Titans come in 19th in PFT preseason power rankings


Perhaps no team was as aggressive in free agency as the Titans, spending more than $100 million of Bud Adams’ money to help make them pertinent.

But while they brought in a bunch of new names, their fortunes this season hinge on former first-rounder Jake Locker, entering his third season and second as full-time starter.

The money spent should help make the whole roster better, but if Locker falters, it’s hard to know what exactly Adams bought here.

If it works, he’ll be happy, and a happy Bud Adams is good for his employees. If not, it could trigger big changes for his team, because an angry Bud Adams isn’t inclined to patience.

You can check out the full preview here, and then tell us in the poll below if we’ve ranked the Titans appropriately.

10 responses to “Titans come in 19th in PFT preseason power rankings

  1. This is about right. They have improved at every single position compared to last year (with the possible exception of their OT’s, who are still great but aging).

  2. I’m on board with this ranking. Maybe even a little better than expected. Made major upgrades everywhere but as everyone knows, locker has to make strides to become better than a middle of the pack team.

  3. Classic case of the team will probably be better but the schedule appears more challenging this year (geographically and otherwise). Really don’t know what to think right now, except it’s probably safe to make vacation plans in January because it’s not like there’s an expectation of a home playoff game to schedule around.

    Just hope they can show enough early to get some of those frustrating fair weather fans in Nashville back in the seats and make home field a real advantage again.

  4. Ask any Redskins or Eagles fan: being aggressive in free agency — also known as “winning the offseason” — doesn’t guarantee winning games.

    This team hired its third or fourth choice as a coach, and is being QB’d by a guy they would have gladly demoted had Peyton agreed to terms.

  5. Titans this far ahead of the Bucs? Why? They got blown out a number of times last year and appear to have a head coach and a QB that are overmatched. Bad ranking.

  6. This ranking is not very well thought out, this teams average margin of loss last year was over 24 points a game =they got BLOWN out !
    As a few others have already pointed out you don’t win on paper in the off-season many teams have proven that , did they improve yes I think we can all agree but it doesn’t mean they’ll even be 500 .

  7. Gee, had the Dolphins spent more than Bud Adams, they would have been ranked higher than the Titans? Oh, I forgot–the Titans beat the Dolphins in 2012. But, okay, PFT, keep ranking crappy teams like the Titans, Chiefs, and Lions ahead of the Dolphins. Why is it only the Dolphins have to prove themselves and teams with worse QBs than Tannehill (like Locker and Alex Smith) do not? So Kenny doofus Britt and Nate Washington are better than Wallace and Hartline? Since when?

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