Larry Fitzgerald confessed to being a Vikings fan


First we had Colin Kaepernick wearing a Dolphins hat. Then we had Cam Newton admitting he still likes the Falcons, when he’s not playing against them.

Now the Cardinals’ website has reminded us that receiver Larry Fitzgerald still thinks of himself as a Vikings fan.

I grew up a Vikings fan and I would be lying to you if I didn’t say I was still a Vikings fan,” Fitzgerald said. “Growing up in Minnesota it’s second nature. I still pull for them when I’m not playing them. A lot of my closest friends in the NFL are Vikings. I’m close with [Everson] Griffen, Jared Allen, Phil [Loadholt], Adrian Peterson, Kyle Rudolph. You pull for your friends.”

There’s nothing surprising about those comments, and Fitzgerald’s own dad said a couple years ago that his son always wanted to be a Viking. Fitzgerald was a Vikings ball boy as a kid, and those deep roots may never go away.

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  1. No surprise that lots of people are secret Vikings fans. Heck, the posts on this message board alone are littered with them. Yes, I am looking at you “Packer fans!”

  2. Thats cool.

    Guess thats setting up the whole Ponder doesn’t have enough weapons talk really well for a trade next years draft.

  3. If they are true fans of a team they aren’t going to give up being fans of that team even if they play for another one.

    Most of these guys are likely fans of different teams that they play for so I don’t take Kaepernick, Newton, or Fitz comments/actions as a big deal as I don’t question their commitment to the teams they currently play for.

  4. Of course these guys are fans of the teams they grew up rooting for. It’s the sane with Tony Romo being a Packer fan because he’s from WI.

    Just don’t wear that teams gear when you play for another team.

  5. This just in to the ignorant masses: Football players have lives outside of football.

  6. They are fans of the game first. Why wouldn’t NFL players be dedicated to their childhood favorites.
    But, there are exceptions like ShAaron Rodgers. He’s a bandwagon type fan.

  7. well duh…he was a ball boy for the team when Carter and Moss were playing together. Hard to change your boyhood favorite teams…but my guess is he probably plays harder vs his boyhood favorite team.
    AZ should have no complaints….he’s your best player and wears your colors well. Lucky to have him

  8. Ya sure…”he always wanted to be a Viking”…that’s why he resigned with Arizona a couple years ago for an 8 year contract…

  9. Ya, and I grew up a Wiley E. Coyote fan and he never did catch the Roadrunner so I know how Larry must have felt watching all those Viking teams fall short.

    The difference is that I gave up it and moved on, what Larry doesn’t realize is that Wiley has a better chance at catching the roadrunner than the Vikings do of ever getting beyond the NFC Championship game, a game they lost the last 5 times they made it that far, forget about winning an actual Superbowl.

  10. just shows what a great character guy he is. He signed a long term contract and stayed with the cardinals when they were clearly going into rebuild mode. It’s not like the Vikings couldn’t have used him then. This year, Larry will be back at the top of NFL WRs with Carson Palmer coming in. He can huck the ball better than people realize. He made DHB a 1,000 WR.

  11. My problem was never with fandom. Just merch. You should never wear the enemies colors. You can root for them all you want, even cheer aloud. But don’t wear the colors…Jersey’s are symbolic…

  12. He would make a good Viking player. He already knows how to get to the Superbowl and LOSE!

  13. black viking fans exist? a black person other than prince is from minnesota? this is shocking in and of itself

  14. who wouldn’t be a fan of a team that has never won anything that matters????? kiss the packers 13 world championship rings

  15. Do you people realize that karpernick was only wearing the hat because it matched his shoes?
    Look at the pics of him on the beach and you can see him carrying matchinf sketchers.
    He grew up a packers/niners fan.
    You all need to get a grip.

  16. To add to the previous posters comment about signing him after he is washed up, you forgot to mention it will be his biggest payday as well.

  17. Viking nation loves you right back Larry.

    Oh how many times have I imagined how sweet a trade for Fitz would be. He’s one of us for goodness sake!

  18. Well, come on then! Would make ponder look real good having Fitzgerald lined up opposite Jennings. Hell, even I would pass for a QB throwing to those two!

  19. At least these guys are keeping it real, unlike those NFL players who are like “When I was growing up, wasn’t a fan of a team, I was just a [that player’s position] fan.” LOL..

  20. Oh please. I’m willing to bet the majority in every team grew up cheering for other teams. The likelihood of being drafted by your favorite team is blah blah in blah blah chances.

  21. I recall watching a Twins-Diamondbacks game in Phoenix a few years ago and Fitz was being interviewed by the Fox sports affiliate. He had his Twins jersey & hat on, pulling for MN. He was probably in year 3 or 4 with AZ at the time.

    Not sure of the protocol for other leagues, but Larry seems to keep faithful to MN sports. I can assure that MN is very proud of their own and look highly on him and his body of work in the NFL.

  22. Here’s every player’s favorite team: the one willing to pay him the most money.

    Can’t blame them. That’s how I’d be, as well.

  23. WHO CARES!!! Really other than the lavender Larry twits who sorrily need a daily injection of self-esteem serum, WHO CARES!!!

  24. I knew there would be several NFL players coming out this summer, but I had no idea it would catch on like wild fire. Or that they’d be coming out as fans of other teams.

  25. In all seriousness, are their really people that actually care about this? I mean, is this what we consider important in today’s age. If things like this were reported ten, twenty even thirty years ago, you would have been laughed off the planet.

    When did we become so sensitive?

    In closing, if you care about this, then it explains why things are deteriorating. Same goes with the hat foolishness. Wow.

  26. The guy grew up in Minnesota, and was a Vikings ball boy for crying out loud. His dad was and is still a big Vikings fan, and his whole family still lives and works in Minnesota. Let it go, people.

  27. The first step in treating a mental illness like the twisted wierdo affection for the vikings is acknowledging that you have a serious problem.

    He can be cured. Therapy is complex and long but a lot of it involves watching the small collection of the very infrequent viking playoff games.

  28. In a seahawks fan and ill admit it I’m a fan of Fitz. He’s just too good not to like if you really like football and not just rooting for the home team.

  29. Players today don’t hate the other team. Most are friends now. Not like the past where players just hated te other team because they were the other team. It’s the liberalization of kids we are seeing today. Thank your liberals and progressives for This everyone is wins/is on the same team mind set

  30. OMG NFL players were fans of teams other than their own before they were players? Ahhh the sky is falling. Although I do give Kaep a little less slack because it’s well documented he was a SF/GB fan as a kid not a Miami fan and he’s the only one that sported the gear. On one hand yes it does correlate with the “it just matches” thought process. On the other still shouldn’t have done it lol. Overall though the point is most NFL players won’t end up on the team they grew up loving

  31. Aaron Rodgers had a draft day wish same as Tom Brady to be drafted by the 49ers. I see nothing wrong with players being fans they more often than you think return home to play for their favorite teams.

  32. Darren McFadden grew up a Bronco fan now he plays against them, when he isnt injured.

    Montee Ball grew up a Bronco fan as well. You cant change a person if it is in their bones.

  33. Fitz left Pitt as a junior to play for (fmr. Vikes coach while Fitz was a ball boy there) Dennis Greens’ Cardinals. I’m not sure MN was ever in the mix.

  34. He could have went to the Vikings, but he chose to sign an extension with a team with no QB….well would have been the same situation in Minn. Guy grew up in Minn, and chose to stay in Arizona…what does that tell ya?

  35. But then was asked, if he’d ever play for them. “You crazy? If I want to continue to play for a loser I’d stay here in Arizona.”

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