Steelers, Dolphins have no comment on Pounceys’ “Free Hernandez” hats

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Earlier today, a photo surfaced of Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey and Dolphins center Mike Pouncey wearing “Free Hernandez” hats, apparently at their recent birthday party.

We confirmed that it’s them, we left open the door to the possibility (slim) that the message on the hats was an altered image, and then we asked both teams if there would be any comment about the players’ decision to openly support former Florida teammate Aaron Hernandez, who has been jailed without bail on first-degree murder charges and ostracized from the NFL.

The Steelers have no comment.  The Dolphins have yet to comment, beyond an initial message expressing no familiarity with the issue.

It’s safe to say that, once Maurkice gets to Latrobe for Steelers’ training camp, someone will have a comment or two for him, behind closed doors.

UPDATE 6:32 p.m. ET:  The Dolphins officially have no comment.

63 responses to “Steelers, Dolphins have no comment on Pounceys’ “Free Hernandez” hats

  1. Last I checked, I was a resident of the USA where people are guaranteed the right of free speech, AND people are presumed innocent until proven guilty … no matter how overwhelming the evidence may or may not point in any one direction.

  2. I’m just glad that there aren’t millions of people waiting for me to wear a hat they don’t like so they can bash me via the internet.

    Will the irony of calling these men immature, idiotic, etc, escape these people that are firing up over hats? Absolutely.

  3. Give the steelers and dolphins time to react but if this is true and that they knew what they were doing they must be punished by their clubs. Lets not forget Miami cut chad Johnson for a serious incident last year. They will not cut him for just being a pea brain but a one game ban and a nice little fine might suffice.

  4. Maybe the excuse will be them wearing them for whatever injustice has been done to Keith Hernandez?

  5. Perhaps the Pouncey brothers should observe an autopsy of a murder victim. Maybe then they would realize how completely absurd their behavior is. These dopes need an attitude adjustment.

  6. They absolutely have the right to wear that hat if they so desire however as a professional you may not want to send out that kind of message that just may be stupidity. The employers Of these guys have freedom of speech as well and they also reserve the right to not employ people, if they so desire, to send out what they deem to be a negative message or symbol

  7. You geniuses are correct. They have a 1st amendment right to be ignorant and say what they want. Those of us who have a brain also have the right to mock them mercilessly.

  8. Paula Dean should give up cooking and become a professional football player. Instead of being an outcast she would be the norm.

  9. Steelers will do anything to get attention. This is what happens when you can no longer win more than half your games.

  10. I’d say it’s also safe to say that, once Mike gets to Davie for Dolphins’ training camp, someone will have a comment or two for him, behind closed doors as well, since Philbin is probably even more disdainful about such things as Tomlin.

    My guess is they thought they were being funny… unfortunately murder isn’t a laughing matter.

  11. It makes me sad that this country is filled with people that don’t understand that just because we have freedom of speech that your employer, who you are a constant agent and representative for, don’t want you and subsequently them, associated with the nonsense that come with people hiding behind free speech.

    I get what the Pouncey twins are doing for their friend. I would not want to think my friend did this type of thing either. However, as a Steelers fan I do not want to see my all pro center cheesing supporting an alleged murderer. Do it in private and share it with Hernandez. Cheese it with a Lombardi Trophy in your hand.

  12. What a week end for the NFL players. first, some bone heads chime in on something they know nothing about (Zimmerman case) and now this. Really, are these guys on a mission to convince us that all football players are morons? First the race card with “da white man screwed us again”, and now this. I can’t understand what is happening here, other than there is some other culture in my country that I don’t understand, can’t relate to, and am embarrassed about. Stop it. Shut up! Play football, if you can stay out of trouble long enough to do so.

    Or – keep it real. Don’t forget where you came from. Take care of your homeys (sp???). And piss off da owners, season ticket holders, and plain old joes who root for your dumb a–es and pay your salary.

  13. Ironic. Considering the Pouncey brothers were with Hernandez in Gunsville when he shot up that car full of guys. He was so innocent then that they all lawyered up instead of talking to the GPD. Who then professionally came to the conclusion that Boys will be Boys.

  14. It’s also possible that they have a blind spot in their heart for their college roommate, and think or hope that he was not capable of the crime. Based on evidence, I doubt that he is innocent, but I can empathize with the Pounceys who don’t want to believe their friend would do something so heinous. A Bronco wearing a Chief’s hat would be much more offensive to me.

  15. its called the First Amendment; freedom of speech.

    To all of you staunch defenders of the First Amendment, congratulations on your patriotism, but be advised that you are completely missing the point of the other comments.

    Their right to wear the hats is not being called into question, just the patent stupidity being demonstrated by the two brothers in their decision to wear them, and by doing so, endorse the message written on them that supports a likely serial murderer.

  16. This is one Dolphins hat that Kaepernik should avoid.

    By the way, some of you need to do some research on what free speech means. The government can’t prosecute you, but the Constitution doesn’t protect you from your private enterprise employer taking any action.

  17. Can we at least let the case go to trial and hear what really happened. You people are so quick to insult professional athletes because they make millions and you all are jealous and that is pathetic ! Hernandez was and is a good friend of theirs and if he is found guilty they will probably be very hurt , however that will not stop them from loving their friend. $teeler$#1

  18. Murders, pro-violence tweets, DUIs, domestic violence, hats supporting alleged murders, etc. And yet none of this involves the Jets. We might want to re-think the whole Rex Ryan is leading a circus in NY rhetoric.

  19. I don’t get all this outrage. These guys actually know Hernandez and, I am assuming, are friends with him, seeing as how they played college ball together. So why wouldn’t they support their friend? He hasn’t been convicted of anything yet. Ask yourself this, if a buddy of yours for the last decade was charged with murder would you immediately vilify him or give him the benefit of the doubt until the trial was over?

  20. is it just the “in thing” to have free so and so gear? yes all for free speech, its on these two idiots to wear something that makes them look retarded…..especially the one on the dolphins wtf?

  21. To those wailing about freedom of speech:

    No one has denied the Pouncey brothers their right to free speech. They were not arrested and thrown in jail for exercising their right to wear whatever hats they wish.

    However, with rights come responsibilities. Is it wise to side with those who have been involved with the violence of gun abuse? or side with one, who in all likelihood, was (at least) witness to murder if not directly the cause of it?

    Is it responsible to support a culture of gun violence? And do you think the NFL–their employer–wants to incorporate that culture into the league?

    My guess is that all your answers to these questions it no. So here we have a couple of fools with their hands on the third rail, calling for the release of a man arrested for/involved with the taking of an innocent life–execution style.

    Disagree if you will, this is just me, exercising my right to free speech.

  22. As a Dolphins fan, I find it to be somewhat of a concerning lack of judgment for Mike.

    Evidence has yet to be presented on this issue, but we’re not dealing with an isolated incident in this case, evidence is pointing to a serial killer residing in the NFL.

    Once again, gotta love that free speech, but don’t cry when people rip you for utter ignorance and stupidity. Life says to pick your battles wisely, this is not the best soap-box Mike.

  23. With every right comes a responsibility. If their teams choose to hold them accountable for expressing their right to free speech then it is the steeler and dolphins right to terminate their employment the same as your job can fire you for things you post on Facebook. Quit this crying about rights and start thinking about responsibility because if some of these athletes would be held responsible for their actions maybe we wouldn’t have some many criminals in the nfl. The Pouncey’s are either too stupid to read what Hernandez did or they simply want to put blinders on because they went to college together and had gotten away with so many crimes together they figure he will get off this time too. The hats didn’t declare innocence, they just say let him off. Yep, I would say the Rooney family is already plotting. Remember, Mendenhall made a pro Osama tweet and next time we saw him has was as a Cardinal.

  24. The first amendment means the government cannot pass a law making it illegal for you to speak your mind. It does not mean that other people then don’t have a right to ridicule you for your comments. If you don’t think it is poor form or bad taste to wear those hats you are entitled to your opinion but you can’t be surprised that others are blasting them for it.

  25. None of you guys would ever approach them in a public setting given the opportunity and tell them they’re dumb for wearing those hats.

    Let the legal system play out, no one knows what happened that night with Hernandez except for those who were there. So quick to rush and judge…

  26. So what?? Where any hat you want. Last time I checked Hernandez hadn’t been convicted of anything yet. I’m happy to withhold judgement until this young man has his time In front of a jury of his peers. I he is convicted then I’m sure no one will be wearing hats.

  27. A true friend supports you when you are at your lowest. I find no fault with the Pounceys.

  28. With this, Rainey, the Sanders debacle, Harrison treatment, and nothing notable in the offseason the Steelers organization is imploding.

  29. The Dolphins have no comment?? Wow. Well, I guess “no comment” might actually be the correct position for this inept franchise of late, considering how utterly fantastic and non-akward Philbin dealt with Chad Johnson and how warm and totally genuine Jeff Ireland was with Vontae Davis.

  30. psmith7716 says: Jul 14, 2013 10:37 PM

    A true friend supports you when you are at your lowest.


    If my best friend killed or raped someone, call me disloyal, but… friendship over!

  31. This isn’t smart for Pouncey to do, whether Hernandez is found guilty or not. I am all for supporting a friend, but a smart, stand-up guy, like Mike should know to just let this trial play out.

    Pouncey is one of the best players on the team, if not the best, and is a representative of the Dolphins organization whether he wants to be or not. Pouncey has never made a “bad move” publicly so far in his career, which is why you expect more out of him.
    Hopefully this blows over and he goes back to being one of the NFL’s best centers, and leader in the locker room.

  32. jjb0811 says:
    Jul 14, 2013 6:39 PM
    its called the First Amendment; freedom of speech.

    Every time someone makes an idiotic statement, someone else trouts out the 1st amendment.

    The 1st amendment doesn’t give you the right to say whatever you want, it only forbids the gov’t from creating laws that would prohibit your speech.

    That means you can still get ridiculed on the internet, sued in court or fired from your job for saying something stupid.

  33. ebergevin says:Jul 14, 2013 9:18 PM

    None of you guys would ever approach them in a public setting given the opportunity and tell them they’re dumb for wearing those hats.

    Let the legal system play out, no one knows what happened that night with Hernandez except for those who were there. So quick to rush and judge…

    You may be afraid of a football player because he is big but don’t transfer your fear to others. Big does not mean tough. If I saw Pouncy wearing the hat in question I would definitely advise him that it was inappropiate.

  34. It was poor judgement on their part knowing how it would perceived. If the Boston Bomber was a close friend and they wore a hat like that, there would be no cries for 1st amendment rights without expressing how stupid they were.

  35. The Constitution protects us from the federal government, not your employer. If these teams see fit to punish or reprimand the Pounceys, they have every right to do so. Learn about your Constitutional rights before you start using them as a defense!

  36. A life is lost two sisters have to mourn two mothers lost their boys n the same people bashing the pouncey brothers for their wardrobe r people who r probably supporting George zimmerman behind closed doors to each its own

  37. This is another example of people shouting the ‘we’ve got free speech’ card at the wrong time.

    Yeah you have free speech, you also have class. When OJ Simpson was on trial i wouldnt have worn a ‘OJ is innocent’ hat or a ‘OJ is guilty’ hat.

    A mothers lost a child, we dont know the full facts just what the tabloids/media tell us.

    If the Pouncey brothers sadly lost a relative who had been shot would they like it if some idiot wore a cap with the name of the killer saying hes innocent ?

    Course they wouldn’t. Pathetic.

  38. Steelers are fast becoming the new Jets. Controversy. Gossip. Infighting. Front office issues. Scandals. Fans peeing all over the field. Winless season. It all fits.

  39. Joemontanaflacco says:
    Jul 14, 2013 8:08 PM
    Steelers will do anything to get attention. This is what happens when you can no longer win more than half your games.

    43 80
    Report comment

    Now you are attributing your traits on the steelers…too funny. Maybe you should worry more about Ray Lewis telling people not to be like his dad…right six kids four mamas.

  40. “Now you are attributing your traits on the steelers…too funny. Maybe you should worry more about Ray Lewis telling people not to be like his dad…right six kids four mamas.”

    Is this the same Nofool that admonishes everyone for not staying on topic? I recognize the “takes one to know one” and the “so, you care about this and not about that” motifs but I could have sworn that Nofool had appointed himself as PFT’s Topic Sheriff.

  41. Aaron Hernandez has not been convicted of anything. His friends are supporting him. Few people have friend that would stand with them in their worst moment. I applaud it.

  42. just curious on your thoughts about pouncey wearing his hat in support of hernandez and what if anything the steelers should do about it. knowing what i know about how the rooney’s do business im sure they arent happy. real questions…not looking to start trouble

  43. Scoobie s The hat was in bad taste much like flaccomontana s comments are on a daily basis. Poor judgement about the appearance it gives, but I think they were standing by a friend they really don’t know that well. People make mistakes as you are the I first to say and no one was injured except flaccomontana who stubbed his toe rushing to his device to be the first to post some daily steeler hate.

  44. scoobies05 says:
    Jul 15, 2013 2:22 PM
    leaving other posters out of the convo, what if anything will the rooneys do

    0 0
    Report comment. Like the ravens do, make up their own mind and tell them what they can say….hey it worked for #52 in purple for a long time …eh scoobie. Don’t even disgrace yourself by comparing a hat with……you know what.

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