Johnny Manziel won’t say if he was drinking at the Manning camp

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Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel declined to say whether he was drinking alcohol over the weekend at the Manning Passing Academy, but he says the reason he left the camp early was “absolutely not” because he was hungover.

In an interview on SportsCenter, Manziel was asked directly if he was drinking alcohol during his time at the camp, and he answered, “I’m not going into details about what happened at the Manning camp. We had social events every night.”

Manziel said his early departure from the Manning camp was a “mutual decision” between himself and the Manning Passing Academy organizers, and he said that Peyton Manning and Eli Manning did not tell him to leave early. He did not say whether Archie Manning told him to leave early, but he did acknowledge that he overslept and missed a morning meeting.

“I made a mistake and didn’t wake up in time when I should have, and that’s pretty much the end of that,” Manziel said. “Missing the meeting wasn’t anything due to the night prior. It wasn’t anything involved in that. It was just simply my phone died, I overslept, I woke up the next morning whenever I did, went and talked to them and it was kind of a mutual decision to get home and get some time to relax.”

Manziel has earned a reputation for hard partying during his college career, and that reputation may affect his stock in the 2014 NFL draft, which Manziel is expected to enter. Manziel said he’s not going to apologize for the way he lives his life.

“I’m still 20 years old, I’m still a sophomore in college, I’m still going to do things that everybody in college does and I’m going to continue to enjoy my life. Hopefully people don’t hold me to a higher standard than that,” Manziel said.

Manziel is under the legal drinking age, but most college students drink before they turn 21, and Manziel is entitled to live his life however he wants. At the same time, NFL teams are entitled to decide that if they’re going to spend a high draft pick on a franchise quarterback, they want it to be a straight arrow like Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III, and not a guy who oversleeps, misses meetings, declines to say if he was drinking the night before, gets in trouble in connection with bar fights, and generally seems like he has a lot of growing up to do.

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  1. With means he absolutely was drinking at the Manning camp. Which is no big deal but come on. The Manning camp and you drink? At least hold off being hungover until the McNabb camp.

  2. Dudes 20, he absolutely has growing up to do but who wasn’t like that at 20? I mean I didn’t get sent home from the Manning Passing Academy but I had to break in under the cover of darkness cause they “forgot” to invite me.

  3. This kid has got a lot of talent, but unfortunately he appears to be prototypical Texas redneck with a sense of entitlement. And like so many other great NCAA quarterbacks, he’s not going to be successful in the NFL.

  4. Well, what was a very small warning flag to me just turned into a huge flashing warning sign.

    I get that he’s a 20 year old kid and am totally down with treating him like one. What that means to me is that I’m fine if he goes out partying at night.

    What I’m not fine with is him continuing to lie about it when the obvious truth is out there for everyone to see. To me, that points to a character flaw much deeper than enjoying the occasional alcoholic beverage or two.

    Between this and his constant twitter whining about dealing with his fame, I would think long and hard before banking on this guy as the future of my franchise.

  5. Don’t hold me to a higher standard…..exactly what you want to here from a quarterback of your team. Pathetic!

  6. Who is giving this kid advice? There was nothing to be gained from doing an interview unless he was going to man up, tell the whole story, and say he’s learned his lesson.

    Instead, he dodged the drinking question and presented a totally unbelievable story. A simple case of oversleeping isn’t going to prompt a “mutual decision” to leave that camp. They would have just had him continue on and maybe make a special appearance to make it up to the campers who had missed him in the morning.

  7. We all know he’s a partier and a drinker. He can’t handle the stress so he goes out for a good time and has a few. He needs to grow up if he plans on going to the NFL, or become Ryan Leaf 2.0.

  8. He obviously doesn’t want to get caught in a lie about not drinking too much as there were too many people and cameras around to prove otherwise but he feels safe is saying he “wasn’t hungover” as it is a subjective statement that can’t be proven wrong. The dude is way over-hyped and the next Ryan Leaf.

  9. I am grateful that I was a stupid college kid in the age before Facebook, twitter, etc.

    On the other hand, I was not talented to play major college sports. Playing major college sports is a privilege, and one that comes with great responsibility – especially from the QB position.

    Johnny has to realize that being in the spotlight means 24 hours a day. There is no privacy. You do not get to “learn your lessons” in secrecy – you get to do it for the world to see.

    If Johnny is interested in moving to the NFL in a year (or two), he has to realize that before NFL clubs commit financially to him – they have to have confidence that he will be able to handle the pressure that comes with it – and not cause problems with his off the field exploits.

    As it is, based on his size, he will probably not be a high draft choice. If he doesn’t mature – he will be a low draft choice (someone will take a chance with him). But low draft choices are typically the ones that do not get second chances.

    He can live the life that many other college students do (partying wise), but he has far more to lose than your average student.

    Choose wisely.

  10. So basically he went out drinking and didn’t report the next day because he was hungover. Thanks for answering the question without directly answering it.

    I mean seriously, he didn’t get dehydrated from running sprints all night!

    If I were an NFL GM I would NOT waste a 1st round pick on him.

  11. His comments are awesome…..”don’t hold me to a higher standard than the normal 20 year old in college”…..OK, then feel free to return your Heisman, stop going to these social events, start riding your bike to class, eat Romen noodles, drink heavily underage, throw up, dont do your homework, be happy when a coed gets drunk enough to sleep with you and depart Texas AM with $30K in student load debt… about that D-Bag, good enough for ya?

  12. So he left camp early and appologized for being dehydrated which caused him to oversleep which caused him to drop out of the Manning camp and it had absolutely nothing to do with alchohol. Got it.

  13. He’s at the “Manning Passing Academy”. You’re telling me that your decision making is so poor that you can’t hold back from drinking while there?!? C’mon man. Hey, while you’re at it, just tip a few back at your first kids’ elementary graduation!

  14. Does anyone else get a kick out of responses to stories like a 20 year old kid getting caught up in his own hype, and they throw in where he’s from with a “sounds like a typical blah blah blah with entitlement issues”? Folks, he’s just a 20 year old that sounds like a lot of 20 year olds that get WAY too much thrust upon them and they aren’t handling it like they were born to it. Where he is from has nothing to do with it.

  15. Johnny Football’s actions are a huge deal. You want your franchise QBs to be more responsible. Most of the QB busts have all pretty much been guys with a sketchy sense of priorities and irresponsible cats who didnt get their degrees in college.

    Johnny Football has bust written all over him. Simply doesn’t have the sense of responsibility to be a franchise QB.

  16. Why didn’t anyone advise him to go out drinking on the last night of the camp. That way if your hungover no one would know. He could of slept it off but the fact he got in trouble with the law is a different problem all together.

  17. Yes, he’s just a 20 year old college kid. Yes. But he also won a Heisman trophy. People WILL hold him to a higher standard. He obviously can’t handle it.
    Also dude must sweat a lot in his sleep!

  18. If he were smart, every beer, shot, drink, line or whatever he does, he’d ask himself, would I pay $5M for this?

    That’s about what he’s spending every time one of these stories is written about him.

    Good play + any concerns = 2nd round at best. Huge dropoff in pay.

  19. This guy needs to “grow up” before the NFL bosses
    get sick of listening to all his problems. They don’t stop, and he should have apologized today and moved on. Instead, he just bungles his way through his excuses. I did like him last year, but I am sick of him now. Everyday we have hear something wrong about him. Grow up before it’s too late.

  20. Hundreds of the kids that you’re going to watch on Saturdays this year are going to get drunk TONIGHT and probably feel like crap tomorrow…but the one we gave our great trophy to is doing it!? Well he is a just a terrible person!

    You mean to tell me that a 20 y/o doesn’t have finely tuned decision making skills that keep him from ever doing something stupid? NO EFFIN WAY MAN!

    Stand up on the moral high ground you built for your self and tell this kid he’s doing things wrong….yeah, that’ll prove he’s wrong.

    The truth is he’s 20 y/o kid thrust into a position that 99.9% of the 20 y/o’s in this country cannot even fathom and quite frankly I expect him to take advatage of the opportunities and to make some stupid mistakes. Let him grow up a little before you judge him as a final product. I doubt your 20 y/o “final product” would’ve gotten an A+….”But we gave him the Heisman!”

  21. He just doesn’t get it.

    You are not being criticized f0r partying, you are being criticized for allowing partying to keep you from living up to your commitments.

  22. That’s kind of funny. A twenty year old kid who just won the most famous trophy in college football, who wants to earn Monopoly-type money in the NFL actually said, “Hopefully people won’t hold me to a higher standard!” It appears as though Johnny hasn’t overslept just one time. He seems to be sleep-walking through life. One can’t have it both ways. If you seek the spotlight, and find it, then by definition, you ARE “different,” and WILL be held to a different standard.

  23. Massive red flags here. And given that the league looks to be ever more risk averse, his draft stock could plummet.

    But there is time for someone to hit him with a clue-by-four and remind him that he could be ruining his chances for a huge payday and a great career.

  24. In his defense, he sounds like the reincarnation of Broadway Joe. During that era it was cool to be a brash drunk and they called your belligerence “moxie”.

    Unfortunately for Johnny, those days died when franchise QBs started signing $100 mil contracts. He doesn’t want us to hold him to a higher standard but I’ll bet he still expects to be in the top .00001 of earners in the US and sit atop a pedestal for millions of fans to adore.

    Get your stuff together, Dude, you don’t get it both ways.

  25. Am I the only one who sees Johnny Football being drafted by the Cowboys next year? Shaping up to be the perfect narrative for all the media attention and circus that the Cowboys desire.

  26. I bet most NFL caliber quarterbacks would have done the same thing as college freshman they just weren’t under such a microscope at the time. I know Favre was.

  27. If he were a black kid, his career would be over and they’d be asking for the Heisman back, by now, because he doesn’t represent what it stands for.

    But that’s only if things were fair. So he’ll keep and be drafted next year, continue the destructive behavior and wash out of the league, blaming everyone but himself.

  28. First of all, I would like to say I am a 20 year old college student. I played HS football at a very prestigious school(didn’t play play) and I know people who know 2 from camps apparently he’s a prick to the first degree. As many people said, I don’t have a problem with him drinking while at camp. Hell I drink occasionally when I have an exam on Friday and I love to go out and be social at parties/clubs. There is a difference between having 2 and having 20. IT IS ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE to be HAMMERED when you have a commitment that shows who you are to people. It would be akin to me if he showed up to the Gruden camp drunk as a fish. And then to have the audacity to LIE about it and not own up..thats a HUGE red flag. Im sick of this kid, hopefully for his own good hopefully he straightens up soon or else hes gonna be Ryan Leaf 2.0. Not that it couldn’t happen to a better guy.

  29. until he gets a paycheck for playing the game he has every right to do what every college kid his age does or would want to do if they could. this is his OFF season. if he does this during the season then yeah he deserves all the heat but until then let him live his life like he wants to. not everyone lives and breathes football 24/7 365 days a year like the manning’s. some people actually have lives out side of the game and at his age he should enjoy it while he can.

  30. Sometimes you wonder how much Manziel really values the position he is in. People can say he’s only 20, but I know a lot of 20 year olds who were/are much more mature than Manziel appears to be. You can’t use age as an excuse for behavior. Everyone makes bad decisions and everyone drinks heavily, but the fact he continues to do both, shows a lack of respect for the position he was in. Most people, (college QB’s included) would love to be a counseler at the Manning camp. They would have no desire to go out at night and get hammered. The other thing is the celebrity syndrom. If your going to put yourself out into the public eye with Twitter, appearances and the like, you have to be ready to be heald to a different, sometimes insane standard people have. This kid just strikes me as someone who got everything they wanted from the time they were young, and they feel like that should keep happening for them in all areas of life.

  31. rmaxmaicon says:
    Jul 17, 2013 10:27 AM
    I hope he slips to where the COWBOYS will be drafting!!!

    Perfect match!! They can make he and Dez be roomies so they can have the same escort (babysitter).

  32. @raiderufan….that’s gotta be the worst take on anything EVER! LOL. Seriously dude. The kid gets a FREE RIDE to a top NCAA school and he is expected to act a certain way. He wants to move to the next level and be paid MILLIONS so he is expected to act a certain way. Believe it or not he is currently interviewing for that next level job and he KNOWS that yet continues to act this way. I was a little rough around the edges at his age too, but I also had responsibilities that I had to deal with….and I did it. Not for millions of dollars mind you, but because I had to. Why shouldn’t he be held to a higher standard? Because of his age? That’s weak as f… dude.

  33. Remember when 20 year olds were considered “men”? He’s young, sure, but if we keep calling people in their twenties “kids”, we’re just enabling them to keep acting like idiots.

  34. Let him be. He ought to shake his stick at all the ladies he wants, and get f’ed up if he wants, this is America.

  35. I’m willing to wager a large sum of money that he is drafted by Jerry Jones in the first round. No doubt in my mind he is the only owner (wannabe GM) who would do something so stupid.

  36. First he was dehydrated. Now he overslept. Was asked to leave camp. Apologized to the coaches. And won’t get into the details of that night. Of course he was drinking.

  37. I think this article pretty much nailed it on the head. He is only 20, and kids do dumb sh*t. But smart owners aren’t going to draft a kid high and pay a ton of money to someone with a drinking problem. If football isn’t his #1 priority, he’s going to see his stock tank (no pun intended) this year. Nobody wants the face of the franchise to be a drunk.

  38. Way overused=Ryan leaf 2.0
    Not original =Ryan Leaf 2.0
    This is not @ all the same thing! Seriously people?? It is becoming simply ridiculous the amount of scrutiny people have to endure in today’s over publicized society…. Information is posted “online” , on the “air”, “net”, twitted, twatted, as if it’s actually relevant or newsworthy! I would consider myself a responsible adult, great father, hubby, son, uncle etc. However, I am not @ all immune to the occasional boneheaded move! I can’t imagine if my indiscretions were considered “newsworthy” and posted on every tv, website, radio station and “blog”…. I think we need to adapt to new rules with our current media stream, and give people the benefit of the doubt, before we hang them out to dry. We have really NO, idea of what really happened @ Manning camp, nor should we! Let this kid take his lumps and Learn from them, how else is going to learn how to be a man & leader of men!!
    I still think he is a 2-3rd rounder anyway! IMO, he is just to small for the Line and I would not waste a 1st rounder on him anyway

  39. Goodell: “with the 1st pick in the 2014 NFL Draft the Oakland Raiders select……”Johnny Hungover Manziel” APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Just some perspective……….the low end threshold age of the Marine fighting in Iraq…..20.

    Average age of the kid on the flight deck of a US Navy carrier during launch operations….20.

    Enough of this “he is only a 20 year old nonsense”……

  41. I realize I am showing my age, however does Johnny remind anyone of another celebrated “good time” college and pro QB who also played for a powerhouse program in Texas, and was “dehydrated” throughout his entire career? I speak of Bobby Layne, of whom one of his linemen famously said, ” Bobby was our leader on and off the field. When he said “block,” we blocked and when he said “drink,” we drank.” While Layne’s talent on the field was indeed great, he had a serious drinking problem that began early in his short life. It might not be a bad idea for Johnny to google Bobby Layne.

  42. Too many flags. He will fail in the NFL because he lacks character, discipline, maturity, leadership qualities, the list goes on. Some team will take a chance on him I’m sure but his career won’t amount to much in the long term.

  43. This could be just media driven and blown out of proportion. I’m not going to judge him off this. I think he will be a solid QB in the NFL. I’m not too worried about it though, my teams got Russell Wilson for the next 12 years.

  44. College kids, even those not of age, drink. My concern would be the lack of judgement in getting hammered (allegedly) the night before giving a clinic to high school kids on being a good quarterback. If he was a camper, whoop-dee-do, but he is a counselor to the youth at the camp and THAT is bad judgement.

  45. I would like to give props to the Manning orginization for not stadning for this type of behavior. They are leaders and set the example for the less talented, more grounded campers that this type of behavior is unacceptable. The Mannings possess the traits that successful quarterbacks at the next level must have to thrive. It is becoming evident that Manziel puts himself above others in most situations.

  46. I’m willing to bet that dude has a couple more habits to add to his drinking he looks like he likes to party a little harder than alcohol he has snap judgement coke head reactions on twitter at least twice a month. Good luck drafting Doug Flukie!!!

  47. Actually Johnny, not everyone in college spends their free time getting wasted. The nerds spend their time on that “study” thing. And unless your daddy’s a millionaire, those are the people you’ll be working for during most of the rest of your life.

  48. HE’S A HUMAN! What you don’t realize is that Johnny is making you all this money and all you do is write a bunch of crap about him.

    He hasn’t performed in a game all year. His alcohol use is to wash away the pain of never being able to give enough because all you people want is MORE! MORE-MORE, MORE: MORE!

    LEAVE HIM ALONE! You are lucky he even plays for you!

  49. Replace “underage drinking” with “using marijuana”. Does it stay the same? Many college age students do both. Both are illegal. Making excuses for him because of his age, or because “everyone does it” is missing the point.

    Does it matter to me personally if Johnny Football wants to take 37 shots of Jagermeiter and party shirtless with Gronk? Nope, not even a little. Does it matter to NFL owners that he is misses meetings because he thinks partying is more important. Pretty sure it will. Will it matter to the NFL that he wants to be held to a lower standard? How about when he gets into bar fights and gets parking tickets that he thinks should be excused because he is famous?

  50. this guy has #1 pick by the Jaguars written all over him, Blackmon already approves of him

  51. Whether you like the Mannings or not the Manning Passing Academy is a very successful enterprise that is becoming an “institution” for young players. When you show up down there and appear to be a “bad example” (let’s face it. that’s what happened here) it’s a bad look for you.

    Sure, people tend to party more when they’re that age, but some people never stop and the ones who never stop usually start by being really excessive when they’re young. Maybe he’ll get a pass on this, but only when and if he starts to dial it way back.

  52. And the Cardinals just drafted the Honey Badger… How many chances did Cecil Collins get? What about Ray Lewis and his murder charges? Maurice Clarrett? Janoris Jenkins? Trumaine Johnson?

    And the list goes on and on… If you have talent, the NFL will give you a shot. For those who think Manziel won’t get drafted.. LOL. Wake up from your fantasy world.

  53. Manziel kept saying how he couldn’t wait to tell his side of the story — and then he skirted every hard question and offered up transparent horsedoodoo.

    His answers were based on talking points:
    (1) I bit off more than I could chew (he must’ve said this 14 times per interview)
    (2) I’m just a 20 year old kid (he couldn’t stop saying this either
    (3) I’ve made mistakes, but I’ll make sure never to make the same mistake twice. (oh really – a mistake is not the result of repeated volitional acts — that’s called something worse than an unintentional mistake)
    (4) My parting with the Manning Camp was “mutual” (yeah, right)

    He was *clearly* coached – kept repeating the same pat answers over and over and over again.

    Dude most assuredly did not come clean. That is not owning it. Dude is *still* trying to manipulate us – only he doesn’t understand the concept of plausible deniability. If you’re going to attempt to deceive, at least come up with angles that aren’t absurdly transparent.

  54. Maybe Johnny Football’s daddy can explain to this young MAN (quit calling him a kid, because he isn’t one anymore) that this entire year, on AND off the field is an extended job interview. NFL teams do hold potential draft picks to a higher standard. If he can’t understand this he is: an idiot, someone with an alcohol abuse problem, or a spoiled immature jacka##. Or maybe all three.

  55. Add this kid to the long list of stud college QBs who won’t amount to a hill of beans in the NFL. Only my Browns are dumb enough to invest in this joker…

  56. The boy is already folding under last year’s awards pressure… He don’t realize “thats last year” and the hero will be railroaded if he can’t repeat…. And he can’t…

  57. What a joke he is. Basically he’s saying there is a 50% chance I was drinking, a 50% chance I wasn’t. Why do they all say “I’m only blah-blah years old. I have a lot of growing up to do” That’s getting old real quick.

    He will be in the top 50 Biggest Quarterback Busts in NFL Draft History. That will knock out Mike Kruczek, Drafted: Round 2, 47th Overall in 1976, to 51st. “Thanks Johnny”

  58. Perhaps his phone battery ran out because the Manning a brothers had him filming another TV Commercial for them.

    Eli and Peyton owe the kid an apology.

  59. Another Aggie with the typical Aggie ego. Rules, laws and regulations are for the other people. Aggies are above it all.

  60. Ok, no one will hold you to a higher standard. Then you get a regular job with all of us regular guys instead of a $100 million job.

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