Majority of NFL clubs holding training camp at home in 2013

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Here’s an interesting tidbit courtesy of the NFL: Just 13-of-32 teams will go away for training camp in 2013.

By contrast, 26-of-31 teams traveled for camp in 2000, per league data.

There are obvious advantages to staying at home and hitting the road. Some of the “home” advantages are more tangible. The most obvious plus is teams don’t have to spend time, energy and money taking their operations on the road.

The big advantage of traveling, of course, is the potential removal of the distractions of home, though whether that’s completely possible in the 21st century is another issue altogether.

For the record, the teams traveling for camp this summer are the Bears, Bills, Cardinals, Chiefs, Colts, Cowboys, Jets, Packers, Panthers, Raiders, Redskins, Steelers and Vikings. The Cardinals, while holding camp at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, have their practice facilities in Tempe.

For reference, here are training camp locations and reporting dates for all 32 teams.

17 responses to “Majority of NFL clubs holding training camp at home in 2013

  1. Some/most of them have taxpayer-funded training facilities and there is some pressure for them to stay home and open practices for fans. That’s not to say they can’t travel if they want but they will have some ‘splainin to do to locals as to why they choose to several weeks enriching another community.

  2. Not sure how the packers are included on this list, they stay in dorms but never leave Green Bay.

  3. Just like some of the others on the list the chiefs are going to st Joe. 30 min drive up I-29 not exactly what I would call traveling. If they would let them I bet most of the players could and would stay at home with there families and drive to and from training camp.

  4. The Vikings play at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, their headquarters are at Winter Park in Eden Prairie and they hold training camp in Mankato, which is about 65-70 miles south……I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re “traveling” but whatever, right on. Now, the Cowboys are holding training camp in California…..that would be traveling.

  5. Pittsburgh to Latrobe is less than an hour, not what I call going “away” for camp. Pretty much a average commute for the working class.

  6. One good reason for a team to travel for training camp is that they can spread their fan base and make a larger impact in their market.

    When the Seattle Seahawks got their new state-of-the-art training facility (VMAC) in Renton Washington (just outside of Seattle) they stopped coming over to the east side of Washington state (to the tiny little college town of Cheney Washington, just outside of Spokane Washington). Folks on the east side of Washington probably wouldn’t love the Seahawks quite as much is they had never held training camp over here.

  7. Easier to max out the number of fans they can get into camp and sell those $6 sodas and $10 beers to in the August heat.

    Not to mention many teams used to have camp at universities, and today’s players aren’t very enthusiastic about being shoved into the low quality housing available on many campuses.

  8. when the Bengals announced they were gonna have training camp in Cincinnati instead of Georgetown, you called Mike Brown cheap… but now majority do it and its no longer being cheap?

  9. Aww, That’s nice. Cowboys get to go to their country club powder puff camp in California for a couple weeks

  10. The Packers only house the players at a local college dormitory. They practice on their own practice fields and have meetings in their same meeting rooms.

    How are you defining travel?

  11. Cards training in the Phoenix metro area, at their home stadium. Doesn’t come close to ‘traveling’ for training camp…..

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