Report: Browns close to stadium renovation plan


Showing a significant intention to making the in-stadium experience better, the Browns are apparently set to renovate their home field.

According to Sports Business Daily (via the Cleveland Plain Dealer), the Browns have picked an architect and a contractor for a renovation to FirstEnergy Stadium which will cost more than $100 million.

That’s going to be one nice track for the weiner dog races.

According to the report, the Browns picked the same architectural firm (Gensler) that designed $160 million in upgrades to Lincoln Financial Field. That connects the dots from Browns CEO Joe Banner to his days with the Eagles.

“We have consistently communicated that improving the fan experience is one of our priorities,” Banner said in a statement. “We have engaged Gensler architectural firm and Turner Construction to explore every opportunity to help us accomplish this through a potential renovation. This process is in the early stages so it would be premature to discuss financial parameters but when we have specific details we will certainly share our plans with our fans and the community.”

The Browns might not be terribly good on the field, and their owner’s company is at the center of a federal investigation.

But the report is at least a sign that they’re making an effort to fix what has been a broken product.

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  1. I was there last year for the Eagles/Browns game. The stadium is nice…the parking is a nightmare. They should spend the money on an Xfinity Live type thing and some great tailgating lots.

  2. Here’s an idea that apparently no one in the Cleveland braintrust has obviously thought of. Put a winning product on the field.

  3. Rest assured the ‘improvement of the fan experience’ is an improvement for a very few.

    Although you could argue that all the seats being torn out are an improvement; fewer people will be forced to sit and watch.

    Although I am impressed with Joe Banner, since he stated ‘the process is in the early stage’. Obviously his lying abilities are improving. Way to go Joe!

    Not sure why he just can’t say “look, we’re tearing out a whole bunch of the cheap seats and putting in two super luxury/party boxes to try and jack up the revenue.” Is that some tremendous sin that he can’t say out loud?

  4. Bring the seats in the pound back down to the end zone. How about firing the PC police so we can enjoy the game with out being told to sit down. Put the home bench back on the other side of the field.
    No Roof, if you come to Cleveland be prepared to play football in the elements as it was meant to be.

  5. You’d think that a club and stadium owned by a truck stop king should have better parking.

    Other additions to the stadium are proposed to be a greasy spoon diner, pay showers, overpriced convenience store food and transient hookers walking around.

  6. They’re not going to fix the broken product. They’re still headed in the wrong direction and they’re going to be perpetually bad still.

    They need to lose as many games as possible and draft Bridgewater. That’s the only hope.

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