Bill Parcells pleased NFL enforcing padding rules for players

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Count Bill Parcells among those in favor of the NFL making thigh and knee padding compulsory for players to take the field.

In a conference call with media on Wednesday, Parcells, who will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August, said getting players to wear the proper padding was a “constant battle” for him as a head coach.

“I’m glad that we are enforcing that, because I think that the players sometimes don’t know what’s in their own best interest, and I think wearing proper equipment is definitely in their best interest,” said Parcells, who noted he would fine players for not wearing padding and who was asked specifically about his time with the Giants.

Added Parcells, who also coached the Patriots, Jets and Cowboys: “I’ve seen many, many injuries in my experience that came when proper equipment was not worn and could have been prevented, so I am all for that 100 percent.”

Parcells said in his experience, “the cornerbacks and the receivers were the two positions that I found to be the most flagrant violators. And, it’s a coincidence, but they’re the furthest people from the ball.

“You didn’t usually have to worry about your linemen or a lot of your linebackers or any of the interior people. Even your running backs were pretty careful. But the people on the perimeter of the defense were the ones that I always had the trouble with.”

8 responses to “Bill Parcells pleased NFL enforcing padding rules for players

  1. Its amazing to me the lack of intelligence on behalf of some of the players being against the rule. If they are all made to wear the equipment they will all be at the same disadvantage or is it the NFLPA just wanted another thing to argue about?

  2. The players who are against pads, drug testing, penalties against illegal hits, and bringing down bounty programs will be the same players suing the league in ten years because they have long term health issues.

  3. Right or wrong, it’s a machismo thing with players, like wearing a cup. Don’t put them on the field without the proper equipment, taking any option out of it. They fine guys for having their shirts untucked or their sox not pulled up.

  4. People here that are saying this is a no-brainer don’t really know what the players complaints are. Not every player is built the same. The pads would have more of a negative effect on someone with leaner, longer legs, say, a DB or WR. They’re awkward to run in and move around alot, so you’re constantly adjusting. Also, the pads stick out about an inch. That’s one inch closer to being down by contact or out of bounds. This is, after all, a game of inches.

  5. I’ve played a lot of organized football. The thigh/knees pads collectively weigh 1 lb. Add in hip pads that together may be a lb. That’s not slowing you down when you’re world class athlete. But deep thigh contusions will slow you down. It’s a no brainer. Esp now with the Nike all in one girdle that pads don’t even need to be adjusted. The one pad I used to always try and leave out was the small one for the tailbone as that is a pain and always moved around.

    Also reading this article gave me a flashback to Little League when we’d have to line up before game and the ump would walk down and cup check everyone. Parents probably call that sexual abuse nowadays.

  6. I’ll never forget that Eric Dickerson once said,” I wear every pad they make on every part of my body. Football hurts”.

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