Chiefs fans want a shot at loudest crowd record

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Seahawks fans will try to set a Guinness world record for the loudest crowd at a sporting event when the team hosts the 49ers on September 15, but their bid may not wind up being the only one at an NFL stadium this year.

A group of Chiefs fans started a Facebook group called “Terrorhead Returns” to rally support for Guinness to monitor the level of crowd noise at a Chiefs game during the 2013 season. The group aims “to re-affirm and establish our long known history” of loud crowds at Arrowhead Stadium.

As the Kansas City Star points out, an attempt at Arrowhead would come with more than 12,000 additional voices in the mix than the Seahawks can muster at CenturyLink Field if the stadium is full. There’s no date set at this point for an attempt, although the Chiefs fan group reports that Guinness has received their application and notified the group that it passes muster for the first phase of the acceptance process. It will be a few weeks before they learn whether there will be an official attempt at the record.

The current record belongs to a crowd at a Turkish soccer game, which reached 131.76 decibels during a game. That stadium is considerably smaller than CenturyLink Field, which would seem to offer the NFL fanbases a good shot at the record if they can rally every available voice to their cause.

36 responses to “Chiefs fans want a shot at loudest crowd record

  1. Arrowhead has already been measured at 116 decibels and unlike some other stadiums it was directly attributed to the fans, not speakers… To be fair if Arrowhead is given a shot it should also be on opening day against the Cowboys.

  2. Wait until Andy calls his first timeout 0:45 into the game like he did here…. unless KC fans react like we did at first – with total bewilderment.

  3. With all due respect to Chiefs fans….Arrowhead stadium doesn’t have anything on Quest Field. I’m a 49ers fan and former Air Force guy who attended a Seahawks/49ers game once and Quest field is ungodly loud…like inconceivably loud….louder than being on a tarmac when jets are taking off loud. I just don’t see Arrowhead getting even close to that level. But I know Chiefs fans ARE passionate!

  4. The Seahakws fans have a stadium that funnels the noise inward, and also have a low ceiling of clouds/moisture above the city, as well. Arrowhead doesn’t have either.

  5. Wait, we’re forgetting Jacksonville here! They’ve been know to reach as many as 57 decibels when ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ is qued in the third quarter.

  6. Unlike Kansas City, Seattle has no problem supplementing any needed crowd noise through the public address system when necessary. Does anyone think those latte drinkers actually generate that on their own? The old stadiums resonate in a way the new ones simply can’t.

  7. Also, please do not bring the “I have never been to Arrowhead but CenturyLink Field is louder” comments, they make you look ignorant. It’s been measured, the numbers don’t lie.

  8. “The Seahakws fans have a stadium that funnels the noise inward, and also have a low ceiling of clouds/moisture above the city, as well. Arrowhead doesn’t have either.”

    This is a good reason why they’re probably more likely to set a mark if they’re specifically trying for it.

    But it still stands that Arrowhead, with no kind of design advantage, has been measured at 116 decibels while Qwest Field’s best is 112.

  9. All you need to out do the Seattle stadium is to get bigger or more speakers then they have pumping in “Crowd Noise”.

    They made the colts stop with that BS its time for the league to step in make the seahawks stop with the fake crown noise.

  10. They made the colts stop with that BS its time for the league to step in make the seahawks stop with the fake crown noise. You’re full of BS

  11. As a Seahawk fan, I’d rather have a good team than a record for loudest noise. I could care less if Arrowhead or Quest ever get any record.

    And for those of you who claim that Quest pumps in crowd noise………you’re delusional. It the stadium design that makes it loud.

  12. So will this record attempt occur with or without the canned pumped in crowd noise?

  13. I’d like to know what the numbers were for the Silverdome. I’m surprised that isn’t the record holder. 80,000 PLUS in a tight closed stadium. Wow, that was one deafening place. I’d like to know the data for that stadium and how close it must have come.

  14. Soooooo… The NFL has checked and investigated multiple times about any artificial crowd noise in century link and have never ever been able to find any.

    They don’t use speakers, they have a roudy college type atmosphere at the stadium, we all love our teams, but don’t spread lies please. If you aren’t yelling, other fans will say something a lot of times, the fans rightfully or wrongly truly believe the 12th man helps the team and it’s your job to try to disrupt the offense.

    And BTW, have you ever heard of ” BEAST QUAKE” That was Marshawns run in the playoffs against the defending champion Saints.

    CAUSED A MINOR EARTHQUAKE hence Beast QUAKE, registered at 133.2 at according to the university of washington.
    The faithful chiefs man may or more bot break it, every team has its advantages, either flat or funneled air, or humidity, doesn’t matter. But to wrongly call in speakers is Rediculous and any word of that makes you a moron.

    BTW the television caught the Redskins pumping in crowd noise against the seahawks in the playoffs. Why weren’t they punished, that was caught by the tv, go and check. That’s sad.

  15. We don’t pipe in noise. Knock that crap off. The NFL checked us on that and found no evidence of it. Also Arrowhead has a larger capacity by 12,000 thousand people. Of course it will be louder.

  16. Shoulda packed Errorhead prior to firin Pioli. I’m sure then they woulda broke the record. Just come back in three years when they fire the Walrus!

  17. I am a HUGE COWBOYS and I have been to Century Link and see the Boys vs Hawks… Let me tell you, there are no extra speakers to funnel in crowd noise… That place is OUT AND OUT LOUD AS HELL!!! I think that they will be able to set the world record with no problem..

  18. The Chiefs’ fans are very passionate and I saw them actually help the team win a dismal rainy game one night in KC against the Raiders a few years ago. You could barely see in front of you with the rain but the stadium was packed to the gills. I gained respect for Chiefs fans that night.

  19. I’m sure that Arrowhead could break the record, all they need to do is bring back Matt Cassel for another concussion.

  20. Take it from this Eagles fan; with Reid as coach it’s going to be pretty quiet in Arrowhead by November.

  21. Do you think the players care? Whoop D Freakin Do. They get paid no matter what. But hey look! That guy in the nosebleeds is holding a sign supporting his favorite player!

  22. This might be the dumbest thing I have seen in awhile. Who can scream at the top of their lungs the loudest? What a noteworthy achievement.

    Seattle fans are hilarious. They are so in love with themselves over the 12th man thing it’s just awesome to watch as a visitor. They raise a 12 flag before the game, and there are people with number 12 jerseys that say FAN on the back, a lot of them! Then they stroke themselves on the scoreboard with false start standings. “Hey everyone, we can scream really loud!”

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