No long-term deal for Michael Johnson


The deadline for signing franchise-tagged players to long-term contracts has now passed, with not much in the way of movement.

To make it official, Albert Breer of the NFL Network reports that Bengals defensive end Michael Johnson won’t get a new deal. He had reported earlier in the day that there had been some communication between the two sides, but it was apparently too little, too late.

Instead, Johnson will make $11.175 million this year, and try again next year as an unrestricted free agent. That big number caused him to declare “it’s a business” last week.

And now he’s in position to do more business next offseason.

8 responses to “No long-term deal for Michael Johnson

  1. I thought Mike Brown apologists said that the Bengals’ cap surplus was to take care of their own…

  2. Really disappointed. The team has turned the corner finally, good drafts, playoffs, but this guy does things the right way and is valuable. Instead big fat Andre gets signed, and we will probably lose Michael next year. Geno has to be signed, AJ, and Andy extended, but I would take a new right tackle and have MJ long term than this.

  3. As a Bengals fan I’m ok with this. He is an above average player but not great. The guy is going to make 11 million this year so I don’t feel bad about it. This is also one reason Margus Hunt was selected in the second round. Good teams reload not chase free agents.

  4. Ya cant have everybody!!!!!!…..the Bengals have become an above average drafting team! As much as I would LOVE to keep MJ93, thats why they drafted Hunt. As far as Andre goes, he needed to be payed, Elite, Road Grating RT’s are hard to come by, and were not there in this years draft when Cincinnati picked @ 22.
    WHO DEY!!!!!

  5. The Guy is not worth 11 million any year but especially this year after Cliff Avril got 13 million for 2 years and Micheal Bennett only got 4.8 for a season. Both of those contracts were on the open free agent market ..suppose to be the best deals they could get. But Johnson will be making twice as much as either of these players. There is no Possible way he is Twice as good as either of those guys. But the Bengals are paying his like he is.. he has to have 22 sacks this year to be worth the money …

  6. @PeterKingLovesCoqAVin says: Jul 15, 2013 4:20 PM: “I thought Mike Brown apologists said that the Bengals’ cap surplus was to take care of their own…”

    Ummmm … 11mil of that cap is taking care of Johnson as we speak, idiot. What are YOU talking about?

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