Teammate tweets that Clowney ran a 4.46

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While one prominent SEC star is adding questions to his future NFL draft stock, another is adding chapters to an already sizable legend.

Via the Sporting News, a teammate of South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney said he ran a 40-yard dash in 4.46 seconds.

Running back Mike Davis initially wrote “Think Clowney ran a 4.46,” but has apparently since deleted the tweet. The Gamecocks just finished summer workouts, which included 40 testing.

While it seems outlandish to think the 6-foot-6, 274 pound Clowney could run such a time, he’s been stunning people with his physical gifts for some time.

His hit on Michigan running back Vincent Smith in last year’s Outback Bowl might be one of the best plays I’ve ever seen, and it’s possible that Smith’s helmet did a 4.2 on its way off Smith’s head that day.

Clowney’s a decent bet to be the top pick in next year’s draft. He would have likely been the top pick this year if he had been allowed to enter.

And that would be true even if he ran a 4.6 at his size, which makes this latest time extraneous, even if apocryphal.

47 responses to “Teammate tweets that Clowney ran a 4.46

  1. All I want to know is who in the world was paying attention to teammate Mike Davis’ twitter feed???? Either that is some straight up hardcore reporting or somewhere someone doesn’t have a life worse than me!

    Either way this Clowney guy sure is amazing!

  2. Finally something for Jets fans to look forward to with their first pick in the 2014 draft.

  3. He may have ran that and I honestly really really enjoy watching this kid play because he’s just an atheletic marvel….but that doesn’t discount the fact that he does dissappear for long stretches of games.

    That very well could be him getting disinterested because he’s down right dominating the players in front of him but it’s still true. That one great…and I mean fun to watch still have it on my DVR cuz it kicks ass…play is really driving a train that I’m not sure he’s earned more than any other player in the upcoming draft.

    Talent wise the gap between him and other players is pretty big but production wise….it’s really not.

  4. Redskins worst nightmare would be RG3 tears his knee up again by week 3. Cousins leads them to 2 wins and the Rams end up with this guy with the Redskins pick.

  5. Pretty freakish. Although Everson Griffen of the Vikings is 6’3″, 273 lbs and ran a 4.46 at the 2005 arizona summer camp so he’s not the first.

  6. 4.46 just sounds ridiculous for a man his size. Like Vince Wilfork running a 4.61 or something.

  7. everson griffen weighed 273 and ran a 4.66 at the 2010 combine. he was only 17 during whatever 2005 summer camp you’re talking about, and likely weighed a lot less back then.

  8. raiderufan…

    the reason his “numbers” are not more absurd is that no one attempts to run or even throw on his side of the line, he is the equvilent of Revis taking a 1/4 of the field away only from the defensive line spot.

    He will be the first pick, wouldn’t be surprised if the team chosing trades him for a bunch more picks.

  9. jmak79:

    All the more reason that teams should figure out ways in advance to acquire additional draft picks so that they can position themselves for the really special players that they need.

  10. If there is a QB that you think can become a Top 10-15 QB you take him over him. I’m sorry but nowadays in the NFL they just mean more than ONE DE. I remember when the Panthers took Julius Peppers (who was great) but if Steve Smith did not produce the way he did then Peppers would have been a dominant DE on a weak team. Look at DeMarus Ware for proof. Watt has a great DC and a good team around him. Same thing for the man in SF. Take the QB first is all I’m saying, if you want to win sooner.

  11. Everson Griffen ran a similar time…away from the cops.

    but in all seriousness, Griffen is turning into a monster, and I believe is better than Jared Allen.

    This Clowney guy is going to have teams purposely tanking their season by week 10 so they can get him. It will be more prevalent than when Andrew Luck and Reggie Bush were coming into the draft.

  12. As a saints fan i approve tarr123’s message. If not? Trade as many 1st and 2nd round picks as it takes. WE. NEED. A. PASS. RUSH.

  13. I’m not surprised. Julius Peppers was always reported to have ran a 4.5 40 while at UNC. He ran in the high 4.6s at the Combine. Mario Williams ran a 4.7 at the Combine. Physically, Clowney seems similar to both – which is a great compliment. I would expect him to run somewhere between in the 4.6s to mid 4.7s which for his size is fantastic. If he runs in the 4.4s, forget about it. You gotta take him #1 overall unless some QB just absolutely blows up.

  14. The raiders will some how screw this up and then Dallas will draft a third round graded lineman before he falls to the third worse team the Browns.

  15. One of the best plays you’ve ever seen? THE GUY WASN’T EVEN BLOCKED ON THE PLAY. Awesome hit but there’s no shortage of people that could burst off the line untouched and smoke a RB just as he was getting the ball. Ooooooh awesome hit! He’s the #1 pick for sure!!!11!1

  16. So sick of this hype … hasn’t done a thing in an NFL uniform and people want to tank for a DE ?

    Look what happened to Matt Barkley in one season, countless other players.

    Lets see how he does this season, injuries, off the field and handles all this.

  17. ^^^

    Don’t hate…. It was one of the best hits I’ve ever seen, especially when considering the context that Michigan had just been given a phantom 1st down, that you could see from space was 3 inches short…

    “South Carolina deserves to have it… and they do!!”

  18. What is going on with that picture? His hand is twice the size of his head and his forearm is wider than his shoulder pad.

  19. Instead of tackling the QB like he usually did, Jadevon decided this time he would pick him up by the throat with his giant lobster claw arm and carry him backwards to his own goal line. While gently brushing off the fellow’s teammates who tried to intervene.

  20. Randy says……….
    ….”What is going on with that picture? His hand is twice the size of his head and his forearm is wider than his shoulder pad…..”

    It is called ‘perspective’….His hands are closer to the lens than is his head, his forearm a bit less so, giving the appearance that you point out.
    “Perspective”….Word of the day Randy.

  21. If the Colts don’t tank the season(which they probably won’t), I just hope that Gabbert balls out and the Jags get like a no. 5-8 pick(wishful thinking) and don’t get to draft this guy. 4 games a season vs Watt and Clowney is no joke.

  22. Look Randy!! He’s going to crush one of those tiny stadium lights with his scoreboard-sized hands!!

  23. Ok!! so how can my Colts get him? Just give him half of the state of Indiana plus 1/4 owner ship of the Indianapolis speedway and Pacers plus a lifetime supply of bubble gum yah that should do it.

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