Jason Peters settles lawsuit against walker company


Eagles left tackle Jason Peters might not be talking about the injury that cost him last season, but he’s at least going to be compensated for it.

According to the Associated Press, Peters will receive nearly $2 million to settle a lawsuit against the company that makes the Roll-A-Bout knee walker. The lawsuit said Peters was using the walker three weeks after his initial Achilles surgery when the handlebar broke, causing him to reinjure the area and have a second operation.

Peters’ lawyer said the device was listed for patients up to 500 pounds, meaning it should have held the 340-pound offensive lineman.

Because it didn’t, the company’s wallet is a little lighter.

20 responses to “Jason Peters settles lawsuit against walker company

  1. It actually cost Peters more than that in reduced salary last season, so it’s still not a deal he would have preferred to have had to make.

  2. I would like to sue the authors of this article for damages to my brain from having read this article!

  3. Corey Jeppesen says:
    Jul 17, 2013 12:06 PM
    Can’t anybody just call an accident and accident anymore. Jeez man.
    I agree. Cover the additional costs of another surgery, but 2 million dollars.

  4. bvolke says:Jul 17, 2013 12:56 PM

    If Jason Peters cared half as much about football as he does about money, he’d be Anthny Munoz

    Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy Better right now.

  5. braddavery says:Jul 17, 2013 12:41 PM

    I hate this guy. So glad Buffalo let him go

    I bet you are. Best Tackle in football, wonder why you team is a joke. Bills give money to players like Fitzpatrick and refuse to pay players like Byrd.
    How about yall give him away too since you guys are in the buisness of giving the best players in your franchises history for nothing.

  6. Whoever says they’re cool with having their freshly-reattached achilles tendon retorn due to an accident and simply leaving it as such – an accident – is not thinking clearly. I would bet none of you has dealt with a major tendon/ligament surgery before, either. Every time it’s replaced/fixed you lose athletic potential – period.

    It’s ‘just’ our mobility but it’s that man’s livelihood.

  7. eaglesbar, except when you factor how the unethical cost of medical devices are part of the healthcare issues…

    …oh but wait, you probably still think healthcare reform can be fixed by half-baked insurance reform alone, nevermind.

  8. Are some of you suggesting a corporation should have no liability for the products they sell? Not for mobility products? Not for baby food/formula? Not for cribs? Not for toys? Not for high chairs?

    You can’t be serious.


  9. Good, all these companies that are now getting cheaper foreign materials and are out sourcing the labor should be held accountable for their shoddy inferior products. I hope these type of law suits become a trend. To where it cost them so much money that it will become cheaper just to use American materials and American workers.

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