Lions check in at No. 20 in our preseason power rankings

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In 2011, the Lions were one of the NFL’s 12 playoff teams. In 2012, the Lions were the recipients of a Top 5 draft pick. So where will they be in 2013?

We think they’ll be somewhere in the middle.

As we continue to preview training camps and unveil our preseason power rankings, the Lions have checked in at No. 20. We like some of the Lions’ offseason moves, but we’re not sold on them leaving the NFC North cellar.

That’s where we rank the Lions. PFT Planet, tell us what you think.

13 responses to “Lions check in at No. 20 in our preseason power rankings

  1. Everything points to the Lions and the Chiefs being big bounce back teams in 2013, but the smart money says place Detroit around 20.

    They’re going to be a playoff team, but the pre-season ranking is about right.

  2. The Lions have a solid team they just need to pull together and play as a team. The NFC North is arguably the toughest division in football right now. It’s going to be incredibly difficult for them to even get a Wild Card spot.

  3. Rankings #20-25 people have complained that these teams are too low and they’ll do better.

    Perhaps. But have you thought about the other teams not even covered yet? There’s really good competition in the league this year. Get your popcorn ready…

  4. The Lions seem to have everything in place except the right coach to take them to the next level. Schwartz may be a great defensive coordinator, but he’s a terrible head coach.

  5. Bottom line … even with a strong season and a playoff win (or two) we’ll get zero respect. That’s okay. We don’t need no stinking respectability. Detroit is where the weak are killed and eaten.

  6. The Lions are better than the unknowing consensus.
    They certainly are better than the vikings and can overtake the Bears for 2nd in their division.

    They have an easier schedule this season. I look for them to be a 10-6 or 9-7 team with it being a coin flip whether they just make or just miss the playoffs.

  7. They could be ranked anywhere the people want them. (usually bottom third) Rankings don’t matter to me. They could end up being better like 2 years ago or worse like last year. I just care what they do on the field.

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