Bill Parcells: Perception of Jerry Jones is distorted

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One of the biggest storylines in Dallas this offseason has been the question of who will be calling the offensive plays this season.

Many teams would have discussed it privately and then announced that offensive coordinator Bill Callahan would be taking the reins from head coach Jason Garrett, but the Cowboys took a different path. Owner Jerry Jones talked about the need to make a change early and often publicly while Garrett offered up contradictory views, leading to the latest round of criticism that Jones’ habit of micromanaging football operations while refusing to hire a general manager was hurting the franchise.

One of Jones’ former sparring partners disagrees with that take. Bill Parcells said that the image of Jones is “distorted” and that Jones is a “good listener” who will adjust his own decisions and opinions if your arguments make sense. And he said that Jones’ habit of sticking his nose into every decision was something that drew him to the job because he didn’t want to work for an owner who was blasé about running the team.

“But Jerry isn’t like that. You want to be somewhere where it’s important to the people and certainly it’s a high-profile franchise without question,” Parcells said, via the team’s website. “I just felt like those are the kinds of things I look forward to. I was trying to do something at a place like that. I like them. I think they’re a good group. I think they’re passionate. I think they’re trying to be successful in the business. Hey, that’s all a coach can ask for.”

Jones has been incredibly successful on the business side of things, but his approach to football matters hasn’t led to comparable achievements in more than a decade. Players and coaches have come and gone in that point of time while Jones has remained in charge despite results that even he admitted would lead him to fire the G.M. if he wasn’t the G.M. So while the perception of Jones as a boss may be incorrect, it’s hard to argue with the perception that he’s been part of the problem for the Cowboys on the field.

36 responses to “Bill Parcells: Perception of Jerry Jones is distorted

  1. No your right Bill, Jerry has done a wonderful job with the Cowgirls, I hope he keeps it up for years to come.

  2. Take from a Bills fan who has had to put up with a meddling owner for decades, Jones isn’t doing anything to help his team, he is in fact hurting it. I think owners should have some input on how things are done but ultimately when it comes down to doing things that hurt their teams they need to butt out and let the coaches they hired run the show.

  3. That’s all a coach can ask for.” I don’t remember coach Parcells saying this when Jerah forced TO on him.

  4. The Bill Parcells “Mending Fences” tour continues. He won’t stop until everyone forgets every bad decision he’s ever made.

  5. How ignorant can you be to say you’d fire somebody else for similar or equal performance, but not recuse yourself from the job?

  6. yup. Jerry is such a great GM, Parcells ran away without even packing his suit case. It was most likely Parcells just ignored everything Jones said, because Parcells is Parcells.

  7. Jerry needs to realize what football did to Al Davis, and just take one step back. Trust people to do the jobs they’re getting paid six figures for..

  8. Obviously Parcells wants to coach for Dallas again. Any Dallas fan will tell you, as well as any smart football fan, that Jerry is the reason why this team always underperforms. His constant meddling undermines his coaches and removes all of their respect from players.

  9. Any true Cowboy fan who has followed things closely for any amount of time should know one thing is for certain..Mr. Jones will never relinquish control of the football operations, and will sooner go to his grave then admit he can’t win a Super Bowl his own way. It is just the way it is, and it is his right as owner of the team. As Cowboy fans, just like any fan of any team that has a stubborn owner who wants to win but may not really have the actual skill set to do it, we just have to suck it up and hope the players on the field can overcome and at least make the playoffs, but unfortunately knowing this is not likely given the recent history of things.

  10. As a Cowboys fan for nearly 5 decades, I can say that my problem with Jerry is that he’s a part time GM. The job requires a person who is solely immersed in that job. Jerry is too busy booking fights, soccer games, college football games, etc. for the stadium. He seems much more interested in the “celebrity” of owning the Cowboys, not the “work” of owning the team. The stadium is, no doubt, a monument to his vision and hard work but in the end has been a major distraction during the planning, construction and daily operation. In turn, the on-field product has suffered.

  11. Gimme a break. The well-informed, above average fan has as or good or better a grasp of the actual game of football as Jerry Jones does. We’ve been observing and listening to him for years. Never did jack without Jimmy Johnson and the HOF talent he assembled and developed.

  12. William Clay Ford Sr. is known as a very hand-off owner, deferring to the underlings he hires and remaining loyal to them.

    I’d much rather have Jerry Jones owning the Lions.

  13. parcells is full of it. he knows it, we know it and jerry jones knows it. revisionist history for sure. not sure of parcells motivation, but its a load of crap.

    lets not forget how important passionate involved ownership was for him at his next stop; he knew huizenga was going to sell the club, so he engineered a golden escape hatch to pay him 5 years pay after the sale.

    i have great respect for parcells the coach; not so much for the rest of his act. if the tripe hes trying to sell were true, he would have stayed in new england; where all those things a coach could ask for were already therel.

  14. Parcells must be still pissed at Jerry. I cant believe how subtle of a troll he was in that interview. As much as I am Dallas fan, Parcells reaffirmation of Jerrys meddling is just the sort of things that will get Jerry and his ego to think “if Parcells says this, I must double my efforts”.

    my favorite team is doomed. There is no hope for success until plastic face has a stroke and turns it over to Stephen.

  15. As a Cowboys fan I can say that having Jerry as the owner is like being stuck in a bad marriage in which neither partner will ever leave. Jerry is an idiot, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

  16. gorilladunk says:

    As a Cowboys fan for nearly 5 decades, I can say that my problem with Jerry is that he’s a part time GM. The job requires a person who is solely immersed in that job.

    Perfectly said. And in a side note, this is the same reason Jay-Z is going to stink as an agent. Giving part of your attention to full-time jobs never turns out well.

  17. Nobody is saying Jerry Jones doesn’t love his team. The problem is he simply doesn’t have the “football IQ” to build and manage a winning team. The proof is in his record since Jimmy Johnson left. The Cowboys have been and will continue to be a .500 team as long as Jerry Jones runs the show.

  18. That’s loser talk from Bill Parcells. A coach should ask his GM for a LOT more than just trying to do a good job. He should ask them to DO a good job no matter what it takes, make no excuses, and fire yourself or fire anybody and get the right people or whatever, but don’t you dare FAIL at the job!! Get the goddarn job done and do YOUR part, this is professional football and we have to be the best! Or I shouldn’t be coaching for you!

  19. I know for some reason or other this post will get deleted, but I had to say something anyway. If you jerk offs would stop listening to what the media was putting out there and form your own opinion, I think you would see it differently. Jerry gets it for being a G.M but really, what has he done wrong? Poor drafting? Maybe, but that could be said for everyone else in the league. So, what else could it be, humm, poor free agents signings. I may have seen a dud or two around, but again how is that any different then any other team. I also hear Jerry’s the reason why they don’t win on the field. Like he’s calling the plays. If he is, then why wasn’t that said when this team went 13-3 a couple of years ago. What most of you fail to understand is this. The N.F.L has had it out for Jerry since he came into the league. When he thumb his noise to the NFL and tried to do things his way. Market the team the way he wanted to, not the way the NFL told him too. NFL was sponsored by coke, fine, but Jerry wanted Pepsi. The NFL had a deal with champion to do their jerseys, fine, but Jerry wanted Nike. What made matters worst, they won. Not just won, but won three superbowls. The NFL’s answer to that was to implement a salary cap. So, this isn’t anything new, just the latest smear campaign by the NFL to punish Jerry. If you don’t believe that, explain to me how can you go against the spirt of the salary cap rule when there was no salary cap in the first place??

  20. Rough era to be a Cowboys fan. The rest of the league just sits back and watches Jones destroy one of the largest franchises in the NFL.

    Hire a GM, you idiot!

  21. @solomon151….let me enlighten you a wee bit as to how Jerry has been a total failure as GM…..
    1)his ability to evaluate talent is pathetic
    2) the “advisers” he listens to most closely are Larry Lacewell and Barry Switzer. Both haven’t been closely involved in the NFL game for over a decade and when they were involved, their ideas were suspect, at best.
    3)signing players to long-term contracts who were past their prime thus putting the team in difficult salary cap positions.
    4)continually runs his mouth and makes statements that embarrass most Cowboys fans and cause them to look downward and shake their heads.
    5)has solely decide to keep that piece of crap Josh Brent on the roster after he drove drunk, killed a teammate and then violated the provisions of his parole. I believe in helping people out, but Brent is one of those guys who never seems to think the rules apply to him. And you want that type of guy for a teammate?

    I’d list more, but I think I made my point.

  22. @gorilladunk

    I’m here to respond to your list.

    1)his ability to evaluate talent is pathetic

    Wow, I can’t believe you said this. I guess Austin, Bryant, Witten, Ware, Lee, etc. don’t count. Next

    2) the “advisers” he listens to most closely are Larry Lacewell and Barry Switzer. Both haven’t been closely involved in the NFL game for over a decade and when they were involved, their ideas were suspect, at best.

    I dont know where you got that from but, I have the list of the. Scouts that Jerry has in his ear.

    Tom Ciskowski
    Position: Director of College and Pro Scouting
    Joined Cowboys: 1992
    Background: Spent 15 years in the high school and college coaching ranks. … Arizona State, Oklahoma State, University of Miami, New Mexico State and UNLV are among his college stops. … Spent five years as an area scout for the West and three more in the Southeast before he became the club’s assistant director of college scouting. … He was named to oversee the department in ’08 and came away with Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins in his first draft in that capacity. … Earned a master’s degree in athletic administration from East Central (Okla.) University.

    Chris Hall
    Position: College Scouting Coordinator
    Joined Cowboys: 1990
    Background: Worked briefly in the athletic offices at SMU before joining the Cowboys as a scouting assistant. … Elevated to current position in ’01. … Oversees the day-to-day operation and organization of the college scouting department and manages the free agent signing period immediately after the draft. … Graduated from SMU with a degree in advertising.

    Drew Fabianich
    Position: National College Scout
    Joined Cowboys: 2003
    Background: Spent 17 years as a high school and college coach. … He was the defensive coordinator/linebackers coach at W.T. White in Dallas before joining the Cowboys. … Was the club’s Midwest scout for four years until moving into his current role in ’08. … Quarterback at Mesa State (Col.) College before a spinal injury ended his career.

    3)signing players to long-term contracts who were past their prime thus putting the team in difficult salary cap positions.

    I think you have the Cowboys confused with the Skin’s. Who may I ask are you talking about??

    4)continually runs his mouth and makes statements that embarrass most Cowboys fans and cause them to look downward and shake their heads.

    I don’t see what that has to do with being a GM, but ok.

    And your fifth reason may have been your best, but, at the same time. Brent won’t touch the field at any point this year. So, to me it’s a non issue

  23. @solomon151,
    Yeah, Jerrah hit on a few good players, but then he’s the genius who picked Carpenter, signed TO and Pacman, promoted Campo and Ginger Boy to be his sock puppets…

    How many playoff games has Jerrah’s team won in the last 16 years? Answer: 1. That’s slightly less pathetic than Matt Millen’s tenure with the Lions, and definitely less successful than Al Davis’ last 16 years with the Raiders. And the Raiders now have YEARS of digging to do to get out of the hole that Al left him in. It will be interesting to see what kind of mess Jerrah leaves his team in when he finally kicks the bucket…

    Face it: If Jerrah was just a GM and not an owner/GM, he would have been fired YEARS ago, as he himself admitted. As a businessman who built a world class stadium, you have to tip your cap to Jerrah. As a GM whose last 16 years are the very definition of mediocrity, well, he makes a great business man.

    If I was a Cowboy fan, I’d tell him the best way to get this team back on top is to focus on the business side and hire REAL football people to run that side… But his ego won’t let that happen, so say, “Hello” to MANY more years of mediocrity, interspersed with sucking ash…

  24. Parcells makes some good points about Jerry Jones. Together they were able to field a playoff team which has been rare in Dallas lately.

    The reason it worked was because Parcells was excellent at evaluating talent while Jerry was/is not.

    It takes a strong leader to work for Jerry and Parcells along with Jimmy Johnson, were that.

  25. I would just like to point out Austin was a Bill Parcells recruitment. The Tuna knows every single player within 200 miles of his home town. If you think for an instant Tuna didn’t know who Austin was, or that he wasnt going to be drafted, you are crazy.

    Also, Ware and Witten were also both Tuna picks. There is some allegation that Jerry over ruled Tuna on when to pick Ware (unsure if thats true), but the fact is that Tuna is the one that put those pieces in place, not Jerry.

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