Chip Kelly not looking to mark his turf during camp


When the Eagles report for training camp on July 22, things will have a very different look than past years.

Andy Reid will be in Kansas City, marking the first time since 1999 that he won’t be running practices for the team. The team will also be holding camp at their headquarters in Philadelphia, ending a 70-year run of going away for camp.

Chip Kelly, who will be overseeing his first camp as an NFL head coach, said that the changes were made because of all the infrastructure in place at the team’s facility — “Why would you move everything to go somewhere else?” — and not because he has a desire to mark his turf in his first year as the team’s coach.

“I’m not that deep. I don’t ever think that way,” Kelly said, via the team website. “I don’t think of signature moments and those things. We’re just trying to give our team a chance to envision what they have to do. I get up every day, and we have a vision of what this thing’s supposed to look like, and we keep working towards that vision. I think sometimes if that’s the way you think, then you may be a little full of yourself, to be honest with you. Maybe if you had a bunch of guys with you that were bucking the system, you would say ‘This isn’t the way it’s going to be.’ But again, these guys have been fantastic since day one, so there hasn’t been a time where I’ve had to say ‘Hey, here’s why.’ I think these guys, they want to win.”

When Greg Schiano made the jump from college to the NFL with the Buccaneers last year, we heard a lot of talk from him about changing the culture of the organization. Kelly’s taken a different approach, although any coaching change is going to lead to differences in the way teams do business. How Kelly changes the way the Eagles do business is one of many questions we’re looking forward to having answered once football makes its full-throated return, even though we know the only one that actually matters is whether or not they win more games in the years to come.

10 responses to “Chip Kelly not looking to mark his turf during camp

  1. Greg Schiano changed the culture because he plans on being in Tampa for a while. Chip Kelly has his backdoor plan to be USC head coach in 2015, so why would he get settled?

  2. Not sure if this is a complement, but, he looks like an over weight Liam Neisan in that picture.

  3. As usual, it’s going to be about results. If Chip Kelly’s team hits the ground running and start off 3-0, everybody will validate his “smart” plan of not changing everything. If they end the season as they did last year and lose a whole bunch of games, it’s going to be “Chip Kelly is in over his head” and the comparisons to Spurrier will start.

  4. I’m not usually very much into groupthink, but you have to wonder a little about a guy who takes an idea like going away to training camp, which just about every single team in the NFL has been doing for 50 years, and makes it sound like the most ridiculous idea in history.

    What he’s basically saying is “I’m smarter than virtually every other coach who has ever coached in the NFL”.

    We’ll see.

  5. Its the difference between leading by example and leading by saying “hey look at me I’m the leader.” Chip Kelly is a future hall of famer and he doesn’t even know it.

  6. As Ernie Banks said, “wait till next year.” This team is going nowhere in 2013 unless they outscore other teams. Who is the defense going to stop?

  7. I think Kelly is a questionable hire.
    Time will tell. But my gut says he s a 2 year hire.
    Then the Iggles will hire Chucky.
    You heard it here first.
    Iggles will finish no better the 2-14

  8. nickynick04 says:

    Jul 16, 2013 11:03 AM
    I think Kelly is a questionable hire.
    Time will tell. But my gut says he s a 2 year hire.
    Then the Iggles will hire Chucky.
    You heard it here first.
    Iggles will finish no better the 2-14


    Wow! What brilliance! Been awhile since little Nicky had graced us with his nonsense. I can guarantee you they will win more than two games because two of them will be against the Philadelphia Giants.

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