Cutler says he’s not distracted by contract talk

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Bears quarterback Jay Cutler said the lack of a contract extension entering the final year of his deal won’t be a distraction, or much of a topic of conversation.

Cutler told ESPN Chicago 1000 it was barely on his mind at all.

I haven’t thought about it in a while, actually,” Cutler said. “I’ll probably address it once in training camp, once before the season and that’s kind of it. I’m not going to talk about it.

“That stuff takes care of itself. As long as we’re winning football games and I’m playing well, hopefully they keep me around. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll see how it plays out. I’m not going to be distracted by it. I can’t worry about it. I’ve been in this league long enough. I’ve seen guys come and guys go. It will work out the way it’s supposed to work out.”

Of course, there had been talks about a new deal for Cutler, prior to the hiring of head coach Marc Trestman this offseason. But now, Cutler’s going to have to prove his worth to a new boss, and said the early returns are positive.

“It’s been good,” Cutler said of learning Trestman. “We’ve had a good relationship, a good base. It’s going to grow from here. But he’s an offensive guy, he understands the quarterback position, he understands the pressure we’re under, he understands how to make it easier for us. He’ll hold everybody accountable, not just offensively, but defensively he goes and meets with those guys.

“He’s just change. We have a lot of change around that building, so it’s not always a bad thing. So guys have to adapt to it and go with the flow and figure things out on the run.”

So will the Bears, if they enjoy success this year and watch Cutler reach the free agent market.

12 responses to “Cutler says he’s not distracted by contract talk

  1. Of course not, he’s only distracted by the fear of getting crushed every time he drops back to throw the ball.

  2. This so-called distraction is a creation of the reporters and hype-merchants out there that have nothing else to talk about (well, other than A. Hernandez and other crimes against humanity) during this off season. Jay is right to ignore the pot stirring and focus on executing the offense. Let the bean counters handle the rest.

  3. This guy has the arm and the confidence. Now he has a somewhat decent oline, on paper, Marshall Law, forte, this team has the ability to be very dangerous. Can’t wait for Bears vs Packers.

  4. “I haven’t thought about it actually…” Is exactly what the Bears have said about a good backup or a possible replacement if they don’t want to sign him. Something cursed about running the Bears and ever remembering the offense exists.

  5. I believe that Cutler was ranked 14th recently, so do the math and that is how many teams would think that he is an upgrade over what they have now.

  6. Of course the media will make a bigger deal out of this then it really is. Cutler isn’t going anywhere. What is this, his 3rd different O.C. since he has been here? Plus a new head coach and playbook. They were 10-6 last year with the worst offensive line in the NFL. They have upgraded the line and gave Jay more weapons on offense. They should do fine this year. If there is “growing pains” and they go 8-8 or 7-9 do you really think he is gone? Even at 6-10 he stays. They would need to go 3-13 before the thought enters their mind that he is gone. We have a veteran team in “win now” mode. If he goes, who steps in?? I doubt there will be a Alex Smith available like last year in the off season and the draft is always a crap shoot.

  7. @ shorttracknews
    agreed 100% Cutler will get a new contract regardless of the win/lost record. but even with growing pains the Bears will go 11-5 because I dont think the league will see Trestman coming. and if that O-line give Cutler time… Bears fans might be watching a game in February

  8. I think Cutler will be here beyond 2013, the only question to be answered is how much he gets in the next deal…This is what will be determined by his production this year.

    And, despite the new coaching staff, the veteran roster that went 10-6 last year should have no problem repeating that win total.

  9. If cutler is implying that he’s taking the lack of negotiations on the chin…well, he’s thinking of it backwards. Grow a chin & the front office will talk.

  10. Cutler’s a loser, he’s a whiner, he sucks, he doesn’t smile. bad Jay, bad, blah, blah, blah…. There all said. I hate to see lowlifes straining themselves to write big words.
    We got one of the best QB’s in the league, player, leader and person. Go Bears!!!

  11. Emery is a good GM but if he dont sign Cutler to a new contract. I will turn on his a%$ Chicago style. the’re wont be a thing in the world he could say to justify letting go of the best QB Chicago had in 60 years. NOT NOTHING! and Im not the only Bears fan who feels that way. With NO REAL professional offensive system, No coach who knew a thing about offense not to mention a QB. NO O-line to speak of and 1 WR last season Cutler won 10 games. sign the man.

  12. The Cutler apologists won’t admit the real reason behind the Bears reluctance to give him more money. He’s a 30 year old journeyman QB hiding behind his overrated arm with one lone career playoff win on his entire resume.

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