Redskins ask judge to dismiss Barrett Green lawsuit

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Former New York Giants linebacker Barrett Green has sued the Washington Redskins, former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and tight end Robert Royal for a knee injury he sustained in a game late in the 2004 season.

Now the Redskins are asking the judge to dismiss the lawsuit.

According to Jessica Gresko of the Associated Press, the Redskins filed a response to Green’s lawsuit on Friday. The team said Green’s claims were “utterly baseless” and, even if they had legitimacy, he didn’t pursue the correct avenues through the collective bargaining agreement and the statute of limitations has run its course.

The Redskins say the CBA in place required Green to exhaust all grievance and arbitration processes before filing a lawsuit. Green never pursued such avenues. The team also claims the statute of limitations for the matter is three years from the time of the injury and that has since expired.

Green’s lawsuit alleges that “Redskins coaches directed their players to disregard criminal and civil laws, as well as NFL rules, to intentionally injure opponents.” It also states a belief that Royal may have specifically targeted Green during the game.

Per the AP report, Judge Peter J. Messitte has scheduled a hearing for September 24 in the case. However, court files indicate Messitte could decided the case on documents alone prior to the hearing.

5 responses to “Redskins ask judge to dismiss Barrett Green lawsuit

  1. I never realized defensive coordinators were in charge of the tight ends. I think Green had one too many concussions.

  2. Unless he can prove that there was some reason his claim was unknown at the time of injury, plaintiff will be in trouble I would guess. And that is an uphill climb. Even with the Gregg Williams revelations from his time in Nola.

  3. It is possible that Royal may have targeted B. Green on that PLAY, but not specifically for the whole game like, “we have to take out Barrett Green”. Dude wasn’t that good.

    In fact, as a Lions fan, I can tell you without hesitation that Barrett Green was one of the most violent players I’ve ever seen. I witnessed him intentionally try to injure MANY opponents during his time in Detroit. I’d find myself saying things out loud every week, “dude, 54, please play football- and not whatever sort of gladiator war-type sh** you’re doing.. Good grief, man.”

    So to me, this case is saturated and dripping with irony. I’ve never seen a player behave the way Green did. Put the tape on, and see for yourself.

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