No deal for Jairus Byrd and no comment on camp plans


It’s looking like Broncos tackle Ryan Clady will stand alone among the players given franchise tags this year.

The deadline for teams to reach agreement on multi-year deals with such players passed at 4 p.m. ET on Monday and Clady’s the only guy who landed one. As expected for several weeks now, Bills safety Jairus Byrd is one of the seven franchised players who failed to get the deal they were looking for this offseason. He’s the only one who hasn’t signed his tender, however, which means he could still keep his distance from the team until just before the start of the regular season without jeopardizing any of the $6.9 million he’s set to make under the terms of the tender.

Jeff Russo of WKBW in Buffalo reports that Byrd’s agent Eugene Parker said there was no comment about Byrd’s plans. Bills General Manager Doug Whaley said that the team is working on getting Byrd to rejoin the team, something that could take a one-year agreement that comes with a guarantee that Byrd won’t be franchised again after next season or some other enticement to get him on the field.

“We worked very hard to come to a long-term agreement with Jairus, but unfortunately were unable to reach one before today’s deadline,” Whaley said in a statement. “Our attention will now be focused on a one-year agreement with him and on training camp with our continued efforts to prepare our team for the upcoming season.”

Veterans are set to report to Bills camp on July 27. Getting Byrd there will likely be a top priority between now and then.

13 responses to “No deal for Jairus Byrd and no comment on camp plans

  1. reports are the Byrd and his agent want him to be the highest paid safety in the league! don’t let the door hit you on the way out next year Jairus…. much more important players to pay coming up. Spiller Dareus, Wood…you don’t build around a safety.

  2. You would not want to give him any guarantee that you will not franchise him again next year just to get him into camp.

    If you do that it decreases your leverage and increases the chance you lose him in free agency.

    And what do you get? A great player, but you get him for only 1 rebuilding year. He will not exactly put the Bills over the top for a playoff spot.

  3. He’ll sit out training camp for sure, because who wants to hurry back for 2 a days in the summer heat.

    Unfortunately every day away from the team is more detrimental to his learning of a new defensive scheme.

  4. Can you pay a guy 6 mil with the tag, bench him, squander his worth and tell the next guy who knows better where he can stick it? With the idea being’ it will be hard to sign long term big money deals when there is no film.

    Put him in special teams.

  5. I understand, business is business, but seriously… 6 million dollars for one year isn’t enough money to show up to camp on time, at least to learn the new defensive scheme? Byrd is not enticing anyone by holding out. Its too bad the Bills don’t have anyone else at the position good enough to sit Byrd on the bench for the year. No tape for 2013 would surely hurt his chances of striking big money in the free agent market next year. Be real Byrd! This Team, this City and these fans were the one to give you your first shot, drafting you higher than you would have gone, supporting you since day 1. Everybody knows the Safety position ISN’T the last piece of the puzzle, there is much bigger things. We are not $ blocking or asking you to give us a discount, For all that it means get that money, but at least have the decency to show up for camp on time. -One pissed off Fan.

  6. He is obviously being told by his agent not to sign. And the city and the fans weren’t the ones who drafted him. And why do people think he would be hurt by not playing this year if there were no film on him. I’m a Bills fan but I don’t let blind emotion cloud my thinking when it comes to that team. But if you still live in Buffalo I can understand it because you don’t have much else in life to look forward to. I’m glad I got out when I was young. And Mr. Whaley isn’t showing me much right now as a GM. Byrd is going to show up and take the 6 mil. but he is going to miss as much camp as he can. Then he will probably end up getting injured and that will take care of that.

  7. i hear all of you fans out there but Jairus is possibly the best safety in football. although the position is not make or break it is still very important. i think a team needs to do everything within reason to keep a player like byrd.

  8. @followmetoboston

    How many practices did Levitre participate in during the off-season? Oh yeah, none. He’s got a bad knee, for an O-lineman, that is a HUGE red-flag. Wasn’t worth the risk IMO, ecspecially for what the Titans paid him. I’m torn on Byrd. He may not be the last piece, but he is a team leader, and is a diffrence maker on defense. He should get High-end money, but not Highest paid money. And I think we have a “Pot, meet Kettle moment.” Assuming you are a Pats fan, and why wouldn’t you be, your team signed 2 question marks to big money deals, one is facing prison now and the other has arm/back problems. And those are your ONLY offensive weapons. You are also about 2 years away from the Tom Brady Exodus, with no real replacement and a defense that sits near the bottom of the leauge year after year. I think the “genius” has outsmarted himself.

  9. Byrd is gone no matter if it is this year or next or the year after that. He’s shown he only is interested in getting paid more money than any of us will see in our lifetime and that he doesn’t care about the team’s success. I say good riddance.

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