Geno Smith says “Me and Mark are cool”


Geno Smith decided against coming out to the coast, getting together and having a few laughs with Mark Sanchez.

But the Jets rookie quarterback said his staying in Florida to work out was not a sign there was a problem with their relationship

Me and Mark are cool. No hard feelings or anything,” Smith said in an interview with OCNN, via the New York Daily News. “He’s up there getting work with the guys, I’m down here getting work.”

Sanchez was the only quarterback to show up at his Jets West camp, and Smith accurately diagnosed the nature of the attention it received.

“I think it’s just something to talk about. Right now it’s a dead period, so any type of hype, anything that they can get their hands on, some type of controversy,” Smith said. “The media, they’re just doing their job. They got to create a hot story, they gotta keep the fans interested.”

Whether anyone remains interested in Smith will have far more to do with how he performs in training camp, at which point his decision to skip a weekend with his teammates will become less significant than it already is.

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  1. “The media, they’re just doing their job. They got to create a hot story, they gotta keep the fans interested.”

    Until the Jets do something then it will be a story, year in and year out.

  2. Sanchez heard Smith’s comment and responded, “Yeah, I am pretty cool. Now, I’m going to go pen a hit song for Justin Timberlake before giving Peyton Manning some pointers. Cause that’s how I roll.”

  3. Seems to me that Geno is catching on fast to the New York Media. Maybe he isn’t so thick after all.

  4. But are the other offensive teammates “cool” with Geno? They’re the ones who would need to develop a chemistry and timing with Geno. If the offensive line and others blocking for him think he’s a punk, then he’ll be spending a lot of time crumbled on the turf.

  5. No, Geno.

    Neither you, nor Mark, are cool. You could have done the honorable thing and gone to Jets West like Mark and most of the other Jets are, but NOOOOOOO. You are too good for that.

    Another rotten draft pick.

  6. First he acts like a spoiled child at the NFL draft, then he fires his agent the day after the draft, then he stiffs Sanchez and Jets-west. Now he has been photographed hanging out with Chad Johnson. The amount negative karma this guy has managed to wrack up in just 3 months as a pro is simply mind-boggling.

  7. Geno Smith has had “bust” written all over him from the time the Jets drafted him to his words and actions to-date which don’t translate as being very smart.

  8. Geno is spot on about the media. It’s okay, we play these little games with each other because we love the game. It’s truly a male soap opera as my wife puts it.

  9. This is all gravy.. So either the offense clicks better with Sanchez due to extra work … So Sanchez starts… or Sanchez is so bad that he loses a job to a rookie with limited chemistry with the rest of the offense. I’m not going to judge the rookie, lets give him a chance to see if he can be a pro. But I’m pretty sure that Sanchez will start which is great because that means the Jets will suck and well have more opportunities for buttfumbles.

  10. I’m sorry but that picture is hilarious. He looks like the most simple, dumb person in the room. That photo does you noooo justice Geno.

  11. “Me and Mark are cool.” Nice to hear yet another English major from “student athlete” days.

  12. Geno just wants to stay as far away from Sanchez as possible because the closer he gets the greater the chance he will become a master of the Butt Fumble, not quite as good as Mark but a master nonetheless.

  13. Ehh that first comment I made was pretty dumb but on an other hand.

    I like how Geno is going about his business, the one thing you need to survive the NY frenzy is a good relationship with the beat writers/reporters. If they do not like you it makes your job difficult in NY. Geno Smith is in a great position to succeed in 2014 if he is not ready this season. 12 draft picks, No Sanchez, Probably no Holmes, 30 million in cap maybe more if Harris or Mangold restructure. And that leaves a core team filled with character players in Mangold,Cromartie,Stephen Hill (even if he does bust), Chris Ivory, and Wilkerson. I think we’ll see a different New York Jets atmosphere after 2013 that may include winning.

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