Dorrell says Schaub needs to perform when it counts


In his annual quarterback rankings, ESPN’s Ron Jaworski put Matt Schaub ahead of each of the young quartet of future franchise quarterbacks:  Colin Kaepernick, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Russell Wilson.

(Would anyone take Schaub before any of those four players?  Anyone?  Is this thing on?)

Now that Schaub has landed in Jaworski’s top 10, the challenge becomes getting to everyone’s top five.  And that happens only by winning a Super Bowl.

Winning a Super Bowl in today’s NFL places ever-increasing focus on quarterback play.  Thus, if Schaub is ever going to win a Super Bowl, he’s going to have to be the one to win it.

Texans quarterbacks coach Karl Dorrell recognizes that.  He told the team’s website after offseason workouts that, for Schaub to become elite, he needs to become a “crunch time” player.

“I know Matt’s really right there; he’s on the cusp of being one of those players,” Dorrell said.

Frankly, if Schaub is going to go from being “on the cusp,” Schaub had better find the gas pedal quickly.  He’s 32 years old.

His age and experience invites a fair question:  Maybe Schaub is simply as good as he’s ever going to be.

It’s a question the Texans will have to confront after the coming season, if the team ends up once again getting no farther than the divisional round of the playoffs.

Given that G.M. Rick Smith has no qualms about making tough decisions regardless of a player’s name or salary or past accomplishments, T.J. Yates or someone else could be the quarterback of the not-so-distant future, if Schaub can’t get it done this year.

13 responses to “Dorrell says Schaub needs to perform when it counts

  1. I would be absolutely fine with TJ Yates being the starter. That said, I would feel bad for Schaub, but we gotta win it all. I don’t think Schaub will ever win a Superbowl until he proves me wrong. Which is never in this instance.

  2. Im getting tired of hearing luck, colin, rg3 and rw3 as future stars and not hearing ryan tannehill in the same context.

    So im rooting for our underdog dolphins and ryan to exceed all these so called ‘experts’!!!!

    Ron also thought henne was a future probowler

  3. Yates did a great job coming in like that a few years ago and he could be a great starter down the road, but if you want to win *now* then Schaub is the only guy on that roster. It’s not a knock on Yates to point out the offense’s numbers(especially PPG) dipped significantly with him over Schaub.

    Still I think all the excuses for Schaub are gone this year. He’s gotten a pass before playing on some horrible teams + that broken foot in 2011 but he’s got to do it this year.

  4. Shouldn’t Yates be a top 10 quarterback then? He’s won more playoff games than Luck, RG3, and Newton, and has played almost as many games as RG3.

  5. If we’re talking right now, I’d take Schaub over any of those kids. People talk like Schaub is garbage because he hasn’t won in the playoffs. The Texans were terrible until recently, so it’s not like Schaub has had many chances. He’s officially 1-1 in the playoffs, and I think he has a good shot at doing better now that he’s gotten his feet wet. Maybe people aren’t aware, but Schaub has a 93.3 rating with the Texans.

  6. Kubiak’s offense isn’t exactly complex like the Bill Walsh West Coast. I don’t think u need a genius to run it. If a qb as ordinary as Schaub can be average in it, imagine what a special qb could do with the same teammates? Jaworski is way off base to put Schaub in the NFL top 10 qb group. Poor arm + lead feet = a rank of 16 or lower.

  7. I have never understood the love affair with Matt Schaub. He has the same W-L pct. record as Mark Sanchez, yet Sanchez has taken his te to the AFC Championship 2x in 4 years while Schaub’s been to 1 division playoff, which he lost. Yet Sanchez is a bum and Schaub is a Top 10 QB? He has gotten injured 3 of the 7 years he started, and he’s been around 9 years! He is a Jim Harbaugh-level QB, better than a journeyman, but barely. The number of years that he’s been promoted as the most underrated quarterback is ridiculous – it’s like guys who bet ‘0’ on the roulette wheel 50 times and if it hits they look like geniuses.

  8. Karl Dorrell is the Texans QB coach? Wow. When he was an underachieving head coach at UCLA I don’t recall him being a great quarterback guru. And I’m still waiting to see why everyone thinks Schaub is the second coming of Joe Montana.

  9. To be honest, I’m not sure the bulk of the problem lies with Schaub. He is not with out his faults, but he’s super accurate, protects the ball well, and has had great production over the years. Now he’s also shown that he has less than desirable arm strength, below average mobility, and maybe not as mentally tough as you’d like.

    But I am starting to think that the Texans late season collapse has more to do with Kubiak. play calling, and tho overall attitude of the team than anything. Especially play calling in the red zone… But as @lightcleric said…. if you want to win now, as the Texans must as their window is closing, you HAVE to go with Schaub.

  10. All I know is im tired of seeing schaub throw the damn ball into the dirt or out of bounds. I personally would like to see Yates take over and actually stretch the field with his arm.

  11. Im die hard Texans but 8to8 is correct, the combo of Schaub & Kubiak was & will be the downfall of the Texans. Schaub nor any other Qb will not be elite under a micromanaging coach/play caller. Name one Qb in the league that does not check out if play, especially when he sees the defense figures out what they are running? Schaub is the only one! The three times I did see Schaub try to in the past 2 seasons a timeout was called on the sidelines by Kubiak. Elite? No. But Schaub takes some blame to because he does not tell his coach “I’m elite, let me manage the game” instead a play breaks down, he throws it out of bound running the 7.5 seconds 40 yd dash speed. Schaub/Kubiak becomes predictable Espinoza the 2nd half of the season when it counts the most! But Kubiak shortens his play calling in the playoffs, and the game managing does not work when your down 21 pts because the play calling is neither assertive and only works when your ahead with no images notation ESP with the talent on the Texans roster. That is why Kubiak did not want Peyton Manning, Peyton can take the team to the next level without him and he did not want to give up control. The offensive numbers are above avg but the playoffs were not achieved until Wade came to town and it was Wade that helped take Kubiak’s 8 yr coaching wins over .500 where any other coach would have been fired with a losing record in that 7 yr stint as head coach. Coincidence defense got better and were in the post season Twice?! Nope, so maybe we should talk more about them and accept conclusion that Schaub/Kubiak Texans will never win the big one unless there is drastic change in that combo…

  12. Texans had their chance last year, now just step aside and watch Andrew Luck show you what a real QB is. You had you chance!!

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