DeSean Jackson predicts Michael Vick will beat out Nick Foles


Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson said last month that he thinks the team’s quarterback competition is “kind of even.” But Jackson said today that if he has to predict, he thinks Michael Vick will beat out Nick Foles and be Philadelphia’s Week One starter.

Jackson said on ESPN First Take that he expects Vick to prove he’s the quarterback most prepared to help the Eagles win in Week One.

“In my opinion, honestly, I don’t want to be put on the spot,” Jackson said. “But Michael Vick’s got a lot of confidence in himself. He’s been there going on 12 years in the NFL, and I think he’ll get the job.”

Jackson added that “Nick Foles is a great, great talent,” and he acknowledged that he doesn’t know for sure what head coach Chip Kelly will do.

“I think Michael Vick will probably be the starter, but we still don’t know. I think Chip Kelly’s going to keep everybody honest,” Jackson said.

Jackson also suggested that Kelly will take advantage of what Vick does best, whereas Andy Reid’s offense limited Vick’s mobility.

“They tried to switch his playing skills up a little bit, try to sit back and just be a pocket passer,” Jackson said. “Michael Vick is a quarterback that uses his legs first and foremost. When things break down, that’s what he’s got to depend on. He can’t sit back there and just take hits. . . . To try to get a Michael Vick to stay in the pocket when things shut down, that’s hard to do.”

Kelly’s offense may prove to be the perfect fit for Vick.

55 responses to “DeSean Jackson predicts Michael Vick will beat out Nick Foles

  1. Wanna waste few minutes of your day ….

    “Diamonds on my neck”

    DeSean Jackson and Snoop Dogg.

    You tube it.


  2. And If Nick Foles wins the starting QB spot Al Sharpston will be organizing a march in Philly….

  3. here come all the philly Vick haters in 3…….2…….1

    Again start Foles if you want to….LOL… if Vick looks like trash in Kelly’s offense Eagles fans I will man up right here on PFT…No worries…None of us is always right…. But I respect the fans that admit their mistakes NOT the fans that disappear like Casper….

  4. The heat is getting to Desean. Foles is going to be a really great starting QB for the Eagles this year and for a long time to come.

  5. If Vick isn’t running his mouth, DeSean is. These two are best friends off the field, what do you expect him to say? Especially since he’s been saying stupid things his whole career. Vicks a “QB” in the loosest sense of the word. He’s more like a RB who uses his legs first, arm second and brain third.

  6. ^ Did you even watch the linked video? He was barely “running his mouth about it.” The non-transcribed version actually displays a nice well articulated answer even giving Nick his deserved props .

  7. Dear DeSean,

    Your constant running of the mouth is getting old. You are an explosive player but haven’t done much recently. Please focus on your game and stop making dumb predictions.

    With Love,

  8. Of course Vick will win it. Stronger arm, more experienced, more mobile. And as I said in another post, he’s got one of the best deep balls in the league.

  9. djax summed up perfectly why foles, not vick, will win the job:
    “Michael Vick is a quarterback that uses his legs first and foremost.”
    then arm, then eyes, then brain.

  10. Desean Jackson is extremely overrated (look at his stats, they’re pedestrian) and should be more worried about wether or not he’s going to lose HIS job.

    Vick can do well, if he gets about 3000 times better protection than last year. Last season he took a beating and probably shortened his career a bit by doing so. At 32, he’s no spring chicken anymore.

  11. Chipper will be helping NICK FOLES get the ball to Shady, DeSean, Maclin, Bryce, Felix, Damaris, Celek and the new rookie stud TE in the high-powered Equal Opportunity Scoring Machine that is the Philadelphia Eagles Offense!
    Look Out NFC East!

  12. The best thing for the Birds is to stop talking and start winning. DeJax and Vick need different color uniforms. That will sort itself out eventually

  13. I’m telling you… All you people who think Vick is going to win it really need to do some research. Chip Kelly’s offense is the New England Patriots offense. Up tempo quick release. Vick can’t do that and you need to be accurate on short and intermediate throws which Vick is not. All the beat reporters who have been at practice say Foles has played better. If Vick does indeed become the starter day 1 it will not last the whole season.

  14. There’s an easy answer he could have given –

    “That’s up to the coaching staff to make that decision.”

  15. The question isn’t whether Vick is a good fit for Kelly’s offense. The question is whether he can stay healthy long enough to play in it for more than a few games. History suggests that he can’t. So if I were Nick Foles and Matt Barkley, I wouldn’t get discouraged if Vick gets the initial nod as the starter. They’ll all get their chance…and it probably won’t take long.

  16. Great teammate that DeSean Jackson…

    And he’s wrong – Foles will win the job.

  17. It would be absolutely awesome if the Chiefs (with Andy Reid coaching) had a better record than the Eagles this year.

    And that’s not too far fetched.

  18. Vick starts the season. Foles comes in when Vick proves inept or gets injured. Why is it so hard to see?

  19. Jackson humiliates himself every time he opens his big mouth, starting with the 4-12 “dynasty” he predicted last season. Vick may not make it to week 2 after this comical prediction.

  20. Like others have said…… DJax should be worried about his own job. I don’t understand why he keeps running his mouth. There are ways to answer these questions without actually answering these questions.

    Also, I think he is wrong. Vick is not a good fit for this offense. So many people seem to be stuck on the idea that Chip kelly only prefers a mobile QB. I guess you guys missed the fact that HE DRAFTED Matt Barkley. Sure looks like mobility is the only thing is likes. What he looks for and repeatedly said is accuracy, quick decisions, and limited turnovers. Things that Vick was never very good at. I love how people think that after being in the league for 10+ years and being 33 years old that he all of a sudden is gonna figure everything out because of Chip Kelly and his offense. Guess what???? If he can become a miracle worker and make Vick that good…… Imagine what he could do with QBs, that have actual QB talents (like the things that Chip Kelly said he expects) and not RB talents, in Foles and Barkley. By the way, one of Vick’s strengths become useless in Kelly’s offense because he wants the ball out quick….. Can you guess which one? His arm strength, which is also the biggest knocks on Foles and Barkley (THE QB HE DRAFTED).

    And please stop using the O-line excuse. He wasn’t any good in 2011 when he had the same line that he had in 2010. And he was only good the first half of 2010. It is amazing that for a QB that has been in the league for 10+ years that his supporters continue to look at the 8 game stretch when he was amazing other than the rest of his career when he was a mediocre or below average QB, because it is that 8 game stretch that is indicative of the QB he really is, right? Get off it already. I never seen a QB get so much leeway.

    Did I make it any more clear for you numbnuts??????

  21. Isn’t it obvious to anybody with half a brain. Vick is by far the best QB on the roster and if the birds are in win now mode..he’ll start. If its close, then Chip will try to talk the other up in an effort to get top trade value..But, IMO they really need to give Matt Barkley a strong look..for (2) reasons. First if Barkley is the future. Find out now. If he is not the future. Then the Eagles will have a losing season ( they might anyways) and have a shot at the most highly regarded defensive player to come out of the draft in years ( Jadeveon Clowney)..or even a shot at Big Mouth D Jax’s replacement (Marqise Lee). Bottom line Foles shouldn’t be the starter either way..Vick or Barkley is the way to go..Trade Foles ( Vikings? Raiders? Browns ? ) i’m sure they could get a 4th for Foles if not more.

  22. Vick is a good athlete but a subpar QB. He is not a quick thinker. Does is decent but so is Barkley. The job will go to the most efficient guy in camp. Vick has his contract as an advantage though.

  23. It’s funny how certain Eagles’ fans on here keep saying “42-0” because Skins play them week one. Sub par qb’s, rookie head coach, rookie o line coach, think they’re going to win the Super Bowl. So lame. Skins are going beat you guys and many other teams down. Skins will win the SB. RGIII is better than your QB.

  24. jackson doesn’t get it. he continues to be an outspoken punk. he is a veteran. he has been in the nfl and on the eagles for a few yrs now. he got paid. a veteran…a leader…would keep his mouth shut and not incite controversy. he just doesn’t get it. i predict chip kelly makes jackson earn his money. he will get many touches and be chastised when he runs out of bounds or avoids contact. he will get many touches and get pounded. chip kelly will prove a point and put jackson in many situations to get hit. and jackson won’t be able to handle it. he will hurt…again…and then be traded or cut.

  25. Vick called the Dynasty, not Jackson. Stop playing with that thing and hide those magazines under the mattress, mommies coming.

  26. I hope Vick does start we all no he likes to run but guess what his older and another thing he doesn’t no how to slide so u no he will get hurt and we can move on from him

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