination of athletic ability, drive, character and smarts. Nothing can hold him back, and when he retires from football he’ll be a great world leader.

  4. As a cowboys fan Its nice to see the redskins are going rush RG3 back which is going to result in another injury but I’d hate to see them ruin his career cause I do want the skins to suck but I still want to see Griffin have a good career

  5. Griffin won’t be the same player.
    He has said so himself.
    He’ll be a better player.
    He has said so himself.

    Given what he said at their bye week last year when they were 3-6; that they could still make the playoffs, that he could play better, that he had to play better, then he went out and did,
    I think it’s pretty clear that he will be better than before.

    So think about that.

  6. Can’t wait to see him come back and be better than before. And the whiney haters just have to sit back and take it. Redskins will win the super bowl this year. Book it.

  7. Take all the time you need, China Doll. Until you can become a team player and leave your ego and selfishness at home, you don’t deserve to play for the Redskins. Your pathetic selfish play in against Seattle spoke volumes about what a repugnant person you truly are.

    Now let’s add you can’t run a 2 minute offense, can’t hit a wide receiver deep with any coverage 10 yards or closer around him, and are easy to sack. You have lots of issues beyond your knee.

  8. Funny how all the negative comments come out once the team starts to get good. I’ll take this as a positive! Why do non-redskins fans even feel a need to post comments. I never would go any other team in the NFC message board.. don’t really care. Skins will win the East again, get use to it!

  9. As an athlete who has shown he is able and can do it, I wish nothing but the best for griffin. But all this talk about his every move and statement between now and when the season actually starts is just garbage. I can see and understand why skin fans are hopeful and optimistic about his return as no one has come to the league and the franchise with much fanfare as he has. On one side, he has managed to deliver on a playoff appearance last year but in the other, he’s also coming off an injury. I would be hoping for a good comeback but holding off on all “Super Bowl” predictions if I was a skin fan.

    And at the end of the day, the game is played and statements are made on the field. I just don’t want to hear all the excuses from the same skin fans here predicting a great comeback and a SB win when something goes wrong along the way and the skin doesn’t do as they predict.

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