Stafford thinks Johnson can top 2012 success


For all the things Lions receiver Calvin Johnson did last year, his quarterback thinks he can do better.

Of course, that would require breaking his own record for receiving yards (1,964), after he took the single-season mark away from Jerry Rice in 15 games last year.

That’s why Matthew Stafford thinks Johnson can exceed that number.

He thinks he can, which is all that matters,” Stafford told the NFL Network, via the Detroit Free Press. “That guy works harder than anybody I know, and he thinks he can get better, so I wouldn’t put anything past him. He’s a guy that can obviously run all of the routes — inside, outside — make all of the catches and is a smart football player and a really good teammate.”

He also dealt with a number of injuries last year, including fingers which were injured if not broken.

So if he can stay well, and play with a better cast of talent around him, his quarterback thinks improving on his best season is possible.

10 responses to “Stafford thinks Johnson can top 2012 success

  1. This duo put up record numbers last season when the opposition knew they were going to throw to CJ, because he’s about all they had left……how they gonna stop them now when Bush is in the backfield and the other starting receivers are back?

  2. Stafford and Johnson setting individual records does not mean the Lions will win enough games to get in the playoffs. It’s a team sport.

  3. explosionsauce, I don’t think Titus Young was 6’4″, not to mention, Stafford hit him even when Young was calling his own shots. Stafford’s fine.

    Teams couldn’t stop Stafford to Megatron even when they knew they had to. Megatron can be fed at will. He’ll be even more dangerous this year with Bush in the backfield.

  4. They’ll have a better season if others guys can step up and the ball gets spread around more. Kind of like how a Jordan/Kobe/LeBron could probably average 40 per game but the championships come when they’re scoring 30 or less per game and other guys are contributing.

  5. CJ is certainly capable of putting up lots of pretty yards again, but if Stafford averages 48 throws a game like last year, the Lions will not finish above .500.

  6. Bush, and a healthy recieving core, Could mean he could put up bigger numbers, but i think he wont. Not cause he can’t but because i think with Broyles, Burleson, Bush, Edwards, Pettigrew all healthy, when they had to throw the ball at the end of the game last year, they’ll be running it. If this offense gets clicking like it should, then some of those looks will go away. I’m sure if you asked Tron, if he’d take a 69 catch 800 yd season with 11-12 wins and playoffs he’d take that over 115 catches and 1900 yards and 4 wins. just saying

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