Bucs sign Lawrence Tynes, will place Connor Barth on NFI list

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Buccaneers placekicker Connor Barth will miss the 2013 season with an Achilles injury suffered while taking part in a charity basketball game, the club said Wednesday.

The club also announced it was placing Barth on the reserve / non-football injury list instead of injured reserve. The Bucs said Barth suffered the injury Friday.

To replace Barth, the Buccaneers tabbed one of the top veteran placekickers left in free agency, adding former Giant Lawrence Tynes.

The 35-year-old Tynes connected on a career-best 33 field goals in 39 attempts in 2012 for New York, which signed kicker Josh Brown in March.

“We are disappointed to lose a productive player like Connor, but are very fortunate to be able to sign an experienced kicker at this time of year,” Buccaneers GM Mark Dominik said, according to the club.

Barth, 27, connected on 28-of-33 field goals in 2012. He signed a four-year, $13.2 million contract last May, per Rotoworld data.

21 responses to “Bucs sign Lawrence Tynes, will place Connor Barth on NFI list

  1. Giants cut this great kicker because he was set to earn $3 mil this year, I realise its a lot for a kicker, but it was his two kicks that won the giants two NFC championship games and led them to the Super Bowl, douchy move by big blue, great kicker, should do well in Tampa

  2. Wow, Bucs are very lucky to have a guy like Tynes available. He was a pretty solid kicker for NYG, which is a very difficult place to kick. If he can kick in the swirling winds of NY then he should have no problem kicking with the mild coastal Gulf breezes in Tampa.

  3. Not sure why the Giants would look to save a couple bucks when they know they have a guy that can get it done with the season on the line..

    Seriously, how many games come down to the kicker putting it between the uprights? How many SEASONS come down to it?

  4. @leanback360 says
    didn’t Tynes miss two kicks to win that game before he finally tied it? Give any nfl kicker 3 chances tie a game and they’ll do it unless they pull a big time Vanderjagt. Dude is nothing special.

  5. I feel I have to say this for all the Tynes bandwagoners here. I’m a Giants fan and I will give him credit for his recent accuracy, but to say he’s always been like that would be an incredible overstatement.

    He’s missed just as many of those critical FGs as he’s made. In the 07 NFC championship game, he missed 2 game winning field goals before making the 1 late in overtime. The defense won that game. Not Tynes. There were many kicks of his that made fans want to bash their foreheads into a wall. On top of him being a coin flip at best past about 45 yards. Honestly, I’m surprised he wasn’t cut around 2009.

    Like I said the past year or two, He’s been a lot better, so I’ve backed off the pitchfork and torching. But a great kicker, he is not.

  6. @pnut – You’re out of your mind. The two greatest kicks in NFL history are Vinatieri’s snow kick vs. Oak and Tynes 47 yder vs. GB.

    Sitting on your couch in the comfort and warmth of your own home has made Giants’ fans jaded about his 2 misses. I was at that game. My beer froze solid in 30 seconds. Sitting in those stands we actually thought both teams would scrap the kicking game altogether based on the temps and wind. The fact that he made 3 FGs, including the long game winner, and only missed 2 was incredible.

    It was no easy decision for the Giants to cut him. If Tynes max range was 5 yds longer, he’d still be a Giant.

  7. Playoff game on the line….you’re down 1 and need a 43yder to win…better yet, you have 50g’s on the game….you can have any kicker in the NFL….if you choose anyone other than Vinatieri or Tynes, you need to have your head examined.

  8. It was the strength of his leg that finished his NY career. His percentage from 45 yds in is fine. But past that he’s an adventure. His kickoffs are horribly short too.

  9. Half these idiots must not have seen how many big kicks he missed. Weak leg, he’s a kicker who really cares anyway! Gmen need to get TDs in The redzone kicker is irrelevant!

  10. @ justintuckrule

    Parcells calls Vinitieri’s 45 yarder in the snow versus Oakland, the greatest kick in NFL history when you tie in all of the factors (distance, condition, time on the clock, score, pressure, playoffs).

  11. @bcgreg – It’s an interesting debate. I think they are 1a and 1b.

    Vinatieri – pros: blizzard, fg to tie, distance
    cons: it was a divisional game, at home, Pats were favored

    Tynes – pros: at Lambeau where nobody ever made a playoff kick over 40 yds, -3 with -24 wind chill, trip to SB on line, Giants were heavy road dogs
    – cons: game was tied, no snow.

    Like I said…very interesting debate. As a Giants’ fan who saw the kick in person, I am biased. Although, I still give a slight nod to A.V. probably based on pressure.

  12. Very similar kicker to Barth except with more playoff experience. We may be better off. We want a kicker money from 45yds and in because our punter kicks on kickoffs.

  13. glazerh8er says:
    Jul 17, 2013 4:08 PM
    Very similar kicker to Barth except with more playoff experience. We may be better off. We want a kicker money from 45yds and in because our punter kicks on kickoffs.
    I wouldn’t doubt it if he regains the ability to make 50 consistently. Playing in the NFC south with most games in good weather and domes will do wonders for him. The long kicks he missed were mostly in Giants stadium, the hardest place in the league to kick.

  14. Call me a homer if you want to but there is no way we are better off. I believe Barth is in the argument of the best kicker in the NFL. That being said I like the pick up though.

  15. These aren’t good Tynes for Barth. Fotunate for the Bucs to obtain such a reliable replacement.

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