Pugh, Giants could end up in a fight over guaranteed money

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From picks 14 through 21, 2013 every first-rounder is under contract.  Except one.

The Giants and offensive lineman Justin Pugh have yet to work out a deal at No. 19.  And things could get interesting between the two sides as training camp approaches.

This year, every contract in front of Pugh is fully guaranteed, for all four years.  In fact, the player taken immediately in front of Pugh, 49ers safety Eric Reid, got a fully-guaranteed deal with no offset language.

That’s a change from the last two years, when players in the lower teens received three years guaranteed and only part of the fourth year guaranteed.

It creates the potential for an intriguing showdown between Pugh and the Giants.  Pugh is smart; the man who earned a finance degree at Syracuse understands the nuances and the details of player contracts.  During a pre-draft visit to PFT Live, for example, he astutely pointed out that it’s better in some respects to go at the top of the second round than at the bottom of round one, since teams hold a fifth-year option over first-round draft picks.

On this point, the difference is whether all of Pugh’s compensation 2016 will be guaranteed, or whether half of it will be guaranteed.  Roughly $750,000 is in issue, and Pugh will get the money if the Giants don’t cut him before the roster bonus in that amount comes due in March 2016.

It will all boil down to a battle of wills.  Specifically, how willing will the Giants be to piss off Pugh — and how willing will he be to piss of coach Tom Coughlin by holding out?

13 responses to “Pugh, Giants could end up in a fight over guaranteed money

  1. I know it is sports. And it can go away in a single play.

    Just do your job and you won’t have to worry about it.

    Worry about playing football and let your agent handle the contract son.

  2. If they’re going to have a rookie wage scale, they should make the rules so all the contracts are the same so we don’t have to have these arguments over little details. Most of the NBA’s first-round picks were signed within two weeks after the draft.

  3. I’m surprised that all the pro-owner slurpers who were killing DeMaurice Smith for the owner’s making the players choke down an unfavorable CBA aren’t rushing to the defense of Giants’ brass for their continuous successful hardballing of their own players. Osi, Cruz, Pugh and a bunch in between. Why aren’t they heralding Mara and Reese? After all, Mara and Reese are making it that much easier for other teams to nickel and dime their players. I guess all bets are off when the issue becomes “team-centric”. hypocrites.

  4. Look, pay him the bucks – I can pull my kids from middle school to work and I can get a second job delivering pizzas to pay for my tickets. No problem.

  5. The player will lose and he will get screwed. He will be an exceptional player and he will sign elsewhere in, gulp, 5 years…Giants will continue to poorly manage their roster like they did this year.

    Who needs a secondary and LB core anyway?

  6. The Giants draft this guy in the first round, who even they don’t think is likely to be a Pro Bowler, because of his versatility, character, and leadership abilities.

    And they’re already fighting over his contract while the guys drafted ahead of him and after him are already signed up.

  7. NFL teams and incoming rookies are going to ruin the rookie wage scale. What’s the sense of having one if the next rookie is just going to demand more? Why not just give the same contract to the rookie as the previous rookie picked in the same spot? I don’t get why it’s so hard. Then again, I’m no general manager.

  8. please hold out and show the team that drafted you your the boss and you call the shots.

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