Larry Fitzgerald still misses Kurt Warner


Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald has played with a pretty lousy collection of quarterbacks since Kurt Warner retired. So it’s not surprising that Fitzgerald says he still misses Warner, three and a half years after they last played together.

Fitzgerald said on NFL Network that playing with Warner was a great experience for him, and one he still cherishes.

“I was fortunate to have Kurt for so many years,” Fitzgerald said. “He taught me so much not only as a football player but as a man. I truly value the relationship that he’s allowed me to have with him. I miss him dearly but he’s got his nice cushy chair at NFL [Network] studios now and he’s having a good time. But I learned a lot. I’ve taken all the lessons I’ve learned from him throughout the years, and try to implement it in my game still to this day.”

But Fitzgerald says the Cardinals’ new quarterback, Carson Palmer, has the ability to lead Arizona to the Super Bowl.

“He’s demanding, he holds everybody accountable; he has great leadership ability, he has a really even-keeled disposition but he really cares,” Fitzgerald said of Palmer. “He’s passionate about it, he wants to be good and that attitude is infectious among our group. It’s great to have that leader in our huddle and all of the guys are chomping at the bit to catch some passes from him this season.”

If Palmer is only the second-best quarterback Fitzgerald has played with, the Cardinals can live with that.

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  1. I hope Fitzgerald has an opportunity one day to play with Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Manning, Manning, Roethlesburger, Stafford, Ryan, Kaepernick, RG3, Wilson, Cutler, Schaub, Flacco or Dalton

  2. reading between the mandatory niceties about Palmer I read this to say….. Warner = overdelivered, all heart. Palmer = the king of under-delivery and absence of heart.

  3. Sorry Larry, it still will not get better under Pick 6 though its a slight upgrade from the scrubs you have been used too.

  4. Funny how you have fitzy saying one day he loves Palmer. During the same multi person interview you have a person that mentions Watner, then one that says who do you like better? Fitzy doing the prifessional thing saying “I am ver happy and lucky to have Palmer but if course I miss Kurt. Who wouldn’t?”
    With that you have a idiot reporter that has to take a great answer and spinning it into controversy. Sad really reporters are. He wasn’t dismissing or putting down Palmer in any way. He sees a great opportunity but this JOff has to spin it. Fitzy like Palmer ACCEPT IT!

  5. As a Ram fan, I watched every play 1999-2001, and I’ve never seen another QB with such cutting-edge boldness and pinpoint accuracy. It wasn’t just the Greatest Show on Turf, it was the Greatest Show, period.

  6. Cardinals in SuperBowl? Yeah, right.

    49ers and Seahawks are probably top 5 teams in NFL – some experts have them 1 and 2 in whichever order. The Rams had the best record inside the NFC West. They play all these teams twice.

    I get that Arizona could be a much better team but not likely playoff team.

  7. The Cardinals are talking a big game this offseason. They will be improved but are they really going to be able to contend in a division with the 49ers and Seahawks?

  8. McPuke was quoted as saying that he doesn’t think that Warner is a hall of famer. Must be bitter about always losing in the NFC title games to him. That and the fact that he is a delusional fool.

  9. “If Palmer is only the second-best quarterback Fitzgerald has played with, the Cardinals can live with that.”
    – better than Derek Anderson, Matt Leinhart, Max Hall, Ryan Shipley, Jon Skelton… the definition of damning with faint praise.

  10. If we’re all really honest here, saying Carson Palmer is the 2nd best QB since Kurt Warner left still isnt saying a whole lot!

  11. Sorry, but if Anquan Boldin said Flacco was the best QB he has ever played with, what does that say about Warner? LOL!

  12. Palmer might be the second best QB that Fitzgerald has played with, but Larry is by far the best receiver that Palmer has ever had as an option.

  13. It is very wishful thinking to believe a one-year-older, relatively immobile CP is going to get the job done against increasingly smarter, faster, more athletic defenses.

  14. Sucks that a talent like LF was wasted on crappy QB’s in Arizona pre and post KW..Not to mention when his body of work is presented for a HOF bid years from now, find me a skeptic who isn’t going to hold those years he had a crappy QB against him.

  15. It was a very bad day when the Giants let Kurt Warner go. The Giants did have Eli Manning waiting in the wings but I wonder how different things could have been with Kurt Warner. The Giants might have won a couple of Super Bowls with Warner as their QB. Coughlin made a mistake benching Warner with the Giants at 5-4.

  16. Yes, Larry, but can Palmer be creative and come up with new plays each week designed to attack the upcoming opponent’s weaknesses just as Warner did while he was with the Cards? Any QB who has such a vast knowledge of defenses and a command of their offensive skills brings extra special headaches to the other team’s defensive coordinator and defensive players. As everyone has seen since Warner left, Whisenhunt’s offense was very predictable and very easy for the other team to defense which also meant it was easy for the defense to attack the Cards QBs since they would be trying to run the same offensive sets week in and week out. Cards players and fans shoule thank the football gods that the Whisenhunt wreck is long gone.

    If Palmer can emulate Warner in this area, then and only then will Palmer begin to approach Warner’s effectiveness and lead the Cards back to the Super Bowl.

  17. And the minute Carson Palmer has to face any kind of difficulty or has a bad day, he’ll be off to greener pastures.

  18. Ouch. I don’t think anyone characterized Palmer like that in Oakland.

    Honestly, the biggest improvement will be on the offensive line. With a better offensive line the QB play will improve. I’m not sure what the problem was but with Whisenhunt the problem with the oline got worse every year.

  19. I believe all football fans miss Kurt Warner. Classy, Integrity, Values, and Morals. Probably one of the best examples of a man playing football and living his life in the right way.

  20. when carson had weapons he was a top 5 QB in most statistics.

    he has a decent stable of RBs
    he has two beast WR’s in Fitz and Floyd
    and that OL isn’t tooooooooo terrible.

    he should be at least a top 10 qb

  21. CP will do well in AZ. He is a lead by example guy. Fitz has the locker room so it will be good for CP. he is level headed and calm. Will be a good fit for all.

    As a bengals fan I wish him well.

  22. If Cards were in any other division I really think they would be a playoff team. Unfortunately for them, they are in a division with SF, SEA, and STL. A second very unfortunate reality is that all those teams a very young.

    For the next 3-4 years Cards will be battling for #3 stop in the division. Carson will not bring them a Superbowl.

  23. I am astonished by the ineptitude of some of these comments. Some of you didn’t get anything of what Larry said, some blamed me for what a reporter asked. One quoted lyrics. “Put a ring on it” LOL. IF you zoom in on Holmes feet and when he had possession Larry DID win a ring but you can’t live in the past. Name the number of teams that have a ring? Seahawks are not one of them.
    Some said don’t compare Warner to Palmer. #1 I didn’t, the reporter did and I expounded off of that. comparing players. Turn on ESPN and try making it 5 minutes without hearing someone compare players. Isn’t that what you and everyone does every game, every year and every fantasy football draft? Did you miss the top 100 players? Isn’t that a comparison? AND again, I am not the one that posed the question. A reporter did. Larry had a great response.
    The funniest thing of ALL this is that when Warner got to the Cards, people said the same thing (and worse) then what they are saying about Palmer. If Palmer plays 80% of what Warner did and 4,000 yards with the Raiders shows he can, then the Cards can bad a force.

    It is slowing down now since reporters and people are watching practice and can see the chemistry and possibility of the offense. But normal bloggers on here only read about their own team and don’t get a full understanding of what other teams are doing, read more than one article or ignore what other reporters are saying on TV when discussed.

    The season hasn’t started. Give it until week 6 then you can start saying who sucks. To the “put a ring on it guy” Why do I have a feeling you own the outfit? LOL

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