Tony Gonzalez thinks Falcons can have “perfect offense”


Tight end Tony Gonzalez decided to come back for another season in 2013 in large part because he felt the Falcons were in position to challenge for a Super Bowl title.

With quarterback Matt Ryan throwing to Gonzalez, Roddy White and Julio Jones, the team’s offense is a big reason to feel that way. They also replaced running back Michael Turner with Steven Jackson this offseason, a move that many see as an upgrade to the offense. Gonzalez puts himself in that group and thinks that Jackson’s addition gives the Falcons the pieces they need to have a perfect offense.

“Obviously, we’re led by Matt Ryan,” Gonzalez said on the NFL Network. “With him pulling the trigger, with Roddy, Julio, myself, we’re going to try and soften up that defense a lot where they got to stand back and play off us a little bit. That is going to make big holes for a guy like Steven Jackson, and we should hopefully go out there and be the perfect offense. That’s what we strive to be is the perfect type of offense where it’s pick your poison; who are you going to stop? With Steven Jackson back there in the backfield, it just makes us that much tougher to defend.”

Jackson’s wider range of skills should bring the Falcons offense more than Turner could provide last season while the quality of the passing game in Atlanta should allow Jackson to get through the season with less wear and tear than he was used to in St. Louis. Perfection is an unreachable goal, but the Falcons have the pieces to come as close as any team in the league this year.

24 responses to “Tony Gonzalez thinks Falcons can have “perfect offense”

  1. Tony is a smart dude, and I agree with him. That will be one potent Offense.
    They def should be favored to win their div, if not the whole NFC!
    not a falcons fan

  2. So, you’re just going to watch NFL network all day and regurgitate what they say? Come on man!

  3. Tony’s absolutely right. They “can” have one.

    The problem is, even if they do, Defense wins championships and ATL’s sucks.

  4. Wonder if they’ll use Steven Jackson on the goal line….I think he’s only had one season in his career with 10+ TD’s. Turner’s churned out 10+ TD’s every year he’s been with the falcons. 60 TDs. They should’ve kept him, IMO

  5. The offense will be high-powered, to be sure (barring significant injuries, knock on wood).

    The question will be on the defensive side…. Can Trufant and Alford step into starting roles? Can the secondary hold and the defense get off the field on 3rd down? Can Osi provide pass rush on his own, or will anyone step up to help him? We’ll see. I have a lot of confidence in Nolan as a coordinator, but the players play the game on the field.

  6. The problem was never with their offense…its their head coach who makes the worst decisions down the stretch of any close game..get rid of smith, and you might have a chance at a championship..until then you will continue to be the pre-season rankings champ and absent when it counts

  7. rally411:

    Well that’s the gimmick. They are going to allow the opposition to score TDs on them at record rates so that they can get the ball back more often to score with their offense. The more possessions in total the better, because if you have a perfect offense and can score 100% of the time, do you want to have 1 possession for each side, or 10? The more rounds, the more the domination, if you have a perfect offense.

  8. Tomswig…only problem with your analysis is that ATL has to play NO twice per season. History tells us that ATL is no match for NO…that trend should continue and most likely will. XLIV!

  9. You know, I am a huge Steven Jackson fan, but to think that an aged, 30 year old RB who has a long history of injuries will 1) be there for you time and again, and 2) definitively put up the great numbers he has from the past is just a little too far fetched to me. Yeah he’s not supposed to be the workhorse he was in St. Louis but the 30 year old mark seems to bring even the best RBs down a notch or two, for some reason. In the end I don’t think it will matter. The playoffs will come around and there are always two halves in them; and for some reason, the Falcons don’t like to play very well in the 2nd half of them. I still can’t forget how Smith and Ryan are 2 Pete Carrol decisions to pass on makeable FGs away from being shutout in the win column for the playoffs. I’ll believe it when I see it. I don’t see how anyone can have any other view point with the Falcons.

  10. Boisestatewhodat… You should do a little research. History says ATL is 46-41 all time vs the Aints.

  11. That may be true but 3 wins out of a possible 14 over the past 7 seasons isn’t what I’d call success. The saints are super bowl champions to boot…that’s kinda where any argument might end.

  12. As a 9ers Fan.. i have seen more of Jackson then any ATL fan.. i also think ATL has a really good team but… Jackson is Washed Up… Yes he is Big and Yes he can get u 5 TD’s a year lol… Why else would the rms let him become a FA a year early unless they wanted to get rid of the guy… he is also aged and Slow.. now if this was the 2006 SJ39 i would be scared… to bad its 2013

  13. Those of you that think SJackson is washed up are just cluesless. he had nearly 1400 yards of total offense last year and over 4 ypc playing on a team without offensive weapons. Defenses stacked the box all day and he still made them pay. Imagine what he can do on that falcons offense where teams can’t stack and are forced to play 2 high safeties. Jackson will have a monster year. he is a great fit.. turner was a bad fit. He belonged in a power running offense. Falcons offense is going to be very scary. Matt Ryan gets better every year and this will be his 2nd year in Koetter’s system.

  14. @dubblelznhell
    thats funny. I guess the team he played for has nothing to do with that. The falcons were in the redzone much more than STL and therefore Turner had plenty of opportunities in goal line situations, SJax hasn’t had those opportunities.There is a reason that Turner hasn’t signed with a team yet and teams like ATL and GB were talking with SJax as soon as he hit the market.. Turner was great in his day but he, admittedly, didn’t stay in shape. Anyone that watched the falcons knows he just didn’t fit in their system and was slow the last 2 years SJax is a workout warrior and has stayed in shape as he has gotten older.. thats why he had nearly 1400 yards last year

  15. Falcants are choke artists….what a joke of a team…Saints own you….Falcants barely won a playoff game last year and acted like it was the Superbowl…what a joke of a franchise…’

    Who dat, we dat, you ain’t dat…

    Falcants – forever ringless in da ATL ghetto…

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