Report: Johnny Manziel apologizes to Texas A&M coaches

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The odd story of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel abruptly leaving the Manning Passing Academy has taken another odd turn, with Manziel reportedly apologizing to his coaches — but still no word on what he has to apologize for.

Manziel, the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback who’s expected to enter the 2014 NFL draft, left the Manning Passing Academy early, but officials there denied Manziel was sent home for partying too hard. Manziel’s dad later said his son was recuperating from dehydration. Now Joe Schad of ESPN reports that Manziel has apologized to the Aggies’ coaching staff and has privately conceded that he needs to continue to mature.

So what is Manziel apologizing for? Not remembering to drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day?

Manziel’s maturity will be a much-discussed subject throughout the remainder of his college football career and into the NFL draft, when teams will weigh whether his off-field red flags — including a guilty plea today to a misdemeanor charge in connection with a bar fight — outweigh his on-field talent. Apologizing is a step toward demonstrating maturity, but NFL teams would like a franchise quarterback who doesn’t do things he has to apologize for in the first place.

Manziel will have plenty of questions to answer at Wednesday morning’s appearance at the SEC media day.

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  1. “I apologize that the media is making a big deal out of nothing- again. Baseball is on All-Star Break, all the other sports are in their offseason, and these guys need something to talk about. Sorry they’re giving you guys a headache”.

  2. Sounds like Manziel was partying and hungover. The Manning camp doesn’t want to label what they consider normal adult male activities that should be his right to enjoy, and so they are brushing the “party” label under the rug, but the school is wise to the approximate details of what went on, and for that stuff Manziel has apologized to his school. All parties will hope to conceal the details that should be private to Manziel in their minds, so they will block any attempt to find out more specific information from anybody that tries.

  3. Johnny Football is looking more and more like and idiot with each assing story. This kis is going to burn out , or end up some stupid trouble before he ever makes it to the next level of football. Seems to have let the early success go straight to his head.

  4. LT once showed up to practice with a prostitute and a bed headboard handcuffed to him and nobody told him to go home.

    If you can play, nobody will tell you to go home.

  5. “recuperating from dehydration” is just a fancy way of saying “recovering from a wicked hangover”

  6. Shotgunning beers in your underwear while doing the Heisman pose at Manning’s camp is no way to get to the NFL, Johnny Football, no matter what Joe Namath says.

  7. It appears evident that he likes to party. And good for him, I partied hardy in college, too. But I always dragged my sorry hungover butt to class then to work the next day.

    With this most recent episode of his being a no call/no show as a camp counselor (and being sent home dehydrated), I’m beginning to wonder if the main reason he wanted to take his college classes online instead of on campus was because he needed the freedom to recover from late night partying. The excuse he gave was that the crush of popularity on campus was too much for him, but he may have the beginnings of an alcohol habit.

  8. A child of privilege, spoiled and enabled, showing troubling signs of habitually impulsive behaviors, an inclination to party at full throttle and a clear inability to realize or care that he is in the spotlight. One can only surmise this man-child has never heard of Ryan Leaf. Perhaps he should Google the name.

  9. Good for the Manning camp!

    JM, each of these idiot moves costs you about $5 million. Want to really think about that, or should we have VY call and invite you to another party?

  10. Why are there so many on here who make excuses for Johnny Manziel….. “he’s young, he’s in college, he’s supposed be having fun, blah, blah, blah.” Don’t get me wrong, I do see a number of comments that are critical of Manziel, but I see more comments than normal who are very supportive of him considering the circumstances. At the very least, Manziel has to be smart enough like 99% of his fellow college football players to quit making his partying such public knowledge.

  11. he is a kid trying enjoy life while he can. he isn’t getting paid and owes no one an apology for doing what college kids do during his off season. florio must have been real fun to hang with while he was in school, I have never seen someone hold having fun against somebody the way he does against football players. first their was his buddy linehart having a party during the off season that got his panties in a uproar and now a guy still in school having fun during the off season and on his own time. if he was doing this during the season or getting popped for DUI’S or punching his woman or doing drugs then yeah that’s a problem. how this is going to hurt in during the season is beyond me.

  12. So long as he doesn’t tank this year, we all know that some team will throw a first round grade on him and draft him anyway. Jerry Jones and maybe even Mark Davis and/or David Caldwell come to mind.

  13. ” I partied in college too…” ” When I was in college I did the same things…”

    Did you also have the spotlight of being a Heisman Trophy winner? Did you have the Spotlight of the NFL and other potential employers scrutinizing your every move. I know that we sports fans like to identify with our favorite athletes, but how many of you can identify with winning a Heisman Trophy at 20 years old and having your every move be in the spotlight?

  14. Yeah because none of us ever got drunk and did something stupid in college. I sure never did.
    We should all definitely judge him really harshly.

  15. If he wants to live the good life later he needs to be focusing on his craft now. Life that life when the money comes.

  16. Youngest Heisman winner ever. Emphasis on the the word “young.” His behavior shows it.

  17. This is my favorite story of the day and he is quickly becoming one of my favorite athletes. However, until he shows a better ability to fight through the pain of a hangover, I will call him “Johnny Lightweight”. Sack up Johnny Lightweight.

  18. The camp lasted just four days. I understand being young and wanting to have fun, but really? You can’t tone it down a bit for just four days? Especially when when you’re dealing with hundreds of kids looking forward to learning a little bit from you? The guy is a clown.

  19. It’s easy to do here in NOLA the nightlife is indeed amazing and it’s triple digit heat index and 100% humidity every day. You start sweating before you open the door. I feel it every Saturday morning when I wake up hung over and go out to cut the lawn. If the grass would cut its self I would love to say I am dehydrated and call it a day.

  20. This kid is a spoiled rotten, over protected head case that will flame out before he ever reaches his potential. I bet no one can tell him ANYTHING because he knows better. See Ryan Leaf, Todd Marinovich…shame but it won’t be long….

  21. Way over rated. He will be a big trouble maker in the NFL. NFL teams beware. A total loser.

  22. He’s a grease fire everyone is covering up for. He couldn’t get a free pass at the Manning camp and got his ass tossed out. It is what it is. He’s needs to blow off steam. He won the Heisman in Texas and wasn’t a horn or a Techie. I’ll give him a pass.

  23. Not an A&M fan and I am getting tired of hearing “Johnny Football”. But I watched that kid last season. The dude can ball. And hell at his age I was wilder than he is.

  24. he’s still a little too young to characterize any of his actions as anything more than youthful indiscretion…

    of course RG3 never did any of this crap!


  25. Partying with the Broncos management? Some of them had to be in the vicinity of their star QB’s passing camp.

  26. Franchise QBs don’t get the benefit of the doubt.

    -Ryan Leaf, 2nd pick in the draft. Argues with teammates, fights with media. Currently serving jail sentence for stealing pain pills.

    -VY, 3rd pick in the draft. Never grasped the mental side of the game. Refused to learn. Currently unemployed.

    -Matt Leinart, 1st round pick. Photographed shirtless at a hot tub party with college co-eds. Currently 3rd string QB in OAK.

    -Cam Newton. Playing the Pro Bowl as a rookie with his shirt un-tucked apparently didn’t go over too well. During year 2, you saw a lot more suits and a lot less hoodies during press conferences. Maybe he’s learning Still has a ton of potential.

    If Johnny ever learns, he’ll be fine. If not, he’ll be the next in line of all-world, brain-less college QB talent.

  27. The kid is 20 years old. Shouldn’t be drinking but we all did it and kids do it. But when you are going to be making millions, chill out until you are legal age and you are at least signing a contract to the NFL. Don’t ruin things before you even get there.

  28. At least he didn’t drive drunk or anything.
    He also had the humility to apologize.

    Chalk it up as a life experience and just try to improve.

    If it continues, than it is time to worry.

  29. Yeah because none of us ever got drunk and did something stupid in college. I sure never did.
    We should all definitely judge him really harshly.

    When you win the Heisman, then I will let YOU hear it for doing stupid things too!!! I’ll be waiting….

  30. So, why would Johnny Pacman Manziel have to apologize for mere simple “dehydration” as his enabler father lied, er claimed?

  31. Manziel is accumulating a lot of negatives on his resume… Bar fights resulting in convictions with jail time and hefty fines, tweets critical of the town and university that has mades it possible for him to achieve a bit of fame, failure to perform at a camp for kids where he is expected do do more than show off his skills but to demonstrate behavior expected of those who keep themselves in shape… off season as well as during the football season.
    Arrogance, poor judgment, and failing to maintain training are NOT qualities of a true leader, just one of the roles of a quarterback.
    Good for the Mannings in sending him “home.” Shame on A&M and other enablers for their attempts at covering up for a young man who they have responsibility for mentoring as well a coaching on the field.
    Good for the court in not letting him off the hook.
    I hope for Manziel that he learns that his athletic gifts do NOT provide him a free pass to do stupid things. If not, his potential and career will be short lived and he will serve as a textbook example of what NOT to do.

  32. He’s apologizing because his coaches know the truth, and the truth is that he is doing a poor job of representing his school and the Heisman award.

    We do have to remember though, he’s 20, got to be hard to ask someone that age to mature so much, but we’ve all been 20, you have the mindset to act right at the age.

  33. This is what happens when they give the Heisman to an underclassman. Too immature to handle it.

  34. If he doesn’t get pre-draft criticism like that of Cam Newton, Geno Smith, etc. I will finally agree with Warren Moon.

  35. Everyone assumes Johnny is the whiz-kid and an early draft pick regardless of his off-the-field stuff.
    Saw/read a couple of reports that say many of the pro scouts question his size-strength in the pro game. Tim Tebow has the size-strength to play the pro game, but can’t. Manziel isn’t Russell Wilson either, slightly undersized. Russell has a sharp mind, which no one has said about Johnny Football.

    Also left unsaid is this kid ISN’T 21 years old, so why hasn’t he been drilled for underage drinking?

    If the A&M coaches have any guts here’s the verdict: no alcohol or illegal drugs, period. You get caught in another incident, you are gone. Given all the money riding on A&M from boosters, they won’t have the guts to do it, but that is the only thing that will make JM wake up and realize he’s blowing it.
    If he’s cut, he’ll have a season to sit out and think about rehab and growing up. A&M won’t win in the SEC without him, and he knows that and is exploiting it. It makes me slightly sick to my stomach.

  36. I am a parent that had a child attending ManningPassing Academy last week. You can say all you want about how he’s young…we’ve all partied etc. But as a parent, it is pathetic to think that this kid couldn’t go two days without having to go party. He had a group of ten campers that he was responsible for. Again, it’s pathetic to me that he is that selfish. My gosh, it’s 4 days!! So on Saturday morning, these kids are waiting for Johnny to show up only to find that he has been sent home. As a mom, I am thankful that the Mannings did the right thing and that Archie, himself, told him he needed to leave. The kids figured out what had happened. He didn’t even get back to campus until noon on Saturday! Seriously??!!
    My son told me they talked to the kids a lot about character and how your actions follow you. Coaches, colleges, NFL etc look at your character. I am glad the kids were able to witness the Mannings follow through on that. I doubt Texas A&M will have the balls to do the same.
    Just a mother’s two cents worth…
    Somebody needs to hold this kid accountable and quit covering for him. Maybe if he suffered some real consequences he’d wake up. And what does it teach other kids when johnny gets awy with this crap??When he can’t give up his partying for four days, there is a problem. Had he no regard for all of these kids that he was responsible for? I think he owes his group of ten kids a personal apology.

  37. If you are applying for a high profile job, which is what he is doing if he wants to play pro football, then you need to carry yourself in a manner fitting the role. I personally don’t care if the kid wants to get blackout drunk and barf on strippers, but if it prevents him from handling his commitments then you better believe that NFL teams care.

    Whether it is taking online classes because he’s “too famous” to walk around campus without being mobbed by other students, throwing a fit over having to pay a parking ticket, or being sent home from the Manning’s camp for being dehydrated due to excessive (underage) alcohol consumption, the guy is showing that he isn’t able to handle the high profile that comes with winning the Heisman. How does anyone think that is going to translate to handling the high profile and huge dollars of being a top draft pick in the NFL?

  38. Just the way to go when you are hoping to go in the 1st round of the NFL draft next. Carrying on like that you may not be in the draft. If the Manning’s sent you home, it wasn’t for dehydration, keep wishing it was!! Grow up for god sake.

  39. As an Aggie it’s tough to know how to feel about this kid. He’s brought so much pride and excitement to Aggies all over the state and nation, but on the other hand he’s handled his fame very poorly.

    He was probably too young for all this and obviously lacks the maturity deal with all the balls being thrown in his court. I honestly thought the online classes was a good idea to help him deal with the fame. I also was encouraged when he spent his off time training with George Whitfield Jr., but he just can’t stay out of the news for the wrong reasons…

    I do agree with some of the previous posters, that he needs some discipline right now. He can’t keep doing this without facing any consequences. I want to see him play for and help the Aggies win, but not at all costs… he needs to be suspended for at least a game, and while it would suck horribly, maybe more…. (ie past the Bama game in week 3)

  40. Great posts by motherofallboys and 8to8otexansblog!
    After posting yesterday and giving the court credit for not going easy on Manziel, I see that according to Brazos County DA, Rod Anderson, that he did get off lightly. Not only was he arrested for fighting, he presented a fake Louisiana Drivers License ID to the arresting officer. Police also discovered another fake Texas Drivers License ID along with his real Texas Drivers License ID. He was allowed his very short overnight jailing to count as time served along with the monetary fines.
    Soooo… in short… he was allowed to BUY his way out. Buying his way out via monetary means or given a pass owing to athletic ability, the court in Texas A&M… up until now, in enabling Manziel.
    8to8otexansblog, as an Aggie, has it right! A&Ms reputation is on the line along with Manziel’s. As a long time Razorback fan with an Aggie Masters degree son, I’ve always respected A&M as an institution that stands for character. It is time for A&M to act to uphold that reputation whether Manziel does or not. Proud of the University of Arkansas for quickly acting last year to fire Patrino for embarassing behavior while other universities have been slow to do so regarding their coaches and athletes who have believed they are imune from scrutiny, I hope A&M will act to set an example of high standards, too.
    And, for Manziel’s sake, I hope that he wakes up and learns, before he destroys all that is his, owing to his athletic potential.

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