Could Foles be ahead of Vick in race to be Eagles starter?


Mike Vick may not be the fastest quarterback in the NFL, but he’s surely the fastest in Philly.  The race to start for the Eagles, however, isn’t a sprint.  It’s also not a marathon.

It’s more of a Superstars-style obstacle course.  And there are indications that Nick Foles could be in the lead through the tires and the rope swing and approaching the wall.

Our brethren at Rotoworld found an item from Jimmy Kempski of the Allentown Morning Call making a case that Foles performed better than Vick during offseason workouts.  “Foles got the ball out quicker than Vick, was generally more accurate, and is putting receivers in a better position to get yards after the catch,” Kempski writes.

Vick’s edge comes from speed, arm strength, and NFL experience.  Of course, NFL experience means little for a team with a head coach who has none.  At all.  Of any kind.

The suggestion that Foles has an edge shouldn’t be a surprise.  If Vick clearly had the lead, Vick already would be named the quarterback.  And receiver DeSean Jackson offered perhaps the most telling assessment in the offseason, saying that the competition is “kind of even.”

If it ends up kind of even, Vick could be kind of benched.  And if he’s kind of benched, there’s a chance he could be kind of gone.

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  1. People need to get over the idea that Kelly’s offense requires a run first, pass second QB like Vick to succeed. What it requires is a QB who makes quick decisions, makes fast reads and gets rid of the ball, all things Vick has NOT been particularly good at it.

    Yes, it requires mobility, but not sprinter’s speed. If this is truly an open competition, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Vick loses it.

  2. Whoever it is … I’m sure he’ll be the best QB in the NFL. That’s how the Dream Team works.

  3. If Kelly is picking the better quarterback – the decision will be Foles. Simple as that. Give the kid sixteen games with a full supporting cast – he outperformed Vick last year with less to work with.

  4. This is getting old already and camp hasn’t even started. If Foles gets the nod, Vick is gone & it’ll be Leftwich-style: 6 days ’til Week One kickoff and no team for Vick.

  5. It is true that Vick performed behind a woeful line last season. However, when he had the time to throw, he held on to the ball way too long. The ball just doesnt come quick out of his hands because he is thinking, should i run, should i throw. Phenomenal talent, but i think he is done as a starter.

  6. Vick needs the hooked on phonics series when it comes to NFL defenses. His accuracy has always been a liability, even in the WCO which usually inflates every QB’s cmp %. He has no touch. He has a strong arm and some wheels, but that is about it.

    He certainly doesn’t have an NFL mind.

  7. bye bye vicky!!

    Foles could do good In Chips system, he’s smart and can read a presnap D, something Vick could or would never be able to do.
    This would also help ease barkley into the starting gig next year or 2 yrs out, as he more mirrors Foles abilities.

    GO BIRDS!!!!!

  8. As posted elsewhere (on PFT and other media outlets), Kelly has recently stated that his starter must be accurate above all else.

    I think he’s already preparing people for the idea that it could be Foles, who is much more accurate than Vick ever was.

  9. Kelly already knows who is the #1 QB..And it doesn’t matter. You still have a team that has fallen apart and has no idea how to play as a team. Kelly would have to tear them all done and re-teach them how to play football..Just like the coach in the movie Hoosiers.

  10. The only reason they would pick Foles instead of Vick would be the cost. Unless they go on a Dolphins-esque 1-15 marks or a Lion-like 0-16 Kelly knows his job is safe, so with that in mind he could go with Foles because he is guaranteed no matter the QB.

    There is no way that Foles is anywhere near as good a QB as Vick. I don’t see anybody but #7 at the helm when the season starts, though.

  11. godofwine330: “There is no way that Foles is anywhere near as good a QB as Vick. I don’t see anybody but #7 at the helm when the season starts, though.”

    A season from now, you will feel stupid for making this statement..

  12. chipper please please pick the worst best QB to lead your sorry team this year. 60 years and counting. Ha Ha Ha.!!!!!

  13. None of this really matters.

    Barkley is “the guy.” Maybe not now. Maybe not this season. But soon.

    The Eagles will be showcasing both QBs in the preseason in an effort to trade one of them.

    Their asking price for Foles will be a second rounder. Their asking price for Vick will be a third rounder.

    They are unlikely to get either until a QB somewhere in the NFL blows out an ACL, his team “blinks,” and makes a call.

  14. The Qb will not be Vick. A brand new coach, if he’s smart anyway, wants his QB in year one to be the same guy who will be the QB in year 5. That’s not Vick. End of story right there.

    And that’s why whoever starts the season doesn’t matter because Barkley will end it and be the guy from there.

  15. Vick will be the starter until he gets smashed,, then Foles will come in and be the guy until the Kelly drafted Barkley is ready to take on the role of QB.
    2 years

  16. Foles was 1-5 as a starter and had 11 turnovers to only 6 TD’s. He is just as awful as Vick. Anybody who thinks Foles is good either has an Anti – dog fighting agenda or they don’t watch the Eagles play. Chip Kelly’s franchise QB is not currently on the roster.

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