Broncos suspend Russell indefinitely, Heckert one month


The Denver Broncos have suspended both of the team executives who have been arrested for drunk driving this offseason.

Broncos player personnel director Matt Russell has been suspended indefinitely without pay and pro personnel director Tom Heckert has been suspended for one month without pay, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post. The Broncos will also provide treatment to both men if it’s determined that treatment is needed.

It’s not clear why the Broncos chose to give Russell and Heckert different punishments for the same infraction of driving drunk, and it’s impossible to assess the severity of Russell’s suspension until we know how long “indefinitely” turns out to be. So there are questions that still need to be answered.

But the question of when the Broncos would act has been answered, with two high-level executives sent home.

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  1. Heckert was just hired whereas Russell has been there for a while and built a solid reputation (until now). I know there are different perspectives, but if the punishments are inequal, then shouldn’t Heckert’s be more severe? I don’t want a loser in our front office getting a free pass in his first year

  2. Which one hit the cop car in Breckenridge…these are all starting to run together.

  3. Such an arrogant organization…there must be something deeper to the story for them to hand down two different supsensions…but we’ll probably never know because of their secretive ways.

  4. One could reasonably infer Broncos may know Russell has a serious, ongoing alcohol problem that calls for treatment.

  5. somethingsmellsrotten says: Jul 15, 2013 2:42 PM


    Would you like it if your boss disclosed punishment you faced? Seriously, how much do we have to know about people these days?

    Plus, the comment directly above you seems to be pretty clear for the reason.

  6. “It’s not clear why the Broncos chose to give Russell and Heckert different punishments for the same infraction of driving drunk,…”

    Umm because one was WAY drunker and crashed into a cop car going 40?

    The other guy didnt quite do the same thing.

    Just look at the punishments for murder and attempted murder. Both people TRIED to do the same thing…so they could be punished the same…but thats not how our system works. It punishes on results PLUS what the crime was

  7. Probably 2 different suspensions because one happened in early June. The other happened in July after everyone was warned not to let it happen to them.

  8. Maybe Russell’s was indefinite because he was drunk AND ran into a police cruiser…but, that’s just a hunch.

  9. A month at this moment isn’t really all that much of a punishment. Most roster moves will be made outside this and unless they totally severe communication ties (almost impossible in this age of technology) and Denver won’t be looking to pick up much else. It is just roster trimming at this point.

    Russel’s was worse because his infraction was much worse. He had open intoxicants, an accident and a much higher BA. Russel would be facing 20 days minimum in Colorado for just being over .20 (10 days mandatory) and with the accident he would be facing much more. We will see what he gets compared to a normal citizen.

  10. Based on his Nolte-esque mugshot alone, Russell deserved the longer suspension of the two.

  11. Questions that need to be answered? Why’s that? Cause you’re the media and feel entitled to get answers to questions they don’t have to answer?

  12. Not only did Russell hit a parked squad car, he hit another car before that. After exchanging insurance information with the first driver, he thought to himself, “I think I’ll get back behind the wheel and give this another go.” That’s how you get suspended indefinitely without pay.

  13. Does Peter King think the “mayhem for the last month” will affect the Broncos Super Bowl chances like the Patriots as he has written ??

  14. russell was 0.246 and the one who hit the cop car in Breckenridge

    heckert, however, blew 0.16 7 hours after being arrested……

    heckert must be more important, therefore a month off, and he’s ready for the college circuit

  15. The good news here is that both guys will have the opportunity to get any help they need to kick this. I respect the Broncos for supporting these guys and wish them all the best in working through this. I would wish the same for anyone. I for one am pulling for you Matt and Tom!

  16. Bogus. They were on there own time. Whatever the law does is enough. I watch the NFL for football. Not role models.

  17. Meanwhile, Alfonzo Dennard is still “duping” Bob Kraft.

    Stay Classy NE

  18. ‘It’s not clear why the Broncos chose to give Russell and Heckert different punishments for the same infraction of driving drunk’

    Really? It’s not clear?

    Russell’s BAC was higher at the time of arrest and he had open containers in his vehicle. Not to mention that he hit a parked police car.

  19. Russell got the indefinite because he told Elway he thought he was heading for the K-MART blue light special and it turned out to be a police cruiser.

  20. This has been an ongoing problem in Denver for well over a decade. It needs to be noted that with these three arrests, the Denver Broncos, with 37 arrests since 2000, have now surpassed the Cincinnati Bengals and tied the Minnesota Vikings for the league lead.


  21. I wonder if Cruz or White had hit a cop car instead of just threatening to kill people if they’d get suspended?

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