Victor Cruz thinks he took less than he deserves

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The Giants and receiver Victor Cruz have agreed to a contract that will pay him $45 million over the next six years. That’s good money, but it’s not the kind of money Cruz was hoping to earn.

Cruz said on Sirius XM NFL Radio that he believes he should have made more.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s tough. It’s tough. When you understand from a numbers standpoint, and the numbers you put up you feel like deserve a certain amount of money,” Cruz said, via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News.

Cruz said he’s happy to be playing in New York, but he also believes there are NFL wide receivers who aren’t as good as him who are making more money than him.

“But I’m not going to say it’s easy when you see guys getting these huge paydays and you feel like you’re at the same caliber, if not better than some of those guys,” Cruz said.

If Cruz is saying he would have made more on the open market, he’s right. But the reality is that the Giants kept Cruz from hitting the open market this year, and they could have prevented him from hitting the open market with the franchise tag next year. Players like Cruz, who entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent, don’t have a whole lot of leverage. Just as Matthew Stafford had a lot of leverage because the Lions chose him with the first overall pick in the draft before the rookie wage scale, Cruz had very little leverage because the Giants signed him as an undrafted rookie.

Cruz did well given that reality, even if he didn’t do as well as he would have as a true free agent.

137 responses to “Victor Cruz thinks he took less than he deserves

  1. I’m sure people will call for him to stop complaining. But he’s right, he’s better than Mike Wallace. Look at his numbers the past 2 years. Really only Megatron tops them. That’s why this was a great deal for the Giants. Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuz

  2. And roc nations first contract deal and their client openingly talking about how he feels he took less then he deserves. 0-1 so far Jay.

  3. Who is Cruz better than that makes more money than him? Wallace? Dwayne bowe? Megatron? Sid rice?

    If it wasnt for the new rules protecting receivers from big hits Victor Cruz would buried at #3 on every teams depth chart.

  4. $7 mil a year for a some what productive and slightly overated shrimp ain’t bad. Keep talking and you’ll find your tail in Cleveland!

  5. Punks always believe they should have gotten more. Maybe he should have hired Zimmerman’s lawyers instead of inciting his hood’s bad boyz to kill someone.

  6. Cruz has been a big disappointment. He had a nice start two years ago, but he tailed off in the playoffs that year and he was often invisible last year when the team needed him.

    Unfortunately he’s probably going to be another of the pro athletes who signs a big contract and stops working altogether.

  7. @ bjenks10: You are absolutely correct. I, too, thought that Jay-Z was supposed to be getting these players mega-deals. Lets see how well he does in national endorsements.

  8. Another pain in the A-S-S WR.

    If you deserved more then you should have stayed out until you got what you “deserved.”

  9. He is happy to be playing in New York, but he doesn’t, he plays in New Jersey. I think he is still “thoroughly confussed”.

  10. once again a pathetic 4th or maybe 5th grade WR talking crap. What’s in the water in ny. ?????? Rewarding some clown for one good season 2 years ago just speaks volumes of the second rate team he plays for. One more think this guy dose NOT scare any DB in the NFL man to man. In fact any DB facing him it would be a day off cause the DB will cove this CLOWN like a blanket.

  11. I’m a huge Giants fan, and even I’m starting to think this guy is a massive tool. Starting to wish NYG never paid him the cash, so he could’ve gone the way of Steve Smith …

  12. He’s right. But he made a smart business decision. He’ll make the $$ up off the field in the NY market and will have the privilege playing for a 2x SBMVP for his prime rather than playing for a bit more money in some outpost like Tennessee with a bunk qb.

  13. I used to like this guy but his prima donna routine is starting to get nauseating. Dude, your already making more money than 99% of the country, just shut the bleep up and play football already!

  14. Never mind what others are getting paid if you’re getting paid well. Nothing good comes from worrying about other people’s business if it doesn’t affect your own.

  15. He’s definitely better than Mike Wallace but Wallace’s contract is ridiculous. The Giants don’t give out stupid contracts. Cruz should be careful. He’s starting to sound like a punk.

  16. Let me make sure I understand this – Because of your God-given athletic talents you are going to make $45,000,000 over the next 6 years, and you are (still) bitching.

    Is that about it? Just wanted to make sure I understand.

  17. He needs to worry about coming across that middle, since he developed a case of alligator arms last yr.


  18. Just another spoiled player story…except for the Jay-Z angle. I thought it was supposedly impossible for any of his clients to be anything but 100% satsified and that teams would cave to any demand made by such a superior businessman. That myth lasted for all of one contract he negotiated.

  19. If the Giants are paying you for making stupid statements….then yes, you are underpaid. You moron.

  20. Victor, All the WR’s making more money than you (you know, the ones you’re better than) are being covered by the other teams best CB. All the meanwhile you’re getting the opposing teams 2nd best CB, nickel, or even LB at times. Although your numbers are impressive, they depend heavily on Hakeem’s presence and Eli behind center.
    I’d say you did well and were smart to sign the deal you did.

  21. justinstuckrule

    Cruz tailed off in the playoffs? So the 10 catches vs SF and a td in the Super Bowl was tailing off? 82 catches last year? I agree he was paid fairly but don’t use stupid logic or false facts to back it up

  22. Cruz is a very good player and I agree he could have gotten more on the market… to him I say, you shouldn’t have signed the deal oh and you’re a dbag for trying to the hood to take out Zimmerman.

  23. Yikes. The Maras have got to be thinking about duct taping his mouth shut.

    Vic- and I’m a Saints fan- you’re not having a good week, babe. Do yourself a favor, buckle down, and light it up this season. Ask guys like Roy Williams and Plaxico Burress how quickly it can evaporate in front of you.

    Hope it works out for you, Giants fans. Good luck.*

    *- except against my Saints, of course.

  24. On Sunday December 22nd I’d really like to see Loius Delmas or Glover Quinn knock this guys block off.
    I’m so sick of hearing about him and seeing his stupid salsa dance.
    Why would he sign the contract if he really believed what he’s saying?
    In the end it will be the Giants who regret giving him the contract they did.

  25. Just because the Dolphins overpaid for Mike Wallace, you cant use that clown as a starting point for paying guys. By the end of this year there could be 45-50 wide receivers who will claim they are better than Mike Wallace and the pitiful numbers he will put up in Miami.

  26. FoozieGrooler says:
    Jul 16, 2013 1:18 PM
    Dude makes $45 million.
    Bitches about it.

    ..only in ‘Murica…


    Dude just realized the Tax rate in NJ and saw how it will affect that paycheck.

  27. Next we’ll probably hear the old “Well, our careers aren’t that long, so we have to get it while we can.” Guess they don’t realize that by the age of 30, they make more than most Americans will in 10 LIFETIMES.

    Wish I could retire at 30 comfortably. Whoops, too late. I’m 50. Hope I can at least work until I die, at this rate.

  28. Lol what was it, 2 days ago he signed that contract ? And he’s already whining about having been made quite wealthy ?

    Good luck with that Giants fans.

  29. I think it’s good he feels that way. Anytime a player still thinks he needs to prove himself it can only help his his performance…

    I think he got a fair deal considering the numbers he’s put up the past two years. I’m not sold that he will keep that production up, but the Giants seem to think he will and I do believe he would have received similar money on the open market… Hard to argue the contract wasn’t a good decision for both sides.

  30. As a giants fan I am totally sick of this guy. Graduated with honors from the Justin tuck school of crybaby. At least Cruz has numbers to back his tears unlike tuck since the last Super Bowl win. Just shut up and catch the damn ball. You play a game for a living and hail from the ghetto. You are lucky because plenty of other talented players from Paterson never even see a college field

  31. You have one stellar season, one decent season, sign a massive contract, and suddenly you are worth more than what you got.

    Pencil this guy in for maybe 1000 yards receiving.

  32. Nothing more annoying that average joes whining about their own pathetic wages.

    Difference is…you (as am I) are replaceable. Anyone can stock ring dings on a grocery shelf or rid my computer of spyware. As evidenced by his contract, the Giants deemed Cruz the best slot WR on the entire planet. Time for you all to graduate to “big boy” conversation and start posting about why/why not Cruz deserves more/less compared to his peers instead of taking the easy way out and whining about your own lives. Nobody cares what you make.

  33. LOL jayz up to his old tricks– screwing his cliets lmaoo

    but in all reality i love ya vic– shut the hell up. your getting paid millions for a childs game. and many many more free cloths, food, shoes ect ect in endorsements

    you give me your endorsements ill never have a bad word to say about life.

  34. This guy complains too much. His Zimmerman tweet was pretty disgusting too. If he didn’t like the contract he didn’t have to sign it

  35. The more I hear from this D-bag the less I like him. Plus, I know his salsa dance is for his grandmother’s sake but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.

  36. By the way…to my fellow Giants’ fans that are trashing Cruz….you’re not fooling anyone. We all know you’re fishing for thumbs ups. Otherwise, you’re showing yourselves to prove the stereotype of the fickle NY fan. It wasn’t long ago that Cruz kept his mouth shut and risked a year of big injury on a $500K salary. What for? Instead of trashing him, you should be thanking him for not holding out last year as he should have.

    As for Tuck….dude is another Giant that has played out an entire contract without making a peep. In a league where cuts are the norm and playing out entire contracts is as infrequent as seeing a bald eagle fly through Manhattan, its refreshing to hear players actually stand up and voice their opinions that they’re being underpaid instead of listening to owners make up any excuse to ask players to reduce their contracts. (like Mara did with half the team this offseason).

    Rant over.

  37. What do you think he’s going to say? I suck? It’s like the Eli thing. You aren’t going to say people are better than you because that gives you a bad image.

  38. EVERY football player in the NFL makes more than they deserve. You guys play a game for a living. Try to keep some perspective. No I don’t fault you for trying to get as much as you can considering how much the NFL pulls in… but at the end of the day… you catch a ball for a living. Get over yourself.

  39. “I’m not going to lie, it’s tough. It’s tough.”

    Dude, SHUT UP.

    every working man & woman in America

  40. This is why we might tell our kids to work hard(er) in high school, to get better grades and achieve more, to get to a better college, to be in a better program, to get drafted higher, etc.

    There is a lesson to be learned here, try hard earlier. When you accept less early in life, you may end up accepting less later in life.

  41. People always complain when a black athlete gets paid, but when bums like Carson Palmer, Tony Romo, and Joe Friggin Flacco make a killing it’s never talked about. Pay the white athlete and pay the black athlete no attention when it comes to negotiating contracts. You are only fooling yourselves. That man deserves more money. Period. And I’m a Redskins fan. that’s right, I said it, “Redskins Redskins Redskins!!!!

  42. It’s a 3-step process, Victor:

    1) Watch tape of 2012
    2) Notice how many balls were inexplicably dropped by #80
    3) Thank your lucky stars 45 million times

  43. Dude, not all situations are the same. What Wallace or any other gets as a free agent from the Dolphins is between them. You could have played out your tender. That WAS your choice. Ask someone who makes $8 an hour, has no benefits, paid holidays-vacation-or personal days if they feel they deserve more! Suck it up rich guy and do your job!

  44. Just lost my job after 11.5 years. Hey Victor come pay my bills!! Oops just remembered, you don’t make enough with your new contract. You should be on your knees praying how lucky you are to play a “game” for millions of dollars!! Victor, take a nap and wake up and zip it!

  45. This guy just seems dumber every day now.I wonder when the Giants will say enough already.

  46. skinsfanwill: everyone laughed at those contracts you mentioned. the difference is that the athletes that agreed to the terms of them didn’t turn around less than a week later and complain about them. vick has gotten 2 separate $100 mil contracts and he’s never been a top 10 qb. how do you explain that?

  47. kingpel says: Jul 16, 2013 1:28 PM

    Just because the Dolphins overpaid for Mike Wallace, you cant use that clown as a starting point for paying guys. By the end of this year there could be 45-50 wide receivers who will claim they are better than Mike Wallace and the pitiful numbers he will put up in Miami.
    Or more likely Wallace is the difference maker the Dolphins envision, and as a result beats your favorite team and make the playoffs while your favorite team stays home, then he’ll be worth every dollar.

  48. I would think he would be grateful he still has a job right now. If I was the owner he’d be gone.
    thats why the last time your team was relevant your great coach was giving some fatass the ball from one yard line in the super bowl instead of sweetness.

  49. skinsfanwill says:
    Jul 16, 2013 2:24 PM
    People always complain when a black athlete gets paid, but when bums like Carson Palmer, Tony Romo, and Joe Friggin Flacco make a killing it’s never talked about. Pay the white athlete and pay the black athlete no attention when it comes to negotiating contracts. You are only fooling yourselves. That man deserves more money. Period. And I’m a Redskins fan. that’s right, I said it, “Redskins Redskins Redskins!!!!

    People aren’t complaining. Victor Cruz is complaining….and when you call Victor Cruz a black athlete, remember he’s half hispanic, like George Zimmerman. If you’re so sensitive to the plight of black atheletes, where’s the sensitivity to Native Americans, Mr Redskins fan.

  50. Name one pro athlete worth the kind of money these guys are making. It will get to the point where bench warmers are making millions. We have to realize it just drives ticket prices up and eventually makes going to a game unaffordable to the working class citizen. But we seem to just blink our eyes and say “oh well”

  51. What a jerk. As soon a u pay these jerks money they stop thinking and start talking and show what morons they are. Guess the Giants will regret this signing.

  52. a SLOT WR …. What does Wes Welker get the BEST slot WR of all time?

    look into that Cruz.

  53. Cruz is a Douche. After all the crap he said and now he gets to talking about being screwed. Who told him to sign up with that other POS?? He deserves all he gets. And if he shoots himself in the head when he decides to adjust his Glock while at the Club, good riddance!!!

  54. Victor. Really??!!

    I respect the talent, dedication, and skill level it takes to become an elite Professional Football player. I know the owners make a boatload of cash and never put in the blood sweat and tears that the players do. I know the career is short compared to most careers and you can’t play until your 55 and may not be able to walk by then.

    But you know what is really hard to do! Teach at a public school while making less in a year than you will in one game! Those are the people who are to be respected in are society, and it’s not something everyone can do well.

    The only people who can sympathize with you Victor are other out- of -touch Sports Professionals. The general public hates reading about your unjust plight.

  55. Victor take the money catch the ball and score or you will be the next Tiki Barber
    Your not paid for talking you paid to catch the ball run to the end zone and dance

    Now go to work

  56. Great, another multi-millionaire NFL WR who says stupid things. He gets his money then complains about it. I feel like I’m slowly becoming the demographic the NFL no longer wants…I don’t relate to NFL players.

  57. Giants made a mistake paying this guy…and they should cut him after the terroristic comments he made about killing a law abiding citizen.

  58. Victor if there are wide receiver’s who aren’t as good as you but make more money, then the teams who signed them are gonna get screwed over and all that extra money they put into these receivers is gonna hurt them bad, and for god sakes man, you were an undrafted free agent turned into one of the most popular players in the world making more then enough money to retire in your 30’s by doing something you love, what is there to complain about? And let’s say you did go and sign with someone else for 55 million or something and then you bombed and all this pressure was put on you? You’re on a great team, playing for a great quarterback with a great running buddy… what do you have to complain about? I love you, but greediness is gonna kill you

  59. This guy just gets smarter by the day. He better have a great year otherwise he just set himself up as Public Enemy #1. That’s a bad thing cause he won’t last long when The Hood Catches Up With Him.

  60. He did pretty well I think for a slot guy contract wise Seeing as Welker got 6 Mil after proving his talent for 5 years with no outside threat 3 of those years. Lets evaluate his contract and value in 2 years (or 3 depending on the franchise tag) after the giants presumably loose Nicks, that will tell in the grand scheme of things if Cruz is truly a great receiver or just a product of extra attention given to Nicks as an outside deep threat

  61. I think all his detractors are wrong. He’s right to complain. Football is a dangerous sport, especially for receivers, thus if we insist that the NFL be as violent as we deep down want it to be, these players should be compensated accordingly.

  62. He should be able to earn every cent of that contract as long as he has Eli there. Unlike somewhere else with a crappy QB and then he gets released after a couple seasons. Cmon Victor be thankful and move on. You’re only bringing bad karma your way.

  63. Wow Victor, you have really showed your true colors, you really a dbag, as a Giants fan I can’t wait to watch you back up Ruben Randle this year, and watch the Giants cut you as soon as they know he can easily replace you, you need to realize like those before you that Eli made you, and w/o Eli you are another dime a dozen backup receiver, maybe put a call into Steve Smith……

  64. I think it’s okay to be disappointed by the money that you’re making. It’s not really a good idea to talk about it in public, though…especially after you go on espn and tell everybody that you’re going to buy a Ferrari.

    Victor Cruz is a good WR, but not a great one. I’m glad he’s a Giant, but getting a little sick of his attitude.

    If he’s unhappy, he can always make some more of those terrible Verizon Wireless commercials.

  65. Perhaps with his new found fortune, Victor should look into purchasing an internal monologue.

  66. Cruz..salsa your way from the practice squad you were on a few short years ago as an UN-drafted player..You made and you made it big. You danced after a TD in the Superbowl !..but crying about you should have gotten more money is stupid. You saw the saw the contract. Are you better then Mike Wallace? I think so. Wallace robbed Miami and they will pay for that salary cap hit for years. Does it mean you’re worth more then you signed, it doesn’t..your worth whatever you signed for..period. Which is still making you a multi shut up.

  67. @justinstuckrule says:

    Cruz has been a big disappointment. He had a nice start two years ago, but he tailed off in the playoffs that year and he was often invisible last year when the team needed him.

    Unfortunately he’s probably going to be another of the pro athletes who signs a big contract and stops working altogether

    Yeah he really tailed off in the playoffs that whole 10 catches and 142 yeards against the 9ers in the championship game was a huge let down .

  68. Most of Cruz’s success is from The double teaming on Nicks and Eli. How much you think you’d get if Kolb was throwing to you? I hope the highest paid SLOT receiver in the league gives some money back to Nicks when his contract needs done. Ruben Randall can easily replace you!

  69. Cruz should fire his agent for taking a deal he didn’t want. He should have played out his time in NY like Vincent Jackson did in San Diego. Now quit whining about signing a deal you don’t like.

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