Steelers come in at No. 15 in our preseason power rankings


If any team other than the Steelers had the same roster and played in the same division as the Ravens and Bengals, the predictions for 2013 would be dire.

But these are the Steelers.  They find ways to overachieve when they’re counted out, and that helped them finish in the top half of our preseason power rankings.

Could they finish far lower in the final power rankings come January?  Sure.  But the Rooneys know how to run a football team and Mike Tomlin knows how to coach it.  We’ve got a feeling that the Steelers will come out swinging, with large chips affixed to each shoulder.

30 responses to “Steelers come in at No. 15 in our preseason power rankings

  1. This article should be amended to “Big Ben finds ways to overachieve when they’re counted out” instead of crediting the whole team and staff. Big Ben keeps this team relevant single-handedly and everyone knows it.

  2. Old and slow

    Old and slow defense was ranked #1 last year and they let go 3 of their oldest and slowest players on the defense. You should correct your statement to slightly younger and slightly faster.

  3. This is probably just about right, but I think the Bengals and Ravens should be up soon in your rankings as well. I think these three teams will split this year and have close to the same records.

  4. People on the bengals bandwagon mustn’t have paid attention to them for the past 20 years. Bengals choke, Steelers don’t.

    Their roster isn’t as bad as portrayed. Young O lineman, good TE, speedy WR’s for the O w/ Ben behind center. Their D is always top 10. What’s not to like?

  5. Old and slow? LOL . Sapp said that 3 years ago! Pitt gets10-12 wins. Look at their schedule. Bills, Jets, Browns, Raiders, Det, Vikes in London.

  6. As long as they have Roethlisberger, the Steelers are in the discussion to win the Super Bowl.

    He just hasn’t been able to stay healthy the last couple seasons.

  7. They never miss the playoffs when Ben stays healthy. When he does, they’ll always be in the mix.

    Lost only two every down players from #1 ranked defense for past two seasons straight.

  8. Since when is 2008 a decade? Yea I get what your saying, Steelers missed the playoffs 4 times in the Big Ben era.
    The defense needs to play top 5 style all season, they didn’t show up the first 3 away games and barely were they for the first 2 home games.
    Ben need to get the ball out early. He was having a MVP type season until he got hurt against KC. That young O-line needs to step up and stay healthy *looks at pouncy’s ankle*. That line can dominate and if the running game finally gets going(absent for 3-4 years now)Ben will take less hits. Sanders needs to step up, Brown can’t do it alone…TE is a big question with Heath’s knee.

    This team can win 10-12 games this season but can also lose 10 if they play like last year. #2 behind Cincy, Raven SB hangover.
    Looking at the divisions I can see 3 from the north in the playoffs.

  9. They beat the ravens with Charlie Batch and the game the ravens won by 3 was against Leftwich who broke his shoulder in the 1st qtr and Tomlin was too dumb to pull him.

    The steelers were better than the ravens last year. They are better this year.

    Flacco lost his security blanket Bolden. Flacco had only 48% completions to Receivers other than Bolden. Their defense is no longer scary either.

    The bengals are held back by mediocre Andy Dalton. Him and AJ Green is like giving grandpa a Ferrari. It may have a high top speed but they are still going 35 with the blinker on.

    The steelers are the best team easily. The only thing that may hold the back is injuries, like last year. I think the Ravens used up about 10 years worth of luck last year.

  10. Preseason ranking means nothing. Play the games, as in every season, surprises and disappointments. Lately it’s been who gets hot and stays healthy, when playoffs start.

  11. Has anyone else noticed when he Steelers are supposed to have a bad year, they play their best football?

    Keep saying they wont be good this year.
    Keep saying ” old and slow”.
    Keep saying 3rd in the division.

    IF Ben stays healthy, Pittsburgh will still be playing while the Ravens and Bengals seasons are over.

    Anyone want to bet?

  12. I am all for standing behind your team through good and bad. With that said Steelers fans can be delusional. Right now your team is the 3rd best in their division.

  13. The Steelers almost always play better as the underdogs than the favorites so bring it on.

    Here we go Steelers!

  14. Last year Steelers were ranked 6th and they lost half their games. Finally, the experts realize the Steelers are not just highly overrated, they are a has-been franchise hanging by a thin little thread. Those terrible towels are going to soak up a lot of tears this year. Prepare to get clobbered early and often.

  15. Yeah Nickster31……I’m ALL IN!!!!!!
    Just to please you…..”.they’re old & slow”…..”3rd place in the North!” There, I said it again! Lol. Loser

  16. Right now everyone is tied in the division, new season, new players, starts from scratch. Ravens are no longer the team that nearly collapsed after a 9-2 start, steelers are no longer 8-8, altho I would like to think the bengals are no longer underachievers but after all they are the bungles, and the browns…well last time they were relevant was before Art took the players to Baltimore.

  17. for a team that went from wildcard two years ago to missing the playoffs last year with an 8 and 8 record, middle of the pack sounds right. however the steelers are always dangerous and to think they wont make noise would be a huge mistake. while i still see them as no higher then second in the division, nothing they do would surprise me.

  18. Good to see all the Bengal bandwagon riders..They depend on the Steelers to have a bad season to make the playoffs every year. When they have a 12 or 14 win season then speak..even 10 games.
    Yours Truly, Old & Slow

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