Bernard Pollard: Titans can be dominant


Bernard Pollard has been with the Titans for less than three months, but he has already developed a lot of confidence in his new team.

Pollard, the safety who signed with the Titans after he was cut by the Ravens, told the Journal Gazette in his hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana, that he’s been very impressed with what he’s seen from his new teammates.

We got a very athletic team,” Pollard said. “We can be dominant, but it’s about buying into what the coaches are selling, and I tell a lot of people that. We gotta be professionals. I don’t care how old you are on this team.”

Pollard said he’s trying to exercise the kinds of leadership qualities in Tennessee that he learned in Baltimore.

“Everybody did what they had to do as far as leading on the field, leading off the field, speaking up. All 53 guys did,” Pollard said of his time in Baltimore. “That’s the same thing I’m doing in Tennessee. I’m like, ‘Look. It’s not about one guy. It’s about all of us, because that’s what it’s gonna take in order for us to be playing in January and February.’”

After two years in Baltimore, two years in Houston before that and three years in Kansas City to start his career, Pollard sounds like he thinks he’s found the right spot in Tennessee.

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  1. Titans are actually a very intriguing team. Their rock solid everywhere, RB, Receivers, O-Line, D-Line, LB’s, DB’s…

    However, it always comes down to the coaching staff and the QB. Jake Locker is entering his 3rd year now and it’s either a make it or break it year for him. The coaches themselves need to use every player to their strength’s instead of lolly gaggin like they did last year.

    Not a Titans fan, but they have a young promising roster.

  2. Dominate … the bottom of the AFCS. Locker is horrible. And to think, people were touting him as the #1 overall pick coming out his junior year.

  3. Boy he sure does talk alot. No wonder every other team he’s been on couldn’t wait to get him out of town.

    He will fit right in with the flaming thumbtacks.

  4. Agreed. But it comes down to Jake Locker developing faster than and into someone like my all-time favorite QB Steve McNair (whose second season as a starter was still pedestrian) and also all those free agents we signed this off-season living up to all the $$$ we threw at them. THEN the Titans can be dominant.

  5. I’m so sick and tired of athletes saying things like “we can be dominant” when their team just went 6-10 for the 8th worst record in the NFL last year. No offense, Titans fans.

    Look, I get that pro athletes are supposed to be confident in themselves and their teammates. But if your expectations are not reasonable when compared to your recent performance, how about keeping that nonsense to yourself and saying something intelligent like “we’re focused on making the playoffs, and we’ll see from there.”

  6. @alldonesmith, top 3 picks in last years draft:

    Colts record 2010: 2-14
    Colts record 2011: 11-5, made playoffs

    Redskins record 2010: 5-11
    Redskins record 2011: 10-6, won division

    Vikings record 2010: 3-13
    Vikings record 2011: 10-6, made playoffs

    I think with the upgrades they’ve made on the oline and secondary, and with the return of health from Jake Locker, there’s no reason to think this team shouldn’t be able to make the playoffs.

  7. well, we’re down to number 20 in PFT’s preseason power rankings and the titans still haven’t shown up, so apparently you guys don’t disagree with pollard as much as most.

  8. weren’t the titans 9-7 two years ago ? the best team not to make the playoffs (like last season’s bears…). everyone loved them to break through last season. and the completely collapsed. i think they need to get up off the floor, dust themselves off and stabilize before thinking about being “dominant.”

    uh pollard, you aren’t in balt anymore surrounded by solid veterans on the def side of the ball and you certainly don’t have a joe flacco at qb.

    good luck.

  9. Munchak is a Hall Of Famer, he knows what it takes to win ie. Not draft criminals like Jeff Fisher always did.

    Pollard was a good addition because he brings the toughness and started on the Championship Ravens.

    They have a good young roster (assuming CJ and Kenny Britt character issues are in the past.)

    They need to work through this year and battle the remaining wackos Fisher drafted, filter the good from bad and move forward next year with cream of the crop left over.
    7-9, 8-8, at best. Next year a solid 8-8 team, possibly 9-7 if Locker can play which I believe he can.

    It will be three years before they can contend for a division title the way they are going.

    Best move this offseason was drafting a RB to replace sketchy egomaniac CJ.

  10. I’m so sick of this loudmouth cheap shot artist who tried to put Brady and Gronk out of commission with his cheap shots. Dirtiest player in the NFL. He should just shut up.

  11. Our season is gonna come down to two things. On paper we have a very good offense but it’s gonna come down to if Locker picks it up a notch. Last yr was a wash…we had a horrible offensive line in which Locker never had any time to do anything, CJ was constantly getting pushed behind the line on every run it seemed. The front office improved the OL so Locker nor CJ shouldn’t have an excuse. Locker showed good things his rookie season so I’m hoping for a big improvement. The other thing is going to make or break our season is rather the defense shows major improvements from last yr. I’m hoping Greg Williams gets this defense back to what he had it when he was with the Titans before.

  12. I find it surprising that everyone seems to know that Locker sucks and is a bust when he’s only started 10 games. He got hurt in the 1st game of the year making a tackle on an interception return that should have been blown dead by the replacement refs because the ball hit the ground and wasn’t intercepted. We still haven’t seen him play healthy with a good o-line. The Titans o-line last year was Swiss cheese. They added Levitre in free agency and Warmack in the draft. I think Locker & the Titans are going to surprise some people.

  13. metitometin says: Jul 15, 2013 10:22 AM

    I’m so sick of this loudmouth cheap shot artist who tried to put Brady and Gronk out of commission with his cheap shots. Dirtiest player in the NFL. He should just shut up.


    While Pollard is known as the Patriot killer, I don’t think any of his patriot injuring shots were dirty. I don;t quite remember the shot to Brady back in ’08 but the hits to Welker and Gronk were clean. In fact he didn’t even touch Welker when he tore his ACL…

    Pollard is a guy who plays very hard and hits very hard. He is a liability in coverage but a beast in run defense. His confidence is probably bigger than his skill set but he’s a guy that will bring swag to your secondary. I was sad to see him go from the Texans but our secondary was horrible when he was here…

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