Murphy: Packers unlikely to retire Favre’s jersey in 2013

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There’s evidence to suggest the Packers and Brett Favre are willing to play nice after Favre’s bitter departure from Green Bay five years ago.

President Mark Murphy has made it clear the club wants to give Favre his due by retiring his jersey, and the quarterback himself has indicated he will eventually return to Green Bay.

However, Murphy indicated Tuesday that the Packers are unlikely to retire Favre’s No. 4 in 2013.

“I don’t anticipate that, no,” Murphy said, per the Associated Press.

According to the AP, Murphy wouldn’t give a timetable for honoring Favre, but as he’s done before, he signaled a willingness for the franchise to honor one of its greatest players.

“I can’t tell you exactly what time might be right,” Murphy said, according to the AP. “But I am optimistic that you will see it.

Earlier in July, Murphy told in a reader email feature that the club would like to retire Favre’s jersey before he’s inducted into the Hall of Fame. Murphy, for his part, told that Favre will be inducted in 2016. This leaves 2014 and 2015 as prime seasons for the Packers to take No. 4 out of rotation once and for all in a ceremony that will have the eyes of the league upon it, give Favre’s spectacular career in Green Bay and his memorable departure to New York, then Minnesota.

20 responses to “Murphy: Packers unlikely to retire Favre’s jersey in 2013

  1. now they have to start waffling, and then retire it, and then unretire it for another go, and just keep that up for a couple years

    ultimate revenge

  2. Who cares, they should do it during a pre season game and get it over with.

    Favre is completely irrelevant to most Packer fans and the beauty of that is that he did it to himself.

    The Packer fans will not boo, they will respond with a small golf clap during the ceremony.

  3. His number should be retired and there should be a great ceremony for him. I for 1 can’t wait for it to be over, his induction into Canton to be over. So we can stop hearing about him every 2 weeks.

    For all his positives – he was a diva, an interception machine and a choke artist – NYG championship game, Eagles playoff game, MIN/NO championship game. Huge NFL season changing INTS.

  4. Hey, I’m willing to forgive and forget, especially since the Packers won a championship without the services (and the interceptions) of Mr. Favre. Of course, watching him blow his best and only opportunity with the Vikings was really, really sweet as well.

    But retiring his number should wait until AFTER he gets in the hall of fame.

  5. Retiring the jersey number is not as important as Favre and the Packers being on good terms. It’s too bad they had a falling out after so many good years together.

  6. Current Packer management need to just get over themselves and get this done. He has been retired two years, made nice with Aaron and apologize for the role he played in the break up. With everything he means to the making the franchise relative today Murphy and Thompson both need to move forward and get this done, further delay is just pathetic and childish.

  7. The problem with retiring Favre’s number is that it’s going to unretire and does the league even allow you to trade numbers?

  8. If I were Favre, I wouldn’t go near the place until well after Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson have been fired.

  9. I think they want to do it when they can put a better product on the field. I don’t think they wanna honor Brett and the year they drop to 6-10. With Rodgers eating up so much cap space, it might be awhile before they can upgrade that awful defense.

  10. Aaron Rodgers sat out most of his 1st three seasons. In his 4th season he got a chance to show what he could do. He started all 16 games that year and the Packers went 6-10. This will be Christian Ponders 4th season but he already has a 10 win season. Hmmmm…

  11. Since Lord Favre went to Minny and beat Green Bay twice, one would have to think that Mark Murphy and company would love to put another ring on Mr. Rodgers finger before retiring his jersey.

    The only rush would be to have the ceremony while Lord Favre still understands what is happening. They could then play the Strahand sack over and over before Favre sues the NFL in a concussion lawsuit.

  12. Let’s retire it. No, maybe now isn’t the right time. Yeah, let’s do it. Maybe we should wait? Oh I don’t know, ask me after training camp…

    How does it feel Brent?

  13. Man, Im not even a Packers fan, but Brett Favre was one of my favorite players! I couldnt care less about his texting, or how he retired and unretired a hundred times, the fact is, he was tough as nails and played his heart out. I’ll never forget the game he played a day or so after his dad died, gave me chills!! He’s deserving of any honor they want to bestow upon him….

  14. Packer fans are the worst in the league. They no allegiance to anyone, just the hug Borg-like community Wisconsin. You can’t even recognize how important Brett Favre was to you, and instead you focus on why he is a traitor. The second one of your fudgepack leaves via free agency you ignore their history. it’s no wonder the rest of the USA doesn’t like you guys. Schmitts Gay has clouded your brains. Show some respect. I’d rather be a Cowboy fan.

  15. Wrong Contra. Any mention of the Green Bay Packers is vitally important to you and the other snotty brats who cheer for the NFL’s version of the Chicago Cubs. (Minus the “lovable” part.)

  16. He’s not considered a traitor because he played for the Vikings. That’s giving the Vikings way too much credit.

    People forget that Favre lost his respect amongst Packer fans because he pretended to retire in order to get an unconditional release. This was a purposeful act. Why would someone retiring want an unconditional release? Because he wanted to orchestrate his own departure out of Green Bay, that’s why. He identified another team (other than his own) as his last best chance to win a Superbowl. He chose the Vikings.

    The Packer brass was not fooled. It took him awhile to get there, but he got there.

    I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve some level of recognition, but they’re holding back on the ceremony because the boos will drown out the cheers if they have the event anytime soon.

    He needs to express many more mea culpas before I change my tune, and I am not alone.

  17. Favre will get… and deserves his due… It is clear that the team and the retired player both want this to happen. That said… Us Packer fans and ‘owners’ want this all to settle… Favre has nothing to do with the success the Pack plans on… because while other teams hope for success… the Pack plan on it!!! GO PACK GO!!!

  18. Why wait get it over with, He was a great packer and deserves his number retired. Look at all the boys name Brett in the state of Wisconsin. I see no sense in the delay.

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