Charles Tillman: Bears in win-now mode


Like a lot of Bears, Charles Tillman’s entering the final year of his contract.

But the veteran cornerback said his mindset hasn’t changed because of it, and his goals remain the same.

“Just to make plays and help this team win and try to get us a parade down Michigan Avenue, . . . that’s the mindset that I have, whether  this is my last year or whether I have three years left on my contract,” Tillman said, via Fred Mitchell of the Chicago Tribune. “It’s all the same. We just want to win a Super Bowl. At the end of the day, that’s what it is about.

“That’s how I am approaching this season. [General Manager] Phil Emery made the decision to hire a new coach so this coach could take us in the direction. My role as a player is to buy into that system and do whatever I can to help this team to win a Super Bowl. I think myself and the rest of the players have bought into coach [Marc] Trestman’s scheme and his system and we want to win and we want to win now. We’re not in a rebuild mode. We don’t have time to rebuild. We’re in the winning now business. The win RIGHT now business.”

With so many high-level contracts up, including quarterback Jay Cutler and franchise-tagged defensive tackle Henry Melton, the Bears are in an interesting spot. All of those deals are ones that Emery and Trestman inherited, and if the Bears don’t win right now, the organization might decide to part ways with a lot of veterans.

They already made one calculated business decision with linebacker Brian Urlacher this offseason, and if the results don’t come, that’s not a good sign for any of the long-time Bears looking for new deals.

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  1. Melton is too greedy and Cutler is too mediocre and has a looming contract issue. I’d trade them both and rebuild the setup, I just don’t care for their roster configuration at this time and see them as any threat to compete for a title this year. They are going to make the same mistakes they did last year, which is take on massive depreciation expense while not using it to leverage a qualified title run. That’s going to hinder their long-term future. Interesting spot indeed.

  2. Tillman might be in win mode. It’s just too bad Jay Cutler is sitting at home watching laguna beach marathons instead of preparing for the season. That being said Jay Cutler is a big ol’ D bag.

  3. Nice to see a player with this attitude. I’m a Packer fan, but much respect to Peanut.

  4. My feeling is these Chicago Bears will be a 12 win team this season and land a berth in the NFC Championship game. Trestman will make that much of a difference. From the Bill Walsh coaching tree of course

  5. what exactly did you guys expect Tillman to stay during this interview? I want Lovie and Mike Tice back. You’re hate trash talk reflects your fear, last ditch negative cheap shot at Cutler and the Bears only 50 days left and the truth will be revealed.

  6. Bears have gotten better. Trestman is in a no win situation. Lats year the Bears defense had a tone of turnovers that no one would expect them to reproduce this year under Lovie, but when they don’t reproduce it under Trestman it will be because they fired Lovie.

    Lovie has already almost 3x the amount of seasons it takes wining coaches to win (over the past 25 years it has averaged SB winning coaches a little over 3 years to win their first SB, and many of them one multiple SBs. The outlier is Bill Cowher).

    Lovie was a coach who could not win, manage the clock, keep a lead, use the challenge flag, or develop talent.

    DC at least a lateral move: Mel Tucker is considered an excellent DC in the league and was up for a few HC jobs.

    OC improved: Do I need to explain this?

    HC Improved: I find it hard to believe that Trestman won’t be an improvement in the gameday coaching. he has won in this league and the CFL. The Bears are going from a coach who once proclaimed “we don’t make adjustments” after getting killed in the first half, to a coach who is known for making adjustments from play to play.

    O-Line Improved: In every way conceivable.

    WRs: Jeffery is healthy and one year better. Wilson could prove to be a steal in the slot. All of the receivers will benefit from a good TE and a new offense.

    TE improved: Blocks/runs/catches. Doesn’t fall/drop/pout

    RB Same: Forte and Bush will both benefit from the new offense. I think Forte will be used like Brian Westbrook, but there are only so many balls to go around. Production stays the same at RB with it being a smaller % of a larger total offense.

    D-Line same/slightly better: Mostly the same, we could see improvements from Shea in his second year, a healthy Wooten, and Washington might prove to be a good situational pass rusher in his rookie year.

    LB core improved: I liked BU as much as the next guy, but this is a better total talent on the field period.

    DBs improved: At minimum their the same, but the young safeties will benefit from another year in the system, Harden will be healthy and could be a beast if he stays that way, and the unit will benefit from not being exposed in so many Tampa-2 coverages.

    So with improvements or lateral moves at every position group…how is a 10-6 team not in position to make a run rather than rebuild?

  7. The Bears have the same problem the Giants , Cowboys and Redskins have — they’re in a highly competitive division. That can make it tough to get a decent playoff seed (or even make the playoffs) if you don’t do well against the teams in your division.

  8. Well plus the Bears are projected to be potentially one of the oldest teams in the NFL, if not #1. There was an article last month that had them #1 for oldest projected starters this year.

  9. I know there are well over a dozen players in the last year or on a one year contract. If there is one player I hope they keep its Tillman. He’s an awesome player (ask Calvin Johnson) and even better person.

  10. Its Chicago’s turn this season. and the O-line can make it all happen. If
    they keep Cutler on his feet and open a few decent holes for Forte each game the Bears will have a long season. Cutler in February… sounds good to me.

  11. It seems they are kind of in the same spot the Vikings were in 2010. Whether they win now or not, they will be rebuilding starting next season.

  12. I’ll never understand why so many love to hate on Cutler, oh yea the media. Since he came to Chicago how many different offenses did he have to go through? How many years did he have a decent O Line? This dude has taken the biggest beating in the league since coming to Chicago but that’s often over looked. Just reality check yourselves and see when you started to hate Cutler, I’m sure it was after he decided he didn’t want to play in Denver AFTER they decided Matt Cassell was who they wanted.

    People want to talk about his attitude and side line body language; all of that means nothing when he steps on the field and gives 100%. On top of that how much off field issues do he have? DUIs? Assult? Bar Fights? Arrests?

  13. very concerned to play them week 1….plenty of talent on this team and a HC with a new offense that historically puts up points… I wouldnt be surprised if Cincy leave Chi town with an L…….Atkins and the boys better be ready

  14. I was a little miffed with the PFT ranking. I really think these guys are in for a big year. As mentioned above, improvements across the board, but a tough schedule in a tough (damn packers) division.

  15. blackhawks2010 says:
    Jul 17, 2013 6:35 PM
    Win now mode? Really? Not with that Oline….

    You do realize the line has been completely reset right? I know the Blackhawks ruled the NHL this season and you probably didn’t pay attention to the off season, but the Bears have a much improved and probably the best line in the past 25 years…..

  16. I remember the comment from a football player “upnort” (as the uppers say), whom played for Trestman, and now is a reporter. He called Trestman the Bill Belichick of the CFL. I hope he is right. America needs a new team!
    Charles Tillman is a class act, and I am glad that he is still a Bear this year.

  17. @filthy:

    Late season choke, GB style:

    2011 – 15-1 regular season, loss in first playoff game.

    2012 – Loss to the Heidis in Week 17, bye-bye No. 2 Seed; beat same Heidis (and the immortal Joe Webb) in first round of playoffs; travel to SF, where the ‘Niners promptly whupped ’em in a very thorough thrashing.

    Now, if y’all cheeseheads want to console your sorry selves that “Hey, at least we made the playoffs!” go right ahead…’Tis true after all…But in the end we were all cryin’ in our beers come February.

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