Brady, Tebow shared concerns about Hernandez in 2011

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Two years before they were teammates in New England, Tom Brady and Tim Tebow squared off twice on the field, with Brady winning each game handily.

After the first one, coming in December 2011 and at the height of Tebowmania, the two quarterbacks shared concerns about Aaron Hernandez and Brandon Spikes, who played with Tebow at the University of Florida and then with Brady on the Patriots.

I’m trying to watch over Aaron and Brandon,” Brady says to Tebow in an NFL Films video, via the Orlando Sentinel.

“I appreciate that, too, man. They’re good guys,” Tebow says in response.

“[T]hey’re a lot to handle,” Brady adds.

While those concerns, along with Hernandez’s various red flags coming out of Gainesville, don’t project to murder, it shows that the Patriots knew or should have known that Hernandez had baggage before giving him a $12.5 million signing bonus in 2012.  As Ben Volin of the Boston Globe pointed out earlier this month, Hernandez bristled when Patriots coaches and employees asked him to break free from his friends in Connecticut.

Despite those concerns, the Patriots signed him to a lucrative contract that he’ll never earn.

So while the Pats may have been “duped” when it comes to whether Hernandez would kill another person in cold blood (allegedly), the team had reason to believe that something wasn’t completely right with a guy into whose pockets the Patriots stuffed millions of dollars.

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  1. Second guessing strategy choices of Belichick is akin to yelling at a 2 year old for not understanding that fruits and vegetables are better for you than candy cars. It’s a juvenile debate.

  2. Second-guessing strategy choices of Belichick is akin to yelling at a 2 year old for not understanding that fruits and vegetables are better for you than candy bars. It’s a juvenile debate.

  3. I think it’s more likely he was making a completely innate comment about two mutual acquaintances of theirs than voicing any real concerns. No different than asking about a family member.

  4. As Brady has said many times… it is not his job to manage the roster. As a leader of the team he may try to guide and adjust players behaviors for the good of the team and maybe that was what he was talking about.

    If everyone knew about Hernandez then how come no one in the media ever said “this is a mistake to give Hernandez a contract a year early he is on the edge of trouble all the time and this could back fire on the Pats”?

    I know it is all hindsight now and it is an easy subject to keep filing a new pallete with but this is really getting ridiculous and dragged out.

    The Pats made a mistake. They are paying for that mistake and they cut ties with him before he was even booked. What else could they have done? If they can predict murders then the murder rate in Boston should go down.

  5. Jets fan here who hats the Pats. You cannot blame anyone in the Pats organization for this. No one ever saw the possibility that this guy could be involved multiple murders. If this was about failing drug test and being involved in bar fights, you would have an argument. Now, excuse me while I go wash the digust off me for defending the Pats.

  6. Granted no ome in personnel can be faulted for not seeing a murder charge, but all this “hindsight being crap” talk is rubbish. This article is about two players discussing concerns about the guys two years ago. There were obviously character issues that were not all hidden from teammates and coaching staff.

  7. Did the Patriots coaches and employees ask AH to break free of his Connecticut friends before or after they signed him to that $40M contract? Big difference.

  8. Yes the Patriots made a mistake with Hernandez. That doesn’t mean that they are a poorly run organization-quite the contrary. They rolled the dice-they saw that the salary cap would not increase demonstrably over the near term hence they tried to lock up younger players for the productive future rather than keeping and spending on older players. It was a good idea until they picked the wrong player.

  9. did brady just snitch on spikes? it sounds to me like brady is saying somebody in law enforcement better check into the activities of one brandon spikes. hopefully when obama took all our guns away he didn’t miss mr. spike’s house.

  10. Or… it could simply be a quick side comment from Hernandez’ and Spikes’ current quarterback to their former quarterback about players they have in common.

    Tebow lead those teammates at Florida and Brady is leading them now.

  11. again since he had not gotten into trouble since being drafted by the pats why are they at fault for locking up and young productive player at a reasonable cost now? if I were hernandez I would have told them to mind their own business to about who his friends were. he and only he is responsible for what he did not the pats or anybody else. somehow I knew you would have to drag Tebow into this. they were teammates and friends but that does not mean he knew he was a killer!

  12. metalhead65:

    Because your premise is faulty. It wasn’t a reasonable cost at the time. Even if you could have guaranteed that the murder never would have happened, it was still way too much to pay. The salary alone wasn’t the right price and when you add in the opportunity cost of not trading him to another team that would overpay him then you get a lopsided evaluation. The murder was irrelevant to identifying this as a poorly leveraged deal. You need to find the good deals, and as many as you can, as well as large margin value deals.

    That’s what it takes to become the best, is by accumulating as much good talent as you can for the lowest possible cost. The Patriots don’t understand how to do this well, heck they can’t even manage their Timeouts properly to conserve clock time.

  13. Brady remember the pregnant girlfriend you dumped for your supermodel? It was “a lot to handle” the pregnancy alone.

    Stay Classy NE

  14. No ‘strategy’, the Hernandez extension was a good deal for the Pats at the time. Hernandez cap hit would have been 4 mil this yr, as opposed to say, VDavis’ 6 mil, or ZMiller. Davis signed his contract in 2010, w/23 mil guaranteed. Hernandez only had 16 mil guaranteed. You simply don’t know what you’re talking about.

    The Pats don’t know how to aquire talent at the right price? How do you explain their track record? Don’t give me ‘spygate’, best record in the league since. Don’t give me their division, best record in the league outside their division. LMFAO.

    mwalsh, you really need to find a better use for your time. I feel bad for you.

  15. the idea that the media didn’t show or express reservations regarding hernandez contract speaks volumes to the patriots ability to keep every thing hush hush. they have a reputation for doing the same with regards to injury status so im not surprised. as for the patriots saying they were duped, not buying that at all they just lived in a fantasy world where they thought they had oiled the squeaky wheel and all was fixed I totally blame pats management (with regards to the contract issue not what hernandea may or may not have done).

  16. Yeah, the Pats knew all about Hernandez, threw him 40 mil/16 guaranteed, and decided to keep it ‘hush hush’? What goes on in your brains?

  17. I heard that there was this dude that knew someone who thought they saw someone that kinda looked like Tom Brady that said he saw someone else that actually knows this girl that knew a guy that said they he wished that the Patriots had known better than to….

  18. I am a Bronco fan and a Giant fan but I am also a business professor, who teaches management and understands that decisions are not made in a vacuum. The Patriots took a chance on Hernandez, I do not believe it is their fault. They made a business decision to “hireé him, which happens a lot in business. It is no difference when an employer in the conventional business world hires someone who had baggage or has issues unknown to the employer. Remember that under the privacy act, there are certain questions one cannot ask a potential employee. As for Brady and Tebow’s conversation, it is possible they may have noticed something about him that concerned them or maybe they were just taking about his playing abilities.

  19. tedmurph:

    Ok well thanks for trying to inform me. I’m a hardcore football fan and analyst so I was paying attention and following all of the noteworthy contracts over the past decade, so just for the record I’m pretty much up to speed on information that is easily available to the public.

  20. Great, then give me one comparable contract showing the Hernandez deal was too much money, as you have posted. Or, give me a reason the Pats should have traded him, as you have advocated. Hernandez was a Pro-Bowl player, after his 2nd yr, before his extension, making 4th rnd money(peanuts). Even if trades happened in the NFL, which they seldom do outside of draft day, the Pats would have been crazy to do it. Analyze that.

  21. When Obama took all our guns away, Fool, no one took all our guns away, and knew he was a killer, I guess there is no cure for stupid. Bill

  22. To be fair, I don’t think most people know someone who could cold-bloodedly kill someone else.

    To the majority of people having misgivings about someone doesn’t run as deep as thinking they could murder someone…..if you actually recognize that quality in someone, you literally feel the light bulb come on and you think “Oh my god….this person could kill someone.”

    Even when you assume “the worst” about someone’s character, you are thinking “Might get in a fight” “Might be caught with drugs” or whatever the worst reasonable case situation is in your mind.

    But no one defaults to assuming someone could be a murderer.

  23. Ann Rule who used to work for the PD in her locale in Washington state and who is also a popular true crime author worked side by side with Ted Bundy and SHE never knew what he was all about. She wrote a book about it called something like “The Stranger Beside Me”. Let’s stop with the “Pats should have known AH was going to be involved in murders/was capable of murder, etc.” thing already. It’s just silly.

  24. tedmurph:

    Offer me some method to contact you or another suggestion and we can talk much more indepth on this issue. I literally could be talking for pages upon pages on your one question, so if you are interested all I can say is it’s on you to find a way to reach out to me since there are limitations to communicating on these old comment sections especially since we can’t control when our messages get heard. I’ve had like 4 posts in this page already deleted.

  25. “…the team had reason to believe that something wasn’t completely right with a guy into whose pockets the Patriots stuffed millions of dollars.”

    Nope, sorry. Nobody could have seen this coming, you said so yourself.

  26. Kinda hard to watch over Brandon and Aaron from a Paris fashion runway or a New York modeling shoot. Or from your Brentwood, California $20 million dollar “eco-friendly” castle.

    No one should confuse Brady with Brett Favre.

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