Daryl Richardson projected as Rams’ No. 1 running back


Not since 2004, when Marshall Faulk was still the starter, has anyone other than Steven Jackson been the Rams’ No. 1 running back. But with Jackson now in Atlanta, someone else will be carrying the load in St. Louis this year. And at the moment, the Rams think that “someone” will be Daryl Richardson.

The Rams’ training camp media guide calls Richardson, a 2012 seventh-round pick who rushed for 475 yards on 98 carries as a rookie, the projected starter on offense.

Isaiah Pead, the Rams’ 2012 second-round pick, is currently projected as the No. 2 running back and Zac Stacy, a fifth-round pick this year, is projected as the No. 3 running back. Terrance Ganaway will likely be the fourth and last running back on the regular-season roster.

As Rotoworld points out, Richardson is really only projected as the No. 1 running back now because someone has to be No. 1 now. He’ll have to earn the No. 1 job in training camp. And it will be interesting to see how often the Rams use first-round rookie Tavon Austin, who is listed as a wide receiver but who ran the ball 72 times for 643 yards as a senior at West Virginia last year, as a running back.

But for now anyway, Richardson is the leader in the Rams’ running back competition.

15 responses to “Daryl Richardson projected as Rams’ No. 1 running back

  1. He’ll be used in space as the ‘change of pace’ back.

    I’m betting Pead will be the lead back…Kid looked pretty decent in the last game against Seattle – Richardson didn’t look so hot down the stretch…And Pead can run between the tackles.

  2. I have no skin in this division but I will tell ya, I think teams are gonna have their hands full with the Rams and I won’t be surprised to see them take the division!

  3. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out. Pead and Richardson should both wind up being quality backs and may make a great 1-2 punch.

  4. I think Pead will be the 3 down back but Richardson is the more fast and explosive back hence his two 40+ yard runs he had last year.

  5. D-Rich looked pretty damn good with the ball in his hands last year. It’s true he faded a bit ib the last couple games, but I think he could tote the rock.

    There will be a couple of really cool battles in Rams camp this year, it’d do PFT good to observe them.

  6. Rams will have a true running game by committee this year although I do still have some hope that Pead may emerge after his 1 game suspension. However since the Rams have 2 1st rd picks in 2014, they’ll probably get a long term lead RB out next years draft.

    The RGIII trade for the Rams may end up being only second to the Herschel Walker trade in a few years.

  7. If Richardson gets an opportunity to be the lead guy I think he will surprise a lot of people with his skills. He has all the tools to be a top 10 back. If the Rams offense plays to their potential they will turn heads.

  8. as one person mentioned the rams do have 2 picks in the 1st round again next year but I seriously hope they find either one or more of the 3 backs to be good enough to avoid drafting a rb next year early. (not counting ganaway) yet and allow us to fill more holes (whatever they turn out to be ), if the hole turns out to be rb then so be it but could you imagine if the group we have on both sides of the ball work out the rams could finally be drafting for depth and not always just filling holes.. GO RAMS!!

  9. Richardson does not strike me as a Jeff Fisher type running back. Pead does. But with Pead suspended game 1 of the season, Richardson has one week to claim victory.

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