Michael Vick: No disappointment about competition continuing


When Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was asked about competing for the starting job in June, he said he hoped that coach Chip Kelly would name a starter before training camp so that he, Nick Foles and Matt Barkley could avoid answering constant questions about where things stand during training camp.

That’s not going to happen, which means Vick is going to keep facing those questions. He got them during an appearance on Sirius XM NFL Radio with Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon on Tuesday and he was more accepting of the state of affairs this time around. Vick said it’s a “great competition” and that he’s looking forward to it continuing once the team gets to camp.

“I have no resentment, no disappointment within myself as far as what the situation is right now because the truth of the matter is you gotta compete every day,” Vick said. “You gotta compete on Sundays.  You gotta compete off the field, you gotta compete on the field.  And I understand that and that’s the fun part about the game we play.  If it was easy then it wouldn’t be fun.”

It’s a more politically correct answer than his last one, although one imagines Vick would find it enjoyable to be secure in the starting role as well.

A report out of Philly this week placed Foles ahead of Vick after spring practices, with his accuracy cited as one of the reasons why he’s looked better than Vick. Kelly has stressed accuracy over the course of the offseason, making that an important basis for comparison albeit a speculative one since Kelly has been firm about not making any decision before he’s totally convinced.

That leaves Vick with time to bolster his case for another chance to lead the Eagles.

12 responses to “Michael Vick: No disappointment about competition continuing

  1. Vick is one of. The more accurate deep ball passers in the league, and I don’t think Foles has the kind of arm strength Vick does. I still think Vick wins the job, but he’ll get replaced in a hurry if he struggles out of the gate.

  2. Don’t look for an answer any time soon. Why rush? Do you due diligence and in the meantime, hype all your QB’s up so they can be used as trade bait.

  3. Anyone but this over rated failure. He’s never lived up to the hype, his entire Eagle career is based upon 2 games. And one of them, the Giant game he STUNK for 3 qtrs. After that Giant game was Minnesota & he’s been awful & turning the ball over at alarming rates ever since. He’s never progressed as a QB, actually he gets worse. The birds will never win a damn thing with this guy, no team will. He isn’t the future of this franchise, we need to start a guy that can lead this team for the next 7-8 years. Hopefully that’s Barkley but we can go with Foles until Matt is ready. PLEASE get rid of Vick!

  4. Competition continuing????? When did it start?

    The OTA’s were instructional practices without any pads or pressure.

    The competition begins at training camp!

    The man is being generously compensated for the chance to compete for the starting job, and if he is still with the team at the end of August he gets additional compensation.

    If he thinks the competition has already started and is cracking already, he is going to fold when it really starts.

  5. All the people in the know have said from the beginning that Foles should and will win the job. That starts by what the reporters at practice have seen. Foles is ahead. The national media doesn’t have a clue what they are talking about. They don’t watch the tape and they’re not at practice every day. This is the first report I’ve seen that actually acknowledges Foles has played better.

  6. Vick is going to win the starting job. The Eagles didn’t give him that guaranteed money to hold a clipboard. In the end it comes down to dollars & cents. Vick still gives the team the best chance to win and if Kelly names Foles the starter, it’ll create a rift in the locker room.

  7. Foles should win the QB battle which will hopefully mean that Vick is cut. The sooner he’s off the Eagles, the better the team will be.

  8. I do believe Foles will be the starter, but I also expect Kelly to use Vick in some capacity. Kelly is an innovator, and I expect him to utilize Vick’s abilities somehow. His elite speed is perfect for Chip’s offense, even if his quarterbacking skills are not.

  9. Reminds me of when Tebow was still with the Broncos. Vick should be done this year, and maybe before the season starts.

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