Laurent Robinson filed grievance against Jaguars


Former Jaguars wide receiver Laurent Robinson has filed a grievance against the club regarding his 2013 base salary, Tom Pelissero of USA Today reported Tuesday.

Robinson, 28, was released in March. Per Pelissero, Robinson’s $2.6 million base salary was to be guaranteed were he on the roster on April 5, and it was only injury-guaranteed until that time.

Robinson suffered four concussions in 2012. He told USA Today that he “definitely wasn’t ready to be cleared” when the team medically cleared him in January.

“We acknowledge that a grievance was filed and we are working with the NFL to resolve the dispute,” the Jaguars told USA Today. 

Robinson began working out earlier in July and hopes to play in 2013, he told Pelissero in the story published Tuesday.

“There’s going to be doubts about me with the concussions,” Robinson said, per USA Today. “But the only thing I can do is tell teams to bring me in, work me out and go from there.”

If healthy, Robinson could bolster a club’s wide receiving depth. His best season came in 2011, when he caught 54 passes for 858 yards and 11 touchdowns. However, his concussion history figures to be the big hurdle for interested teams.

11 responses to “Laurent Robinson filed grievance against Jaguars

  1. Maybe he can get that money from the idiot who signed him to the deal. I’m sure Gene Smith must be pulling down in the neighborhood of 2.6 mil per year for the next couple of years sitting at home getting even fatter than he already was.

  2. Well all the team has to do is prove they had a credible basis for clearing him. Surely they have those records and official documentation as of such. I’m being sarcastic because the player probably filed the grievance knowing that their case is impossible to prove. Sounds like he’s going to get some extra cash. The team wouldn’t have said they were looking into the “dispute” if they knew what they did was compliant with the terms of his contract. Maybe instead of working with the league to resolve the “dispute”, they should just read the contract they agreed to and calculate the correct amount to pay the player. Well they could do that, but it’s cheaper to snag a settlement of course so that’s why they didn’t do that at the time they cut him.

    I have a hunch the team knew what they did was wrong and now it’s time to limit the damage and count just how many dollars they saved by making the player chase after the money and potentially settle for a discount.

  3. I get that he was woefully overpaid in 2012 based on his performance, but c’mon, who’s the doctor that cleared him to play? Four concussions in one season in this day and age of head injury protocol is pretty negligent. There are long term ramifications for those kinds of repeated head injuries.

  4. Dang…I had him on my fantasy team in 2011 and he got me a lot. He should of figured out if he continued to run into the endzone, like he did in 2011, he wouldn’t get concussions. I wish him the best but filing a grievance against a former team, doesn’t help you get a chance with another.

  5. well shows that u cant follow where the big payday is, cause after he left dallas, he was on the back of a milk carton, missing!!!

  6. You were a solid number 3 who followed the money right out of Dallas after having your best season. I hope the Jags don’t have to pay you one more dime!

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