Larry Fitzgerald: I’m fortunate to be in position I am now

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Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald got to witness a lot of poor quarterback play in Arizona over the last few years, although the struggles of the guys throwing the ball never caused Fitzgerald to boil over the way we’ve seen from other wideouts in the past.

Fitzgerald’s been honest about the experience of playing with those guys, though. He called the 2012 season the most frustrating of his career and admitted during an appearance on Sirius XM NFL Radio Tuesday that he’s spent time thinking about what might have been with better quarterback play since Kurt Warner retired. He also told Booger McFarland and Ross Tucker that he thinks the Cardinals have solved the problem by acquiring Carson Palmer.

“Now we have a guy that’s been proved, he threw for 4,000 yards in Oakland last year. He can make all the throws, he’s capable of running this offense and us being able to compete in the NFC West,” Fitzgerald said. “I’m fortunate to be in the position I’m in now. Now it’s up to me to go out and make plays when I get the opportunities.”

Fitzgerald and Palmer have spent a lot of time working together this offseason in hopes of making the transition as smooth as possible, although any offensive success will require better play from the offensive line to make sure they have time to hook up down the field. Should they get it, the Cardinals offense should be much improved in 2013 and that’s a necessity for any hopes of contention in the NFC this season.

22 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald: I’m fortunate to be in position I am now

  1. Never should have re-signed there. What was he thinking? The best free agent wide out on the market and he could have went to any team he wanted to.

  2. And when they play the Seahawks or the 49ers, the oline will be eaten alive, Palmer will be skittish and scattershot and down they go.

  3. I don’t know why this guy gets so many free passes. He’s always complaining in a passive aggressive way. Just shut up and play.

    Probably the most over-rated WR in the history of the NFL. look up his career numbers, one maybe two good years.

    And I don’t care about the bad QB excuse. Andre Johnson has never had a good QB and you never ever hear him complain.

  4. Yeah, 4000 yards mostly in garbage time coming from behind. Riddle me this Larry…what has Palmer ever won? Nothing, that’s what.

  5. Andre Johnson complains a lot – hence the drafting of DeAndre Hopkins. You just don’t hear about it because it takes place way south in Houston.

  6. Being in NE,I don’t get many opportunities to watch Larry Fitzgerald play. But whenever he’s on a nationally televised game. I make it a point to watch the game because he is a special receiver. Imagine if Brady was throwing to him.

  7. BTW, Stupid Raiders Fan, thank you very much for living up to your moniker. Low standards indeed to keep reaching down for.

    Fitz helped lead his team to the SuperBowl and only lost it in the last few seconds. Tell me what Andre Johnson or any other of the top 3 or 4 receivers have done? And you can’t even give the guy (and Warner) his props for doing more with an average or less than average team while competing in a Super Bowl?

  8. I believe that stupid Raiders fan—who seems to already know of his or her stupidity—is, indeed, joking. That’s the only way to excuse the putridity of that comment.

  9. The Cardinals will be a much better team this year than they’ve been for the last few years ; people forget they started 4-0 last year . Palmer is the best QB they’ve had since Warner . And yes , they need improved play on the O-line ..

  10. Fitzgerald is ready to hand the “very good WR stuck with a below average QB” title off to Greg Jennings.

  11. Can’t believe stupid raider fan. OK one of the fastest players to reach 10000 yards receiving in under 10 years. I think that just may be something. I know it hurts to loose your best players every year but hay its raider nation. Not a very good team at all good luck without your 4000 yard QB. Fitz is a class act and deserves respect he has earned it on and off the feild.

  12. Anyone should know its mot really the QB situation there, its always been the OLine. They always seem to bypass this on draft day and trades.. someday theyll learn.

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