Michael Bamiro set to sign with Eagles

Michael Bamiro has successfully dodged the draft, and landed with the Eagles.

The Eagles have announced that the team has signed the Stony Brook tackle, who through a complicated set of circumstances, never had to go through the regular or supplemental draft. The Dolphins apparently made a run at him as well, but the Eagles were able to convince him by guaranteeing a portion of his base salaries his first two seasons.

A total of 22 teams were on hand for his workout last week, and some scouts thought he’d have been a mid-round pick if he had been in the draft.

He’ll walk into camp a bit behind, having missed all the spring workouts. But signing with a team with a new coach keeps him from being in too deep of a hole, since everyone’s learning a new system.

10 responses to “Michael Bamiro set to sign with Eagles

  1. elmaxoh says:
    Jul 16, 2013 5:31 PM
    We already had a giant in the OL … didn’t work too well.
    that guy is just a stiff that shouldnt have played in the nfl. give him a chance it’s a 2 year contract probably at league minimum if he is showing he is a stiff cut/release/don’t resign

  2. I lke the signing but i could see this dude play defense and stand up rushing end.

  3. Vince Papale and Tony Danza’s character in the trash man/field goal kicker movie demand explanations!!!

  4. By the time camp opens they’ll be saying he’d have been a first round pick next year.

  5. King Dunlap 2.0??

    this guy better be tenacious and attack some people.
    we can’t have another 10ft softy taking up a roster spot.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy made a jump to the DL for the birds. 6’8” 340, 37” arms..
    thats a mean NT / DE

  6. I am anxious to see him in action…Scouts had him 3rd or 4th round pick so he must have shown something. Queen Dunlap was a 7th rounder.

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