Cowboys check out spare QBs before camp


We know Tony Romo’s not playing golf this weekend, and the last we heard, he’s still on track to be ready for the start of training camp after surgery to remove a cyst from his back.

But they appear to be checking out the market for spare camp arms, just in case.

According to Calvin Watkins of, the Cowboys worked out three quarterbacks Tuesday.

None of the three passers — Kyle Padron, Chase Clement and Alex Tanney — seem to be threats to make the roster.

But the Cowboys have an extra roster spot, and four quarterbacks on the roster at the moment: Romo, Kyle Orton, Nick Stephens and Dalton Williams.

If Romo is delayed getting back on the field, or they need an extra arm to keep receiver drills moving while easing him back in, keeping tabs on spare quarterbacks is smart business just before camp begins.

12 responses to “Cowboys check out spare QBs before camp

  1. Attention Jerry the fool Jones….we don’t need more backup QBs we need more depth on the lines. Put your drink down and ask your psychiatrist for football advice….remember its us fans that keep you in business.

  2. Orton has no illusions about starting over Romo, but he hates it that the Cowboys currently have him listed at seventh on the depth chart. It’s a bit disrespectful to a 30 year old.

  3. Cowboys and QBs…. nothing of Championship quality since Troy… who was JIMMY JOHNSON’s pick in 1989.

    Jerry has made BAD decision after BAD decision ever since he and Jimmy parted ways… the guy can’t hire a HC… or even a heat resistant QB.

  4. Eh, players get paid very little for training camp so its no big deal to bring someone in for a few weeks. There’s no reason not fill up their roster if they have an open spot.

  5. FlyFromTheInside says:Jul 16, 2013 6:39 PM

    Worst QB depth in the league bar none
    The Patriots’ backup is 1-for-4 after two years in the league. How’s that for depth?

  6. The Cowboys will need a QB to get pounded during the preseason games. That’s just the way the business goes.

    Alex Tanney has a really neat trick shot video. He has great size and a strong arm but played at a small school. Worth a look I think.

  7. How about Vince Young or Russell instead of these guys? I still think that they should have traded Romo and picked up Colt McCoy for next to nothing and try him out for a year or 2, if it didn’t work out, then draft a “franchise” QB. The Niners made out good with the trade of Smith.

  8. I got 50 internet dollars that say there will be a Romo/Orton QB controversy in Dallas before the end of the year.

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