Rob Gronkowski cuts off Aaron Hernandez questions


Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski doesn’t want to talk about former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. And if Gronkowski has to walk out of a TV interviewer to avoid talking about Hernandez, he’ll do it.

Dan Dahler of CBS News found that out when interviewing Gronkowski and his family, a family that includes three brothers in the NFL, one brother in college football and one brother who’s a former minor league baseball player. The interview was mostly about the family, but when Dahler began to ask a question about Hernandez, Gronkowski said he wouldn’t talk about it.

“Next question. I learned that from Drew Rosenhaus,” Gronkowski said.

Dahler started to ask another question about Hernandez, and Gronkowski repeated, “Next question.”

When Dahler then started to ask Gronkowski’s dad about Hernandez, Rob Gronkowski stood up and started to walk off.

Dahler pleaded, “Don’t walk off. I’ll change the subject.”

And with that, the subject of Aaron Hernandez was over.

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  1. What do you expect the Pats players to do?

    I guarantee when Belichick is back available to the press you’ll get a whole lot of “I won’t discuss players no longer on the team”. He’s going to drive you crazy and you can also bet that everybody on the team and around it has received extremely firm instructions not to discuss Hernandez.

  2. As players of the same position, they were always in the same meeting room and everything. I’m sure he has some really interesting stuff to say or little stories, and I know all of us would personally love to hear Gronk’s side of things, but he did the right thing here. The more they talk about it, the more it’ll come up.

  3. I know the reporter has to ask it, but Gronk is on a book selling tour. Good for him for threatening to walk when the reporter went after his father.

  4. I cannot wait until these questions are directed toward Belichick in training camp. May want to make him answer questions about Tebow instead.

  5. Just a sample of what the Patriots response will be in 10 days when they open camp. As far as Belichick talking about a player who is not on the roster, he will not even give an answer. The national media was taken to school during the Tebow press conference a month ago and expect more of the same next Friday.

  6. I am surprised it only took 3 no answers for the reporter to give up. His boss will send him to a seminar on persistence.

  7. I was honestly nervous that when Gronkowski stood up he would break his hip.

  8. Rob Gronkowski (or any other Patriot, for that matter) should NOT entertain ANY Hernandez-related questions because it is not his (their) job to entertain—except on the football field, of course. Indeed, the ONLY storylines “Gronk” should make are those to be made on the gridiron, preferably in the form of touchdowns. The New England Patriots would be wise to go “radio silent” on Hernandez given that he is no longer on the team, and therefore irrelevant. If, for whatever reason, the team elects to comment, then let the team spokesperson do the commenting.

  9. Kraft has already commented on Hernandez.

    I doubt anyone else from the organization will comment any further. That is their style.

  10. Antonio Pierce once blew an airhorn at reporters who asked those kinds of questions. Gronk’s thing should be to respond by shirtless dancing. That would be the funniest thing ever in the history of man.

  11. Interviewing his family should be about HIS family! Lord knows they have enough subject matter. Thanksgiving football takes on a new meaning with the Gronks

  12. Good for Gronk. Seems he has a brain after all. But think about it. Any accolades on AH from his former teammates might result in being called as character witnesses for the defense. Interestingly enough, a certain Dolphins and a Steelers player will be tagged for the task. Some NE players have said AH was a loner. They better say that because they could be called in as witnesses for the prosecution especially if any of them used ‘the flop house.’

  13. Coached by Bellichek to the Patriot Way…

    Just avoid the question you don’t want to answer until it all gets spun in an overly positive direction by the media.

    Too bad everybody in the NFL would be like that..then there would be no Patriot-biased interviewers.

  14. Great job Gronk. Yes, the media has to ask so the first question is fine. He said next question. OK, you try a follow up, you don;t want to be a pushover. That’s OK too. Gronk says next question.

    But when you try a third time, now you are just being a jerk and don’t deserve to have any more questions answered.

  15. IMO, Glasskowski isn’t intelligent enough to answer the question without putting his foot in his mouth.

    Yes, there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered by the Patriots. The Patriots’ fans can wimp and whine all they want about how unfair it is, but that just goes to show how sadly misguided they are. They need to man up and develop a thicker skin.

    Belichik will have no choice but to answer questions. I am sure that there will be more media than just the sports media there to ask Bill questions. This isn’t just about the Patriots’ image, this is also about the image of the NFL. No one is going to look good if Belichik doesn’t stand up and candidly answer questions.

  16. I think Gronk is far more intelligent than people give him credit for. Just because he is young and likes to have fun doesn’t make him dumb. Speech patterns and cadence mean nothing.

  17. Who would have thought that Tebow would not be the biggest distraction for the Patriots this year? There are going to be many, many, many contentious pressers this year for that team.

  18. These questions aren’t going away…….ever. Write a canned statement about Hernandez, memorize it, and repeat it at nauseum. Move on with life.

  19. Cheers for Gronk! The media is overbearing and thinks just because they can ask questions, there are no limits.

    If CBS News is going to act like a complete a$$hole, they should be treated like one

  20. The man not only was on the same as a murderer, but played the same position. Of course the reporter asked the question. And the question will continue to be asked until it is answered. You think other reporters will just give up? Hell no. Giving a short answer and moving on would generate less attention then threatening to walk out of an interview.

  21. that’s not just the patriot way. it should be common sense and decency to not talk to the press about people you know. especially if there’s a criminal investigation involved.

  22. Wow there must be a lot about Hernandez the public doesn’t know for ppl who usually try to cover up everything for each other to totally ostracize the guy without a conviction!

  23. From here on out all questions asked to a Patriot about Hernandez should be answered, “Tim Tebow”.

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