Bears check in at No. 18 in our preseason power rankings

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After falling just short of the playoffs last season, the Bears said goodbye to head coach Lovie Smith and hello to Marc Trestman. Is that a change that can put them over the top?

Not according to our PFT preseason power rankings, where we have the Bears slipping down to the No. 18 team in the NFL, outside playoff territory.

The Bears still have a good defense and special teams, but we remain unconvinced about their offense, which Trestman was hired to reinvigorate.

PFT Planet, tell us what you think of our No. 18 ranking of the Bears.

22 responses to “Bears check in at No. 18 in our preseason power rankings

  1. This year could go either way for the city of Chicago. We’re putting a lot of faith on an inexperienced coach and a defense that is undergoing a major makeover. Playoffs are the best we could hope for. If not then this year will be the first in a long line of rebuilding years. With so many free agents next year who (aside from Pro Bowl years this year) on the wrong side of 30 and a QB who could might blow his last shot as a starter in this league, it could be bad.

    On the flip side. They could all go all-in and surprise us all.

  2. Just right. Bears will be good but not great (yet). This is because they have to adjust to a new head coach and the loss of Urlacher.

  3. Cutler should never wear anything on his head. Whether it’s the half-off helmet … or the backwards cap … he looks like an idiot.

  4. To suggest Cutler isn’t going to be a starter for quite some time is silly. And talk of Cutler being a brat is equally silly. He doesn’t kow-tow to the media. I love that. He yells at coaches and players about…wait for it…how to win games. He’s a talented guy, who doesn’t suffer fools, and he cares about winning. A ton of teams would take him as their starter for his arm alone. Our best Chicago QB probably ever. Who is better? Sid Luckman? He didn’t play the modern game. Jim McMahon? McMahon had guts and toughness but wasn’t at the same level of talent.

  5. Wow number #18?! As a Packer fan, I totally disagree with this. There is no way the Vikings are ahead of them, their season was a fluke last year. Plus, the Bears have Cutler, who is way better than most people give him credit for. I seriously think they will make the playoffs as a wild card team this year…#18??!!

  6. Thats exactly why they play the games. Trestman could surprise the league and run a 13 game win streak right from game #1. or end up 6-10. this is a question we have to wait for the answer too. Packers fans need to calm down I can smell your fear. One thing we know for sure is Trestman is planning to beat greenbay.

  7. This site is unreal- I out Bears 10 spots ahead of Patriots. They are done and on decline- time to rebuild belchick. Even Packer fans know this is wrong at #18. That being said GB has the best QB playing the game in years, maybe decades, since Montana retired- they will win division , but Bears get the wild card.

  8. As a Bear fan, I don’t know HOW to feel about this year. It could gel and we end up 12-13 wins. OR, they could be a 4-5 win team. I don’t have a clue. I don’t remember another boom or bust year quite like this. It does seen that the FO is turning around, however.

  9. harrisbd99 says:Jul 16, 2013 10:55 AM

    Wow number #18?! As a Packer fan, I totally disagree with this. There is no way the Vikings are ahead of them, their season was a fluke last year.

    If you keep saying that, maybe you’ll eventually convince yourself it’s true.

  10. Trestman is far from inexperienced…read the resume…NCAA, NFL, CFL. I’d rather have him running the show than the media-hyped-flavor-of-the-year OC or DC (Chris Palmer, Cam Cameron, Steve Spagnuolo, et al). A good coordinator does not a head coach make in many cases.

    The team Trestman left behind in Montreal is now a shambles with Dan Hawkins (Colorado) running the show. There’s plenty of criticism over his game management and play calling…a strength of Trestman.

    Trestman took over a team with an aging QB in Anthony Calvillo (Utah State) in 2008 and revived his career. Hopefully he can do the same with Cutler.

  11. The Bears were 10-6 last year, actually addressed their biggest needs in free agency and the draft (we as fans were as shocked as anyone), and didn’t lose anyone of consequence (sorry Urlacher, but last year wasn’t your best). That somehow puts them at 18? It’s a 10-6 team that seems to have actually improved, yet you rank them below league average. That makes absolutely zero sense.

  12. One thing we know for sure is Lovie plans to beat Green Bay.

    I hate Green Bay, but seriously? Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

    The Leos win the North. Green Bay is wild card and Vikings & Bears share the cellar.

    Happy 16th of July!!!

  13. Anything is possible, especially with a new coaching staff…BUT…The Bears were 10-6 and the 7th.-best team in the NFC last year, and have actually improved their overall talent level, so ranking them 18th. in the NFL is ridiculous.

    Will they make the playoffs? Maybe…There are too many other good teams in the NFC, and it is very possible that a couple of 10-win teams might find themselves watching the playoffs from home.

    NFC Top Eight:

    SF – NFC West champ (13-3)
    GB – NFC North champ (11-5)
    Atlanta – NFC South champ (11-5)
    NYG – NFC East champ (10-6)
    Seattle – 2nd. in NFC West (11-5)
    Chicago – 2nd. in NFC North (11-5)
    NO – 2nd. in NFC South (10-6)
    Washington – 2nd. in NFC East (9-7)

    So there will be 4 teams battling for the 2 WC spots, and while I’m confident in my seedings, my W-L predictions may not hold true. Too many variables to say for sure.

    Should be a fun year, anyway…(-:

  14. People underestimate the loss of Urlacher’s leadership in the Bear’s locker room. On top of that, the Bear’s O-line is still a mess. The Bears have a bright future under Trestman, but it won’t happen this season.

    Chicago fans are in for a disappointing/sad/painful year, but on the plus side they’ll be able to draft a franchise QB.

    Next season, Cutler is gone from Chicago. He signs with New England as the backup to Brady. When Brady goes down for the season, Cutler wins a Super Bowl for the Patriots. Broncos fans continue to cry about losing him. Bears fans ask why the heck he didn’t play like that in Chicago. PFT writes that Cutler didn’t actually do anything, because he was only playing against the Lions (when he won the Super Bowl). Everyone continues to hate Belichick.

  15. Trestman is a good coach with a west coast offensive style so Im wondering how much he knows about the Read option? and will he give Cutler a shot at running a little of that offense. I do know it scares the shoes off Dom Capers in green bay. He gets confused and so do his defense.

  16. I wish I had a job that paid me to wank on to a computer keyboard.

    This is ridiculous. Parity and the new coaching staff could have the Bears top 5 or bottom 5. We haven’t even seen who suffers a season-ending injury in training camp yet.

    Get a grip, people.

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